Monday, 29 July 2013

Baptisms - Love it!

Well Hello Again! 
Its me! Elder Dotschkat!
I hope you all have had a great week and were able to see Heavenly Fathers hand in your lives because I have truly seen it in mine :) 

So I told you all about how transefers went but now I can tell you about the Elders living with us! 
Elder Vickery is a zone leader, he has been out for 18 months nearly, from Utah (or the factory as the missionaries call it :P) and is very obedient.
Elder Randall - he is zone leader, out for 15 months, again from Utah ( do you see a pattern :P) and is quiet. 
Elder Admunson - he is a district leader, he is out 9 months, for Norway! ( that's different :P) and is very funny! He jokes around a lot. He is living with us and on a 3 companionship because he is waiting for his new missionary to come from utah on Wednesday ( his companion will be speaking CHINESE!!!) 
For the first few days of living with them it was weird because I was very comfortable with Elder Putnam (now an AP) and Elder Griffiths (who is now home in Utah).  So last night I made a decision that I have to open up to get them to open up. I have been making sure that the flat stays pretty clean so last night I just asked Elder Admunson to help with dishes, we talked and got to know each other and then we all wrestled ! Haha! I took all 3 of them on and won! Haha Anyways! Oh and a nerf gun war this morning :P But anyways... Back to missionary stuff right!?

Tuesday night we had a baptism of a 6'9'' GIANT! His name is Craig and his afro repels the water! It was another great time to see another person enter the waters of Baptism :) He will be a really strong member of the church and an asset to the ward.

After that we went out to a village named...uh..Patchington? I think. Anyways, because Elder Griffiths and Putnam are gone we are taking over their investigators and so we went out to meet one. Her name is amelia, she is about 12 and really funny! She is also very good at art and loves to come to church. Her family are members and she wants to get baptised in her own time and not to be forced :) So her family is letting her decide and we are pretty sure that she wants to be baptised by the end of August :) We will see what happens! 

Wednesday - Transfer day! I ran the area that day because Elder Richards had to go to Leeds for District leader training and so there was only me, Elder Pew (from Texas) and Elder Tooeta Saleifi (from western Samoa) in the zone left! We had a wonderful day of finding and as we were tracting we got let into a mans home! Its so great to see how Heavenly Father prepares his children for the message because Elder Richards and I scheduled him for baptism on thursday for the 17th of August! That was the highlight of my day :) The most profound thing that I learned that day was to follow the promptings that I receive and to be patient because the people that are ready for this wonderful message are out there and heavenly father will put them in our paths :) 

Thursday - That was a great day full of member missionary work! Elder Richards and I went to members homes and they are ready and wanting to help the missionaries out here, they just don't know how.  So it is our job to teach the members that there are opportunities all around, to pray for opportunities to share testimony and show them that it is easy because the worst thing that someone could say is no. So anyways, in the afternoon Elder Richards and I scheduled Jim for baptism! I am so excited! He is about 62 and was a cook on a military ship for a long time! There are a lot of navy officers in Hull. Anyways, the most profound thing I leanrt that day was that I need to be patient and have faith because the lord will bless us with our hearts desires :) 

Friday - Weekly planning all morning and Elder Richards and this week was a lot better! I feel very strong that we will be able to acheive our goals! Just need to have faith right ? Anyways, we had a very busy afternoon :) We had another lesson with Jim, got him to read his Book of Mormon and pray outloud for the first time ever!!! I am so happy that I get to teach people how to pray and to talk to their heavenly father because it is wonderful to see the connection that they make. I especially love to teach children how to pray! It is so great to hear these little people talk to their Father in heaven :) It makes me truly excited to be a father in the future so that I can teach my children to pray :) Remember, prayer is the most important communincation that we can make daily because heavenly father knows us and what we are going through and need :)

Saturday - Twas a good day again! We were at the chapel all day because we are giving people chapel tours so often! I love it because everyone can recognize the feelings that they have there and they can be very powerful lessons! They have been the most pwerful lessons sometimes because we invite people to be baptised infront of the font and the spirit always talks to them there! 
For lunch we had pork pies!!! All it is is straight up pork meat !!!! I LOVED IT!!! Till the last bite :P It then tasted pretty weird :P Hahaha. They are really cheap and filling so now I have 3 favorite foods here! - DONNEIRS!!!! INDIAN FOOD!!! AND PORK PIES!!!! :D hahaha was a great day! 

Sunday- was the Sabbath day again and I love the gospel principals lessons because they are about eternal families :) I love these lessons because I know that I can have my family forever :) This knowledge has truly blessed my life and we offer it to the world because everyone deserves to be with who they love forever :) Sometimes it may be difficult and you may argue or disagree but the things that are worth the most in life take time and effort :) 

I hope that you all have a great week ! 

Elder Dotschkat

Enjoying Pork Pie - yummy!

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

I'm staying in Hull but I've got a new companion!

Well Hello Again Everyone!

Sorry I didn't tell you that P-Day would be Tuesday cause it was transfers yesterday :) Im staying here in Hull, my companion (Elder Richards)  is now district leader my one zone leader (Elder Griffiths)  is done his mission and going home to Utah and the other zone leader that we lived with us (Elder Putnam) is Assistant to the President now! I feel honored to be able to be taught and to live with these men.

Anyways this past week to be honest was well....more difficult than the other ones have been but I have been able to see Heavenly Fathers tender mercies every day :)
Monday was p-day and it was alright. I wrote letters home the 3 hours that I had and hope that they all will make it to where they are supposed to be in time :) Everyone else had a nerf war and watched Megamind but I wasn't bothered because I wanted to do my own thing :) Anyways, after that we went and tried to find our investigator because he moved, but it was to no avail. I don't know if I have ever prayed so hard in my life to find someone. This message is just so important and everyone should have the opportunity to hear it! MEMBER MISSIONARY WORK!!! That is the way that this work is moving forward.

Tuesday was alright. Our hours were all accounted for because of study and ward coordination. The best part of my day was when we took our hour that we get each week to look up on things for our investigators :) I love the mormon messages. The most profound thing that happened that day was how much I truly learnt and felt the spirit whilst watching those inspiring videos. I watched ones on the spirit and ones on the temple  :) If there is anything I could tell everyone, ATTEND THE TEMPLE OFTEN!!!! It is such a wonderful place to even be on the grounds but the work and blessings within theirs walls are truly eternal :)

Wednesday we had Zone training and it was great! We were instructed on obedience and how apply the scriptures more in our lives. There are so many examples of obedience in the scriptures, the one that we were instructed on was the 2000 Sons of Helaman. They performed with exact obedience and they were blessed because they remembered and followed the teachings of their parents. The thing that stuck out to me that day was how grateful I am for the things that I have been taught by my leaders, friends, family and parents. I just want to thank you all because without you, I would not be on my mission . Thank you for helping me become the man I am today.

Thursday we went to the small town of Heden again. Its a village and right in the center there is this GIANT AND OMINOUS church. Anyways, we had some investigators feed us dinner (they are the other sets investigators) and I was so full! It was uncomfortable but worth it haha... :P Umm....after dinner Elder Richards and I went to the house of a friend of a member of the church and tried to plant some spiritual seeds. I know that if not Elder Richards and I see them grow that other missionaries will and they will be able to harvest them :)

Friday was sooooo hot! I think because of the heat wave in the past 2 weeks that my sweat glands are broken because I can't really sweat anymore haha :P Anyways, Elder Richard decided to go and walk with our shovels and knock on peoples doors and ask if we could help them. The first door we knocked let us in! Woohoo! It was great ! She was a nice lady and she just showed us where the garden was and set go for it! The most profound thing that was important to me that day was how our Heavenly Father blesses his children. I am so grateful for the priesthood that I hold and feel so honored to be able to do so.

Saturday was alright :) It was really hot again :P haha. Anyways, we tracted all day until dinner and ate at the O'Neils again :) They have BYU tv with all the Mormon Messages and guess what we did! I absolutely love them ! They uplift me so much! After dinner the Zone leaders had a baptism of a very....eccentric lady :) She is really nice and her name is pauline :) It was great to be able to see another person enter into the waters of baptism :) I was thinking about my own and still can remember the talks that we given at mine :) The blessings of baptism are more abundant than we realize and I think that if we truly knew them all that we would be humbled because our Heavenly Father just wants to give us gifts. The most profound thing that I realized that day is the joy that occurs within your heart when you see someone being baptized:)

Sunday was great! Elder Richards and I taught a 8 year olds primary class about Ammon :) Such a great and powerful missionary!!! Its amazing what God can do with his missionaries when they are obedient to him! Just fantastic! Anyways, after we had a lesson on eternal families:) I love these lessons about eternal families because it always puts into perspective for me the type of man, husband and father I want to be. It also helps me realize my potential and how greatly the lord blesses families that are raised in righteousness. I know what I want and nothing will stop me from having my Eternal Family. I am going to grow and be the best man that I can be and work as hard as I can to achieve my potential. I love my Heavenly Father. In Sacrament meeting we had a talk from the Stake President on being all in and how we have to decide on what we want and what side we are on before trials and temptations come. I have learned so much on my mission and am learning more everyday!

Monday we had a great district meeting. We practiced how to street contact and how to have effective contacts. There are so many things that I am learning and I am striving to remember them all! I think that memorizing a scripture a day will help :) After we went to this Indian buffet and it was sooooooooo good! I had spicy things! It made my eyes water and my nose run a little ! Hahaha it was great though! After that Elder Richards and I went and taught some less actives and we are helping them get back to church. All I will say is that we need to love our neighbors and care for the people around us who seem left out or hurting. They are children of our Heavenly Father and deserve to be loved as well. My heart goes out to these people and they need our support and help!

In the evening Elder Richards and I had to study because I'm a newish missionary still in training. I can't believe that it has already been 6 weeks!!! CAN YOU!? The time is going fast and I am loving every minute of it!

Thank you all who have sent me letters and packages :) They mean the world to me :) Especially ones with pictures because to see you smile makes me smile :)

I hope and pray that you all are well, everyone of you is in my prayers and may Heavenly Father bless and protect you in this coming week!

Sincerely with Love,
Elder Zachary Lee Dotschkat

Monday, 15 July 2013

The miracle of the lost keys

Well hello again everyone ! :) The week has just flown by so fast!

It was a fairly exciting and nerve racking week for me :) Especially at the beginning because we went on exchange and I took over the area!  Woot!  Such a fun and amazing experience, anyways I will go through my week day by day :)

Monday- PDAY!!! WE GOT HAIR CUTS!!!! It was so cheap! Just £5!  Anyways after that we had really good sandwiches and then we went to the senior couples house (the Olsons, they are leaving in like 3 weeks to home). We watched Despicable Me but I just drew pictures and wrote letters all day :) That was great because I was just able to try and increase my talents :) I have realized that Heavenly Father has given us so much potential and we just have to become who we are supposed to be and develop our talents :)  Anyways, after pday Elder Kruse and I went back into our zone and I had to say a fervent prayer to Heavenly Father because well.....I LOST THE KEYS TO THE FLAT! :( But I immediately saw a miracle. The other elders called and told us that they had them! This just solidified my testimony that Heavenly Father hears and will answer our prayers when we ask in faith :) So that was the most exciting thing that happened that day :) 

Tuesday - This was my first real day of running the area and it did not start off as well as I hoped because ... we got lost :S oops haha. But whatever because Elder Kruse is just one transfer older than me so he has the same experience  :P Anyways we ended up finding out where we were and we went to an less active mans home. He was baptised as a boy but left the church when he was 12.  He is over 50 now and we are going to teach him like a new investigator because he remembers nothing. After that lesson we went to potentials house. She agreed with everything that we were saying and she wanted to learn more the week before and so we set up a lesson with her for tuesday. She wasn't home so we went and did our back-up plan. MIRACLES HAPPEN!  I know that Heavenly Father guided Elder Kruse and I because we were supposed to see this one member woman but her less active son was the only one home. The spirit truly guided that lesson in what we said and did because through talking with him he told us that he has had severe depression since high school and was ready to ''give up'' the second before we came to the door. Elder Kruse and I gave him a blessing and after that blessing I felt enlightened. My mind felt empowered and my thoughts clear. I loved that feeling. I love and feel honoured that I am able to hold the preisthood and love when I can be a part of heavenly fathers blessings for his children. After that we had a lesson with a man named David that we have scheduled for baptism and we couldn't get any members out so we had faith that the Lord would provide and when we went to the church we saw that there was members there! I know that Heavenly Father blesses us and I feel so underserving sometimes but I am grateful for every one of them. After that lesson we had Tea (dinner) with the bishops family and guess what! We gave him a blessing too because he has been extremeley ill. I am grateful and love the priesthood blessings that we can give to people because the windows of heaven open up to us and we then understand what God has in store for his children :)

Tuesday was a truly remarkable day. 

Wednesday - The most remarkable things that happened Wednesday were in the evening after we had district meeting :) I know that our leaders are inspired of God because member missionary work is the way that this church is moving forward. This is the only way that everyone will be able to partake in the marvelous blessings that Heavenly Father has instore fo us. We had 2 appointments with some sisters in the ward and found out that they have about 12 friends all together that are interested and looking for the gospel :) Hopefully they progress into investigators :) I will keep you all posted :) 

Thursday - This was a pretty good day ....well kinda...we felt stuck that day because all of our appointments and lessons fell through so by 6:00 we had done all of our back up plans. That day I learnt how grateful I am for back up plans and that to be able to have the spirit with you, you sometimes just need to take time to gather yourself and get back to work :) 
Patience is a wonderful thing and the blessings of heaven are truly invoked upon the servants of god when the are trying their best :) 

Friday - We went to a little village! It was great! We didn't really meet anyone but I had my first real curry!  It was so hot that my eyes were watering and my nose was running :P haha That was a great day :) OH! I am so grateful for the restoration of the gospel because I have realized how frightened I would be without this. As you enter the town there is this large and ominous church and it was old, scary but very architecturally designed nicely - kinda. Just look it up - St Agustine's church in Heden.  Anyways, after that we went back and met another investigator and found this funny bus sign! (SEE PICTURE) can anyone tell me where this saying is from? haha

Saturday - It was a good day. We did service for a lady all morning and she was amazed that we gave up so much to share the gospel. I told her that I wouldn't leave everything I know and the people that I love and that matter most to me unless I knew without a doubt that this was true. She felt the spirit and has invitied us back to do more yardwork :) After that nothing really happened, we had tea at the O'Neils and then went home.

Sunday - Such a great day! I loved the lessons in church and mad a few decisions of who I wanted to be and how I would acheive the man that I am going to be later. I know the type of supporting and loving husband and father that I want to be and I know that there are many great and wonderful examples that I have had in my life. To all the men that have influenced me and helped me become the man I am today, thank you for being who you are and the examples that you have been to me. To all the women in my life, thank you for being you and supporting me in my decision to serve and supporting these wonderful men. Thank you for being you :)

have a great week !
Sincerely with love , 

Elder Dotschkat

Monday, 8 July 2013

A new Mission President

Hello everyone!

This weeks letter is gonna be short!

So we have had a very successful time since I have been here, we have scheduled seven people for baptism. And one of them we are working on his family history together because he thinks that he is related to Brigham Young. Anyways, it has been a great week. I'm very happy to hear that you are all doing well and hope that you are seeing the Lords hands in your lives :) 
I am seeing it in mine.

May the Lord bless and protect each and everyone of you because you all are induvidually in my prayers

Elder Dotschkat

I can actually add on because we extended our time :) haha anyways.
Well I guess I can go in a little more detail now :)

Monday was p-day and we had a huge nerf gun fight and at pizza and watched the Hunckback of Notre Dame! It was hilarious!

Tuesday - We met the new president and his wife. They are so nice and funny! I love President Pilkingtons humour :) I know that we are led by men and women of God and that people are called for certain reasons. I know that President Pilikngton is a man of God and is called to lead this mission in righteousness. He will help all of the missionaries be the best they can be! The most profound thing I learnt that day was that we should never give up because we are on the Lords side and he will bless us if we ask him.

Wednesday - We taught a less active man that was a security guard for people like the Osmonds, Bieber, Selena Gomez, Aaron Cater and Sean Ben. Anyways, he is really nice and it shows me that no matter how far off the path you may be that Heavenly Father has his arms open for you and he wants us all to come home and to return to him. He loves you.

Thursday - We had 2 big things. In the morning we had 1 hour to go on and watch the videos there so the most profound things that I read and learnt that day were:
 2 Nephi 31:15,19,21
John 15:16 
Proverbs 29 :18 
2 Nephi 18:32

Also I think that we are going to try to set up a family history class here :) To get the members involved and the community curious in who we are :) We are taking the council from our leaders in the World Wide Brodacast in gettting our members more involved in missionary work and we are giving more church tours. 

MEMBER MISSIONARY WORK !!! That is the way that the work is moving forward, share your testimony in all places you can because there are people searching for the gospel and dont know where to find it .
We gave the man related to Brigham young a lesson and did his family history  :) 

Friday - We met David (the man who is related to Brigham Young supposedly) and gave him a chapel tour and he accepted a baptismal date :)

Saturday - We tracted all day and had no success. There is more success with member missionary work :) GETTING MY HINTS? ;)
oh yeah! And it was super hot that day! I thought that I was going to die!!! haha 

Sunday - It was great! I saw that God is one of miracles !

Anyways, I'm doing well
Keep the faith 
Love the lord
Serve Him 

You are all in my prayers

Elder Dotschkat

Monday, 1 July 2013

I met Arthur the Owl from the Mormon Messages

Hello everybody! 

How are you??? I’m doing great!!! 

My week has been full of miracles and answers to prayers! I don’t know where to start and I don't have much time so I'm just going to summarize the main points that are important :) 

So at the beginning of the week we had P-day and it was a lot of fun! We rented a bouncy house for the zone and watched babe and ate food! It was great to be able to have fun with other missionaries as well as the ones that I know really well like my companion Elder Richards and my Zone Leaders Elder Griffiths (goes home to Utah next transfer) and Elder Putnam (still has a while to go). Anyways the next day was FULL of revelation and answers to prayers :) We had a farewell meeting with President and Sister Lindley and it was fantastic. They are true disciples of the Lord and will be blessed for their service. They are home now and we will meet our new Mission President and his wife, the Pilkingtons from Birmingham England. Anyways, that day was so full of just answers to questions and it was nice to meet other missionaries. I actually met one from south Calgary who is going home this transfer as well. The thing that was most profound to me that day was what type of man, father and husband I want to be. I know it’s a far ways away it seems at times but time is going so fast! I can’t believe that I have been away already over a month!!! CAN YOU BELEIVE IT?!?! I am loving and making sure that I am being productive near every moment of my mission :) I truly want to reach my potential and become the man that the lord wants me to become. I am a tool in his hands and pray that I will be useful to Him. 

The next day I was on a split with my district leader Elder Misslewitz. He is from Frankfurt Germany! He taught me how to say, Hello, I am a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, in German! Hopefully I can attain some new languages! Anyways, the most profound thing that day was the experience we had teaching an investigator. This man had lost his mother a year ago and the spirit was so strong in that lesson, we testified of eternal families. I KNOW THAT FAMILIES CAN BE TOGETHER FOREVER! There is nothing in this world that will ever tell me otherwise. I want my family to be together forever so the temple is the ONLY place that I will get married when it is time for me :) 

On Wednesday we switched back and I was with Elder Richards again :) For lunch we had something that made me feel like I was at home :) SUBWAY!!! Hahaha. I got my classic favourite sub :) After that we headed to the flat (that’s what they call apartments here) and found out on the way that we have scheduled 3 more people for baptism! The most profound thing that I learned that day was that our God is one who loves us and is one of miracles :) So on Thursday I had a new experience :) we gave a church tour to a man named Paul. We felt the spirit there very strong and gave him a blessing to overcome his difficulties and to have confidence in himself :) The most profound thing that I learnt that day is that the priesthood power is the power of God and I feel honoured and privileged to be able to hold it. I will work everyday of my life to be worthy of it and to be able to bless those around me through it. 

The next day was Friday and we had to stay inside all morning because of planning and study, because I am a new missionary and the MTC training time is cut down to 13 days, I have to have an extra hour of study:) Its ok :) it helps me to learn to be the best missionary I can :)  I guess that the most profound thing that I learned that day is actually how useful the scriptures are and how much I love to read them. They are the word of God and to paraphrase Joseph Smith'' a person can come closer to God by abiding by their teachings than any other book ''. I love the knowledge that I receive from them. 

Saturday was a great day! We did service all day!!! hahahah....oh...wait....I accidentally cut the cord of the Christensen’s hedge trimmer whilst cutting the hedge....oops...well other than that it was good :) hahahah...Also we went for Tea at the O’Neil’s. Brother O’Neil’s has that Mormon message about him and GUESS WHAT ?!/!?! I GOT PICTURES WITH HIS OWL ARTHUR! The most profound thing that I learned that day was that God loves every one of us individually :) Instead of watching TV, watch Mormon messages, they are so much better and uplifting :) Anyways, on Sunday we had church and guess who came!?!?! WILFORD!!!!!HAHAHAHAHHAHA! He is  94 YEAR OLD investigator! It was great! He fell asleep a lot though. Anyways, we are hoping that he felt the spirit and will accept a baptismal date :) PRAY FOR US! :) 

Anyways, the rest of the day just built up to the missionary conference last night :) It was wonderful and again I received so many answers :) The most profound thing that stood out to me there is MEMBER MISSIONARY WORK IS VITAL!!!! We need members to fellowship investigators!!!! oh and some more stuff for what type of man that I want to be and how to be that man :) I know that Heavenly Father listens to us and our prayers. He loves us individually. HE LOVES YOU!

I love you all and hope that you all are seeing the hand of our loving Heavenly Father in your lives :) Have a wonderful week and remember, Keep Moving Forward and Endure to the End.
I love you all and you are in my prayers :)
Don't ever forget it!

Sincerely in the service of the Lord,
Elder Dotschkat

Doing the Oreo challenge on P-day

Brother O'Neil and his owl (from the Mormon Messages)

Halfa  the owl (Halfa is short for Half an Owl)