Monday, 14 April 2014

Make the English congregation laugh - check!

Hello All!

So this week was pretty good!

Wednesday was good! We had zone conference in Huddersfield and interviews with President Pilkington. When we got there we just prepared ourselves for the meeting and our interview with President. He called me and we discussed how I felt my mission was going so far. He encouraged me and gave me some well needed counsel as how to better work in my mission and work with the missionaries that I am here to serve. I also received a much needed blessing in which revelation was given to me to support myself out here. The longer that I am out the weirder I feel kinda :P Time is feeling that it is going very quickly so lately I am keeping that in my mind to motivate me to work harder and work smarter to help the people and the wards that I am serving in. The topic of Zone Conference was about being a positive person and a positive missionary. Life sometimes is an unexplainable journey of circumstances that we may not wish but are for our good. After the meeting we went home and worked on some AUF files for the rest of the day.

Thursday was an odd day and I can't remember much but that I just was really tired :P I'm gonna get a new duvet for my bed today so that my mattress isn't trying to kill me in my sleep which is causing me to sleep talk very loudly that it doesn't just wake up the rest of the people in the room but I wake myself up lol hahhahahahaha wierd….I'm wierd.....well at least I'm okay with it and if anyone isn't...tough because I am what they say here "not bothered"! I'm me and everyone better accept it lol

Friday went pretty well. We planned and then we had flat lunch! I love doing that because we are then able to just be our goofball selves :P After that we went finding all day! We met some pretty interesting people that told Us to go away in no uncertain terms :P and so we ended up going to our tea appointment. This lady has a grandson who was one of my MTC teachers! Pretty small world. The best part of that day was the view from her house of all the fields and wide open spaces. 

Saturday had DLST in which we found out that because of some missionaries bad judgment and decisions there are a few more rules put into place to follow. All I can say is obedience brings blessings and EXACT obedience brings miracles.

Sunday was good! Another miracle happened! I made the congregation laugh! Woot! It's pretty hard to make people laugh here but I think I have figured it out a little now! Then we went into primary with our RC and then had priesthood about the prophet Joseph Smith. Was pretty good. That evening we had tea at Nina's house (she is a Russian lady in the ward) I was so full and it was soooooo good!

Well I've got to go buy food and get a hair cut! Love you all
Please Take care!
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