Monday, 28 April 2014

Just cause I'm Canadian doesn't mean I can line dance

Hello Everybody!

First of all congrats to Uncle Devon & Janick and Uncle Darin & Ashley - whoa! two weddings!

So this week was great and I must say that I am doing a lot better now :) I hope that you are all doing well and that Heavenly Father is blessing you:) I know that he is blessing me and my companion :) He has shown us his infinite mercy and love through all of the difficult experiences lately.

One thing that I have learned is that at times when there will be immeasurable spiritual experiences in our lives or when we are about to have the windows of Heaven opened to us for blessings, that is when the opposition will come the strongest and the most persistent. Since I have got to Dewsbury Elder Shurtliff and I have felt almost a physical weight that has been on us nearly everyday but that is because we are seeing true miracles! The message that I have to say is that DONT EVER GIVE UP! KEEP TRYING! KEEP GOING! The best is yet to come and the light is at the end of the tunnel! Love your trials and you will see that they are just small opportunities for us to learn rather than insurmountable mountains that we cannot overcome. Life is truly wonderful and we will be able to appreciate it so much more if we try our hardest to always look on the bright side.

The other big thing that I have learned this week is that we must trust in ourselves and have confidence that everything will turn out the way that we desire! God has given us this wonderful life and opportunity to live here on earth to learn, grow and become not only who we want to be but who God desires for us to be! Life is full of complications and so many people telling us that we can't do something that we want or become something that we want because the human condition is competitive and has a inner desire in which unfortunately the natural man within us desires to see others fail. Its a sad fact of life but as children of God we must learn that when we have faith in Christ we can do anything that we put our mind to.
"Whether you think you can or you can't, you are right"- Anonymous
I dunno but those are the 2 things that I have learned and re-learned this week.

So we have had a great week!
The highlights of the week were the lessons that I have learned, the people that I have met, the memories that I have made and the laughter that I have experienced in abundance!
So the wonderful people that I have met includes not only the members of the ward but also our investigators! Just to suffice to say Lynn is golden! She passed her interview with flying coulours and is getting baptized this Saturday at 7pm here time (1pm home time). She has marked her scriptures, all the pamphlets and is just a fantastic person :) Then at the ward western party one of the members brought many of his employees and we met with this wonderful family who has such a strong belief in God that it would amaze you :) They are truly great people:)

Some of the memories that I have made this week were honestly the laughter experienced throught the week. My district loves to be together so that we can not only share a meal but share a laugh! At the ward activity on Friday it was so crazy! SO many people to talk to and just have fun with! The ward members had asked us to lead the line dancing (thinking that cause we are from the western world that we would know how) but we had NO CLUE on what to do, so we just hooked up a youtube video and let certain people lead it :P It was great fun:)

Elder Shurtliff and I are working hard this week to get to know the area a bunch more but because it is a 5 week transfer, the transfer is over next week! 

Anyways, gotta go but I love you all
Elder Dotschkat

ps- Thank you for all your prayers:) They really do help :)

Getting haircuts on the cheap by other missionaries

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Everyone else gets sick in my new area but I won't

Heya Everybody!

Let me first of say thank you to everyone for all your support and prayers. They definitely help a lot.  I am so blessed to be able to have so many people that care about me and want the best for me. Thank you for all that you do! You know who you are. :)

So this week was pretty good and uneventful at the same time. Which could be good if you look at it the right way lol.

Monday was a day full of basketball and cookies! Not at the same time or else I would choke lol. The best part was the soreness that I experienced after trying really hard to play basketball. Let's just say that I suck at basketball.  I am trying though! Then the entire night we went searching for my companions wallet. We met a guy who thought that he was the "naughty" arch angel Michael...he was willing to give us 100£ to replace the wallet but we graciously declined.

Tuesday we got a call from the member in the morning that they found the wallet in their car! Then we got a referral!  Then we went finding all day around our tea appointment and found a place called Elder Close! We talked to a few teenage girls that had the interest for my companion haha! That was hilarious! Then had tea at a members home! They are very intelligent! He is a teacher and she has a PhD and they have 5 kids! They are a greatly successful family!

Wednesday was the first district meeting with the new district and it went alright. The highlight of my day was the chance that I had to participate in a blessing for one of the members of my district who is going through a hard time. He told me that he felt a lot better after that :)  Then we went finding again until we had tea at a member's home and just talked with him about cars! That was great! I loved that! After that we contacted our referral and now we have a new investigator! Her name is Lynn and she is so excited for her baptism on May 2! Please pray for her :) Then we were walking home and a investigator dropped us off at our flat! That was great! Just a day full of God's miracles!

Thursday we stayed in the flat cause my companion was sick.  Apparently all missionaries who come here get sick - I'm not going to though! I will fight til the bitter end! :P hahahahahahahahaha

Friday we went finding! It was a beautiful sunny day! I got to take more pics! We had tea with a former mission president who our mission president is friends with and calls all the time and while we were there President Pilikington called :0 

Saturday the most exciting thing was sport night at the chapel with all the Hungarian children! They are amazing at football and kick my butt every time! It's great :)

Sunday was good because it was just relaxing where we were working but able to do it at a pace that was comfortable :) We visited with this single member man for a while and he is VERY talented at painting and a very humble man. He has agreed to paint a picture of the temple for my companion and I am considering getting one too! :) 

P-day was Easter so we went shopping and then relaxed at home all day.....Couldn't go anywhere cause of the bus system was shut down so I took a nap! woot! So good! Then in the evening we went to a members home and they have the most adorable pug puppy that was trying to take my socks all night (bit my toes a few times and I sent her after my companions feet! LOL)

Well life is great right now and only going to improve!

Love you all
ELder Dotschkat

My Super Hero team on my desk
I'm collecting Kinder Eggs that have them to get the entire team assembled!
Going to get a new one today!

Monday, 14 April 2014

Make the English congregation laugh - check!

Hello All!

So this week was pretty good!

Wednesday was good! We had zone conference in Huddersfield and interviews with President Pilkington. When we got there we just prepared ourselves for the meeting and our interview with President. He called me and we discussed how I felt my mission was going so far. He encouraged me and gave me some well needed counsel as how to better work in my mission and work with the missionaries that I am here to serve. I also received a much needed blessing in which revelation was given to me to support myself out here. The longer that I am out the weirder I feel kinda :P Time is feeling that it is going very quickly so lately I am keeping that in my mind to motivate me to work harder and work smarter to help the people and the wards that I am serving in. The topic of Zone Conference was about being a positive person and a positive missionary. Life sometimes is an unexplainable journey of circumstances that we may not wish but are for our good. After the meeting we went home and worked on some AUF files for the rest of the day.

Thursday was an odd day and I can't remember much but that I just was really tired :P I'm gonna get a new duvet for my bed today so that my mattress isn't trying to kill me in my sleep which is causing me to sleep talk very loudly that it doesn't just wake up the rest of the people in the room but I wake myself up lol hahhahahahaha wierd….I'm wierd.....well at least I'm okay with it and if anyone isn't...tough because I am what they say here "not bothered"! I'm me and everyone better accept it lol

Friday went pretty well. We planned and then we had flat lunch! I love doing that because we are then able to just be our goofball selves :P After that we went finding all day! We met some pretty interesting people that told Us to go away in no uncertain terms :P and so we ended up going to our tea appointment. This lady has a grandson who was one of my MTC teachers! Pretty small world. The best part of that day was the view from her house of all the fields and wide open spaces. 

Saturday had DLST in which we found out that because of some missionaries bad judgment and decisions there are a few more rules put into place to follow. All I can say is obedience brings blessings and EXACT obedience brings miracles.

Sunday was good! Another miracle happened! I made the congregation laugh! Woot! It's pretty hard to make people laugh here but I think I have figured it out a little now! Then we went into primary with our RC and then had priesthood about the prophet Joseph Smith. Was pretty good. That evening we had tea at Nina's house (she is a Russian lady in the ward) I was so full and it was soooooo good!

Well I've got to go buy food and get a hair cut! Love you all
Please Take care!
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4 wellfield mews
WF13 4SH

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

We expected miracles!!

Heeeeellllo Every body!

So this past week has been crazy!

So the rest of Tuesday was just relaxing and visiting members that we had got close to and saying our goodbyes. I have offers now for when I return for a place to stay!  Sweet huh!?  I enjoyed serving in Sunderland and was sad to leave but now I am feeling better.

Wednesday was transfer day and we travelled all the way to Leeds. When I got to Leeds I said hello to quite a few of my friends from Hull that finally got transferred out of there! So then we went into the chapel and were able to listen to the entrance testimonies of the new "stars" that have come to the mission. There was this one elder from Texas who is just so excited to be here! He is in my new district! His companion is a Romanian who will go home at the beginning of the summer so he is "trunky training". Then President Pilkington instructed us on obedience and how to better be missionaries of Christ. When we got to Dewsbury I met my companion.  He is an Idaho born country boy that has worked hard all his life so he appreciates long hours and long days. That night we went to the flat (it is CONSIDERABLY SMALLER than my last one :P) and had tea at a members home.

I honestly cannot remember what happened Thursday except that we are expecting miracles in our area because we had the most opposition in one day that we have ever had on our missions. First a few CHAV (Council Housing Alcoholic and Violent ) kids we spitting at us, insulting us and wanting to fight! :) Not going to lie, the adrenaline that was pumping through my veins was exhilarating.....needless to say we didn't fight them though. Then we got on the bus and a few more were harassing us and trying to show us inappropriate newspapers. The immorality in this country is appalling and honestly disgusting.........I know that I am not supposed to say negative things about where I am at or the people around but honestly, its the truth and I will say nothing but the truth.

Friday we helped this multi millionaire in the ward move and then the APs picked me up and drove me to the tip of the mission to have my tests done for my chest. We talked the entire way about life back home and funny memories of our missions and life before the mission. Also talked about UFC fighting, rugby and wreslting. I got there and had the bruce test (I was hooked up to several machines recording my heartbeat). I went to the maximum limit of the test so that was good :) Its pretty hard and in the end I was dead tired. Then we went to a Chinese members for dinner at 8:30.

Saturday was the baptism of a COR girl so we were at the chapel the most of the day cleaning it and getting it ready. It was great to see her father who has returned to church to be able to baptize his daughter. Then in the evening was conference so that was good. Tiring but good. Then we called in some take out :) YUM!

Sunday was conference again and we were at the chapel the entire day! Pretty good but tiring as well. I hope that everyone enjoyed conference, I can't wait to read the talks to understand them better:)

Monday was crazy!  We saw near the entire mission travelling to Durham and home. 6.5 hrs of travel for a 30 min appt.

Love you
E Dotschkat

PS - my test came back negative. Everything is ok.

My companions were real jokers. One of the last nights in Sunderland
I found my mattress out the window and on the roof - lol

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Transfered to Dewsbury

So this past week has gone quite fast and it amazed me actually how quick time is speeding up . I can't recall what has exactly happened but all I know is the things that I have learned in the past few days.

The first thing that I feel the need to share is that I learned that when we are going somewhere we must have a desire to learn when we go anywhere because we must put effort into the things that matter. Our knowledge and our families are the only things that we take with us when we leave this life. They are the most important things and just as you have to work at having a happy family, you must work at learning things. We have to have the real intent and hunger for further knowledge so that we may one day be able to attain the blessings of our studies.

The second thing that I learned was that I am only a tool in the Lords hands. There have been some experiences lately that have been humbling to recognize that without God, I am nothing. This is the Lords work and it will be done the Lords way and none other. God has his plan and we are just cogs in the ultimate machiene of making the work of the Lord move forward. When we recognize the simplicities of Gods plan we will see that he does not ask much of us. We see that all the Lord and Heavenly Father ask of us is to have faith, repent and change to become better than who we were. He doesn't ask us to be perfect but to do our absolute best in being perfect. God recognizes that we struggle and that at times we may fall but all he asks of us is to pick ourseldes back up and move on from our pasts.

The last thing that I have learned lately is that the atonement is for everyone. We have to be able to forgive ourselves and forgive others for what they have done. Sometimes it might be the hardest thing that we can ever consider doing in our lives and it might be difficult but in the end it will always be worth it. Life is too short to hold onto the petty and immature things but when we let go, the weight upon our shoulders will be lifted and we will then be able to move forward looking optomistically towards the future.

I hope that all of us can learn something good this week and I hope that all of you will be blessed by Heavenly Father in abundance.

Love you
Elder Dotschkat