Tuesday, 8 April 2014

We expected miracles!!

Heeeeellllo Every body!

So this past week has been crazy!

So the rest of Tuesday was just relaxing and visiting members that we had got close to and saying our goodbyes. I have offers now for when I return for a place to stay!  Sweet huh!?  I enjoyed serving in Sunderland and was sad to leave but now I am feeling better.

Wednesday was transfer day and we travelled all the way to Leeds. When I got to Leeds I said hello to quite a few of my friends from Hull that finally got transferred out of there! So then we went into the chapel and were able to listen to the entrance testimonies of the new "stars" that have come to the mission. There was this one elder from Texas who is just so excited to be here! He is in my new district! His companion is a Romanian who will go home at the beginning of the summer so he is "trunky training". Then President Pilkington instructed us on obedience and how to better be missionaries of Christ. When we got to Dewsbury I met my companion.  He is an Idaho born country boy that has worked hard all his life so he appreciates long hours and long days. That night we went to the flat (it is CONSIDERABLY SMALLER than my last one :P) and had tea at a members home.

I honestly cannot remember what happened Thursday except that we are expecting miracles in our area because we had the most opposition in one day that we have ever had on our missions. First a few CHAV (Council Housing Alcoholic and Violent ) kids we spitting at us, insulting us and wanting to fight! :) Not going to lie, the adrenaline that was pumping through my veins was exhilarating.....needless to say we didn't fight them though. Then we got on the bus and a few more were harassing us and trying to show us inappropriate newspapers. The immorality in this country is appalling and honestly disgusting.........I know that I am not supposed to say negative things about where I am at or the people around but honestly, its the truth and I will say nothing but the truth.

Friday we helped this multi millionaire in the ward move and then the APs picked me up and drove me to the tip of the mission to have my tests done for my chest. We talked the entire way about life back home and funny memories of our missions and life before the mission. Also talked about UFC fighting, rugby and wreslting. I got there and had the bruce test (I was hooked up to several machines recording my heartbeat). I went to the maximum limit of the test so that was good :) Its pretty hard and in the end I was dead tired. Then we went to a Chinese members for dinner at 8:30.

Saturday was the baptism of a COR girl so we were at the chapel the most of the day cleaning it and getting it ready. It was great to see her father who has returned to church to be able to baptize his daughter. Then in the evening was conference so that was good. Tiring but good. Then we called in some take out :) YUM!

Sunday was conference again and we were at the chapel the entire day! Pretty good but tiring as well. I hope that everyone enjoyed conference, I can't wait to read the talks to understand them better:)

Monday was crazy!  We saw near the entire mission travelling to Durham and home. 6.5 hrs of travel for a 30 min appt.

Love you
E Dotschkat

PS - my test came back negative. Everything is ok.

My companions were real jokers. One of the last nights in Sunderland
I found my mattress out the window and on the roof - lol

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