Monday, 15 July 2013

The miracle of the lost keys

Well hello again everyone ! :) The week has just flown by so fast!

It was a fairly exciting and nerve racking week for me :) Especially at the beginning because we went on exchange and I took over the area!  Woot!  Such a fun and amazing experience, anyways I will go through my week day by day :)

Monday- PDAY!!! WE GOT HAIR CUTS!!!! It was so cheap! Just £5!  Anyways after that we had really good sandwiches and then we went to the senior couples house (the Olsons, they are leaving in like 3 weeks to home). We watched Despicable Me but I just drew pictures and wrote letters all day :) That was great because I was just able to try and increase my talents :) I have realized that Heavenly Father has given us so much potential and we just have to become who we are supposed to be and develop our talents :)  Anyways, after pday Elder Kruse and I went back into our zone and I had to say a fervent prayer to Heavenly Father because well.....I LOST THE KEYS TO THE FLAT! :( But I immediately saw a miracle. The other elders called and told us that they had them! This just solidified my testimony that Heavenly Father hears and will answer our prayers when we ask in faith :) So that was the most exciting thing that happened that day :) 

Tuesday - This was my first real day of running the area and it did not start off as well as I hoped because ... we got lost :S oops haha. But whatever because Elder Kruse is just one transfer older than me so he has the same experience  :P Anyways we ended up finding out where we were and we went to an less active mans home. He was baptised as a boy but left the church when he was 12.  He is over 50 now and we are going to teach him like a new investigator because he remembers nothing. After that lesson we went to potentials house. She agreed with everything that we were saying and she wanted to learn more the week before and so we set up a lesson with her for tuesday. She wasn't home so we went and did our back-up plan. MIRACLES HAPPEN!  I know that Heavenly Father guided Elder Kruse and I because we were supposed to see this one member woman but her less active son was the only one home. The spirit truly guided that lesson in what we said and did because through talking with him he told us that he has had severe depression since high school and was ready to ''give up'' the second before we came to the door. Elder Kruse and I gave him a blessing and after that blessing I felt enlightened. My mind felt empowered and my thoughts clear. I loved that feeling. I love and feel honoured that I am able to hold the preisthood and love when I can be a part of heavenly fathers blessings for his children. After that we had a lesson with a man named David that we have scheduled for baptism and we couldn't get any members out so we had faith that the Lord would provide and when we went to the church we saw that there was members there! I know that Heavenly Father blesses us and I feel so underserving sometimes but I am grateful for every one of them. After that lesson we had Tea (dinner) with the bishops family and guess what! We gave him a blessing too because he has been extremeley ill. I am grateful and love the priesthood blessings that we can give to people because the windows of heaven open up to us and we then understand what God has in store for his children :)

Tuesday was a truly remarkable day. 

Wednesday - The most remarkable things that happened Wednesday were in the evening after we had district meeting :) I know that our leaders are inspired of God because member missionary work is the way that this church is moving forward. This is the only way that everyone will be able to partake in the marvelous blessings that Heavenly Father has instore fo us. We had 2 appointments with some sisters in the ward and found out that they have about 12 friends all together that are interested and looking for the gospel :) Hopefully they progress into investigators :) I will keep you all posted :) 

Thursday - This was a pretty good day ....well kinda...we felt stuck that day because all of our appointments and lessons fell through so by 6:00 we had done all of our back up plans. That day I learnt how grateful I am for back up plans and that to be able to have the spirit with you, you sometimes just need to take time to gather yourself and get back to work :) 
Patience is a wonderful thing and the blessings of heaven are truly invoked upon the servants of god when the are trying their best :) 

Friday - We went to a little village! It was great! We didn't really meet anyone but I had my first real curry!  It was so hot that my eyes were watering and my nose was running :P haha That was a great day :) OH! I am so grateful for the restoration of the gospel because I have realized how frightened I would be without this. As you enter the town there is this large and ominous church and it was old, scary but very architecturally designed nicely - kinda. Just look it up - St Agustine's church in Heden.  Anyways, after that we went back and met another investigator and found this funny bus sign! (SEE PICTURE) can anyone tell me where this saying is from? haha

Saturday - It was a good day. We did service for a lady all morning and she was amazed that we gave up so much to share the gospel. I told her that I wouldn't leave everything I know and the people that I love and that matter most to me unless I knew without a doubt that this was true. She felt the spirit and has invitied us back to do more yardwork :) After that nothing really happened, we had tea at the O'Neils and then went home.

Sunday - Such a great day! I loved the lessons in church and mad a few decisions of who I wanted to be and how I would acheive the man that I am going to be later. I know the type of supporting and loving husband and father that I want to be and I know that there are many great and wonderful examples that I have had in my life. To all the men that have influenced me and helped me become the man I am today, thank you for being who you are and the examples that you have been to me. To all the women in my life, thank you for being you and supporting me in my decision to serve and supporting these wonderful men. Thank you for being you :)

have a great week !
Sincerely with love , 

Elder Dotschkat

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