Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Yesterday was one of the top five p-days of my mission!

Hey everyone, sorry for the delay of email. It was bank holiday yesterday and all of the libraries were closed that we email at. So we had a great p-day yesterday! Went on a 21 mile mountain bike trip and do I ever have saddle pains! Hahahaha Its been a while but probably top 5 best p-days of the mission!

So this past week was great!

Monday we got some fun in the sun!  We once again played football at Greenhead Park in Huddersfield and then after that went window shopping for a bit.  I'm looking to possibly get myself another watch! 

Tuesday was pretty great!  We did some more service! Then is started to pour and I can't leave a job half done so I kept going, every now and again returning to the bon fire that we started to get warmer. Then the Dove family fed us another wonderful meal, she used to own a cafĂ© so its great eating there! After that we went home to shower and half way through we get a call saying that we were late for tea! AHHHHHH!!!!  We were told that it was later and the member eventually came to get us and said to make sure that it did not happen again.  That was good and then in the evening at young mens I cut my ring finger wide open!  The young women freaked out at the blood but that's alright, no need for stitches and I am all better now :)

Wednesday morning at 3:00 we were all wide awake and started exercising jokingly and after about 10 seconds, regretted our decision, laughed a lot and went back to sleep. We had zone conference that day where the President gave us back the chapels for p-days .....yipppe.....(sarcasm) I like to enjoy England and where I am at rather than watch movies.  I have time to do that at home later! (That's coming way too fast btw!)  After ZC we had tea at a members home who collects really old things and is a very talented painter and sculptor of sorts. We are going to go back and take some pictures because he's got Roman Centurian things, African and Egyptian artifacts and even some stuff from Nephrite era! Pretty cool huh?! Then we had an emergency lesson with Alexandra and her baptism is postponed till further notice now.

The best thing on Thursday was the tea appointment that we had with the Shire family. They are a great young couple, both teachers and really fun! We talked about the latest music and movies that have come out and how weird the world is sometimes. They showed us this Eurovision music contest thing which was really weird. If you have a chance, look it up because I don't know how to explain it lol.

Friday we got rained out all day! That was great! The best part of the day was the ward activity in the evening. They auctioned off some cakes and guess who they bought them for?!?!? I'M GONNA GET SO FAT!!!!! :S lol whatever.

Saturday's best part was our lesson and lunch with George and the Royal Evat family in the afternoon. Just was fun! Nothing really more to say.

Church was alright.  I got caught up in my journal a bit. Kinda falling behind. (20 days - my mom's going to kill me! )

Well that's my week...Don't have too much more time so I will say goodbye now!
Have a great week everyone!
Love you!
Elder Dotschkat

We rode along the canal in the mud taking pictures as I go

Almost to the top!

Panoramic view

The crew! We were all dead at the end of the day! We had a great BBQ afterwards

Monday, 26 May 2014

Pictures from the bike trip

The crew! We were all dead at the end of the day! Had a great BBQ afterwards!

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Skype call home

Looks like he's so happy!  Loved having a nice chat with this young man.

Just hanging with my bro!

Monday, 19 May 2014

Teaching, Teaching, Baptisms and Service!

Heya everybody! So this week was super exciting!

Monday it rained! Woot!

For p-day we went to a park to play football but it rained so we got soaked and ended up going home. In the mean time between home and waiting 2 hours for the next train we went window shopping. I have got a lot of clothes from Elder Simon so I don't really need anything but it was fun to go anyways! Then when we got home, I cooked my burritos and had a nap after a warm bath! haha - that was great! Then in the evening we went to a family that they just got back from Disneyworld! :D I saw so many great pictures and it brought back many wonderful memories with those people I love. I have grown to appreciate how blessed my life is lately and how fortunate I am to have the support that I do. Thank you all for what you do :) It means a lot! :)

So Tuesday was crazy because we were going to teach at someones house and they were gone but we didn't have the key so I was frantically making calls to fix the problem and in the end it was all good. We found another key :) Then somehow the rest of the day we stayed busy until the evening when we had a great lesson with Alexandra. We gave her a tour of the chapel with her catholic family and got everything sorted for the baptism! She asked me to baptize her this weekend so I am nervous but excitied at the same time! WIsh me luck! 

Then on Wednesday we had DDM. We talked about strength and having faith in ones self. Due to my study on it I feel much more confident about who I am and what I stand for! I KNOW that the Lord is with me and that he sends angels to bear us up in the times we need the strength the most :) So after DDM, Elder Simon and I went on exchange and we just had so much fun!!!! Took a nap and then worked hard! Noone was really open so we went and just had a great time laughing. He showed me this secret mall that reminds me so much of home and we might go there one p-day lol.  Hopefully we will cause it has a TGIFridays! SOOOOOOOOOOOOO expensive though lol Then we had tea with the Stephenson's family and they were so wonderful, they take care of us so much and he reminds me a lot of my Papa Robb. I think that they would get along. After that he drove us to Rob and Jackie's house and we have a great Q&A lesson. They are doing fantastic and their son's are joining in now as well!

Thursday the ENTIRE flat was sick! We all just woke up and felt like death! I had a FU doctor appointment to go to and he says that my finger is fine now, it will take time for the nail to grow back but it will in time. After that we came back to the flat and slept for lunch and then went to a member from Africa to paint her fence! I wrote my name in their fence so they will never forget me!  lol After that we had a very good evening in which we got mixed up when tea was and were a little late :S But they forgave us and said to not do it again :P Then we had another great Q&A lesson with Alexandra at the Royal Evitt family's home. After the lesson we had a great visit with their family and I feel honoured for the trust that they have given me. Brother Royal Evitt drove us home and we sang Frozen the entire way back! lol.

Friday was a normal planning session and then in the evening we went to visit a member that President Pilkington is friends with. We had a very nice tea with them and talked about angels, Ether 12 and faith. Then in the evening he drove us to the Royal Evitt family's home again for a lesson with George (the bf of their daughter). He is so funny! He thinks everything is true and desires to be baptized when he finds out that it is. Then Brother Royal Evitt drove us home with the same music and singing! hahahaha lol

Saturday we gave service for 5 hours! My muscles hurt and I had dirt caked on, I threw 20 slugs, got baby spiders all over me and had so much fun!!!!!!!!! Then in the evening we watched the Prophet Joseph Smith movie with Lynn....technical difficulties occurred but got through them lol

Sunday I was asked to give a talk on how the Priesthood has helped me prepare for a mission. We had six investigators at church. I got to talk to my wonderful family and was able to just be me :)  I love life!

So that's my week
Love you all
Elder Dotschkat
Yard work at a member's house (that's me and my companion the Flying Dutchman on the far right)

Me and Elder Simon

Monday, 12 May 2014

Captain Canuck and the Flying Dutchman

Well hello everyone! Time is flying by pretty fast! I hope it is for you as well :) But all I have to say is enjoy every moment and let Gods purposes come to pass.

So this past week was pretty crazy and hectic but wonderful at the same time. My companion Elder Shurtliff got called to train in Shefflield and so he is gone now and my new companion is Elder Kooijman from the Netherlands. He is a very happy and proud dutch man! He loves Vikings and pirates and funny stuff like that. He is a very good young man. He lost his father 2 days into the MTC and was prepared to lose him because of health and he is still out here. He is a great strength of faith to me to see him grow and learn for the almost 6 months that he has been out. Last week was his birthday and we celebrated it with French toast, eggs and bacon! And then cake at a member's home :)

To sum up last week in a word. Change. I have realized that to be the man that I desire to become I need to humble myself and change so that the Lord can do his work to my heart. I have realized that I need to give all of my fears and desires to the Lord and trust in him and his promises. I need to increase my faith, courage and belief in myself and the Lord. There are times in our lives that we can see a wall that is blocking our path of progression and we don't know what other side has in store for us but we hope and have faith that they will be good and desirous blessings in which god has for us.

Ether 12: 6 And now, I, Moroni, would speak somewhat concerning these things; I would show unto the world that faith is things which are hoped for and not seen; wherefore, dispute not because ye see not, for ye receive no witness until after the trial of your faith.

This scripture touches my mind and heart to the point that it is near a constant thought. I have seen that ONLY through the trial of our faith will we grow and be nurtured into becoming the person that God desires. All I can say is it will take work but eventually it will be attainable :)

So last week we had a few pretty big things happen. We finished the service that we had started and that lady is now happy that her garden is in that state that it is. I must say that it looks pretty great.  I got sick and tried to work through it and boy, that was difficult and funny at times.  This week we didn't get lost too bad but one time when we got off a bus we were yelled at and persecuted by a few guys. They just told us that we are going to hell and that there was no Jesus Christ. We stood our ground and boldly testified that there is a Jesus Christ and that he loves all of us. We told them that they were entitled to their opinion but that when it comes to pushing down other peoples views they could shut up. We turned and walked away and they were yelling at us as we did and we just kept going not looking back.

3 nephi 12: 10-12
 10 And blessed are all they who are persecuted for my name’s sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
 11 And blessed are ye when men shall revile you and persecute, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake;
 12 For ye shall have great joy and be exceedingly glad, for great shall be your reward in heaven; for so persecuted they the prophets who were before you.

Yup...I think this sums it up. Hahahaha true doctrine!

Well anyways, I don't know what else to say about last week. I might just have to lay a beat down and have my inner Captain Canuck defend truth and justice! LOL  Then my sidekick the Flying Dutchman will demolish all of our foes and justice will be served!

Love you all
Have a great week!
Elder Dotschkat

Friday, 9 May 2014

Letter to the sisters of the ward and my life :)

This letter was included with my Mothers Day letter and Elder Dotschkat asked me to post it on the blog. 

On this special day set apart to celebrate motherhood and womanhood I wanted to send home a letter to each of you and thank you personally for all that you have done and continue to do. i want to thank you for all of your support and help in getting me to this stage of my life. I wish I could send each of you a letter of this heartfelt gratefulness towards you but sadly my time constraint is something that I must learn to do the best I can with what I have.
So here is a letter to the women of my life as a whole but the words are to each of you personally.

On this special day I want to thank you for all that you have done and keep doing. You each have played and continue to play an influential role in my life and the lives of others. Your examples of Christ-like charity, giving of your time and talents for the benefit of others so freely is one thing that I personally admire and appreciate and will always remember. Thank you for doing that you do because each of you play a special part within the church and within the lives of those around you.

Just as Elder Geoffry R. Hollad said "The work of a [woman] is hard, too often unheralded work, please know that it is worth it then, now and forever." I want to tell you that all you do and continue to do is appreciated and thanks enough can never truly be given. Each person that has experienced the light of Christ through your wonderful examples is eternally grateful because in some degree, you have changed their life forever for the better.

Thank you for all of the time and effort that you have willingly sacrificed so that others may simply just have a better day or that they may be happy. These small acts of care and love are the ones most appreciated and close to the hearts of whom you've influenced. Just by your example and willingness to serve, you have performed miracles in the lives of those you have touched.

I will always be grateful to each of you in how you have touched my life and changed it for the better, thank you. I leave you with my testimony that I know that the church is true. I know that Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ and that they live and love each one of us. I know that the power of prayer is real and that we can speak with our Father in Heaven anytime that we need to , anytime we desire, we can speak to him at any time and He will speak to us. That is a promise that He gives because He loves us and is proud of us. I know that families can be forever and that in God's family we will always find a true and everlasting happiness. 

These things I know and say in the sacred name of our loving Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Sincerely with love,
Elder Zachary Lee Dotschkat

Thursday, 8 May 2014

I've got landscape experience so put me to work!

Alright everybody! So this past little while of my life has been pretty crazy but I think that I got it figured out now! Just working hard not to lose my marbles as I go forward (just kidding)  Life is great! So lets get down to it shall we?

So this past week was a great week leading up to Lynn's baptism! We had seen her everyday and she is doing fantastic! She has finished the Book of Mormon in just under 3 weeks and is desiring to read even more!

So Monday we had P-day at Greenhead Park in Huddersfield where we played rugby, football and frisbee and then went to have a FHE with the Stocks family where we had a bonfire! That was just so fun and great! We roasted starburst candes, jumped on the trampoline, had chicken fights and just had a great evening! 

On Tuesday we had a lesson in the morning with these 2 elderly ladies that are investigating and I must say that the biggest lesson that I learned from that was one of humility. We discussed the possibilty of their baptism in the near future and worked to help them understand the need for it but in the end they declined and said that they might "in a while". The work is going great and this experience was humbling to me to recognize that we have to listen to people to really get to know them and understand what their concerns might be so that we can help lift them higher. The rest of the day went well with an exchange with Elder B. We had gone finding and doing some AUF names but alas no luck. In the evening we had a good lesson with Rob and Jackie (referals from the Stock family) and we planned another visit later in the week. 

On Wednesday we had district meeting in which we discussed the capabilities that we all have and acheiving our true potential. We are all sons and daughters of a loving God who has set a path for us to acheive an eternal increase. That thought alone may seem daunting but when we understand to put our trust in God we will then be able to respond with exhuberance and excitment for the vast future ahead. After DDM we went and gave service to this elderly lady in the ward. I picked up and threw over 15 slugs and snails and worms! GROSS! They were all slimly and gooey and …. you get the picture hahahahha!  After service she made us a glass of apple juice and we headed home! On the route some kids wanted to fight us again.....Do I seem aggresive or do people just want to beat me up? lol seems like the "buffetings of satan" are quite present lately.:) In the evening we had a great lesson with Lynn again! She honestly is such a nice lady! I can't remember what was taught just that we laughed A LOT!  

On Thursday we got down and dirty in the mud and the rain again doing service for some other ward members. It took about 2 hours and by the end it had felt like a warm swamp within my shoes! Yuck! But it was great because she was happy :) She made us a great lunch of swedish meatballs, vegetarian lasagne and home made pizza! (I think that I am gain back the weight I lost!  Whatever though I guess! I still have over a year to lose it all! Just keep swimming right......well…..I'm not allowed to swim but you know what I mean! :P) After lunch with her we went and got some medicine for my exploded finger! Woohoo! I haven't been able to use my pinky (even though I don't need it for much....debated cutting it off to say that I gave everything to my mission, including my pinky lol) for almost 2 months! After showering the mudd and dirt and muck off we had another great lesson with Lynn!!! She amazed us again with the amount that she has read! 

Friday was a house work day for the area where we planned and got things ready for the baptism. There is so much paperwork as a missionary that you would be very surprised! I guess its just cause we still are young and need organization skills. 

Saturday was DLST in which we went to Huddersfield and discussed how the zone can improve and what can be done to motivate the missionaries so that miracles happen even more! Then we went back to the area on the train (I think I fell asleep standing up :P) and got last minute things for the baptism! While we waited we made pancakes at the chapel! They were delicious! For anyone who knows what I like on mine, peanut butter and chocolate spead! YUM! Then the finale of the week happened!  Lynn was baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a wonderful service in which she said that she felt welcomed and loved :) She bore her testimony and that was great! Sunday was pretty good! I went on exchange with Elder Simon! I was so full because we went to the Russian lady's house again and ate soooooooooooo much! YUM!   After that we contacted some referrals and talked to alot of people! No one was really bothered too much though :P 

On Monday we had district meeting where we continued our disussion on looking towards the future and living to reach our goals!  We made vision boards!  That was pretty great! Then we went and did EVEN MORE SERVICE! I guess the ward has got the message of my previous landscaping experience and wants to use it :) I'm glad to get into jeans and a shirt and in the dirt!  I find it fun! So Monday we laid mulch and planted some flowers and then we went to a member's home where the fed us some great steaks! They talked about movies the entire time and just teased us on how we have to wait to watch them!  Whatever, time is flying so fast!  Then in the evening was transfer calls!  We were having a fun party and President called Elder Shurtliff to train in Sheffiled and I have Elder Koojiman (he was in my district in Sunderland) as my new companion! Then we played some games and went to bed. On P-day we did similar things and took some pics and then we went to the chapel to clean cause it is getting painted and it was nearly a ward party because almost everyone was there! After that we went to the Stock's house in the evening, had some games with them and said goodbye for Elder Shurtliff. Then we had some fatayers at the flat and went to bed.

So that is this past week!
love you all!
Elder Dotschkat

Lynn's baptism

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

AH … out of time!

AH! No time! Short letter this week.

This week was a great week! I know that some things in life now may be difficult but are for our benefit and that trials only make us stronger! My life storms now have seemed to have settled and the Savior's calming presence is everywhere!  We baptized this past week and so pics will come soon!

I am happy, healthy and well:) 
And alive btw!
Staying in Dewsbuy!

E. Dotschkat