Thursday, 30 May 2013

He Arrived!

Hello everybody!

I made it safe to Manchester! Woohoo! Everything still really hasn't set in, life is so surreal right now. My flights were fun because I had noone sitting right next to me and so I had lots of leg room! Chicago airport was fun and as soon as I saw a group of young men in suits I went and sat with them. There is about 15 Elders and 5 Sisters so far. There are two more flights apparently of more missionaries! Isn't this awesome! The lord is quickening his pace and the work is wonderful! Thank you all for your support in my decision to serve the Lord for these next two years. It is starting to set in that Im finally on my mission :) oh! and there is other missionaries from Canada! haha...I thought I was the only one till this morning at Manchester because everyone I had met was from Utah. Anyways, Im having a wonderful first day and not feeling the jet lag because on the flight from Chicago I sat 1 seat over from a nice old lady and she gave me advice that it would be best to sleep so I thought if everyone is telling me to sleep I probably should after we talked about family history and the importance of the family :) ....I really don't know how exactly to say everything other than I'm safe and I'm a missionary and love it!

Love you all,
Sincerely Your Missionary,
Elder Dotschkat

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