Monday, 29 December 2014


Hello Everyone!

Not going to lie, I am all emailed out! LOL and tired out! LOL  Doing good though! Actually I'm doing REALLY good! haha I have had a great Christmas season and past little while of work and fun on my mission! I feel so blessed to have made so many great memories in the past week and feel the love of those people that I know that care about me and have helped me so much in the past and support me now!

So this past Monday was pretty good! It was a shortened P-day because we get so much time off from proselyting in the next two week period between Christmas and New Years. With the time that we had we were able to get me a hair cut and get our gifts for our secret santa within the district that happened on Wednesday! I was looking forward to Wednesday so much! It was a great time to have so much fun giving other people the joy of Christmas! After that we made time to go and work with the people that we keep seeing lately! That night we had a miracle! We simply asked our investigator Peter who is getting baptized on the 10th of January if there was anyone that he knew that would need this message and the help of the teachings of Jesus Christ. Then he listed off nine people that he thought would be willing and open to listening to the message! Most referrals in one day that I have received on my mission! I will keep you posted with the progress that these people make!

So Tuesday was a great time to be able to go and work and be able to spend the day serving the Lord and looking for His children that he has a desire to return to him and to know how to return to Him. Then in the evening we had a good time with a member just having a great tea with them. She made a drink that is non-alcoholic called Ginger Wine! It was sooooooo delicious and had a fire that burned your throat. It was great. Warmed me right up!

Wednesday was the day that I was looking forward to the past little bit! In DDM we had the gift exchange and I made an oreo chocolate cake and if I can say so myself it was so delicious! So fro the DDM we were blessed to have the spirit there and be able to enjoy the Christmas spirit of giving and laughter. After DDM we were able to go over to the B's house and give them a Christmas present with some other members an then we were able to feel relaxed when we finally made it home because we went right to sleep (I told Elder D that if we go to sleep sooner that Santa would come quicker lol)

Thursday was a wonderful Christmas Day full of joy, laughter and smiles. Thank you to all those who have sent me and my companion something. It truly made both of our Christmas full of joy and smiles. I loved the candy, socks and many other unique and wonderful gifts that I have received. THANK YOU! After that we were blessed to spend more time with another family within the ward. This lovely couple has adopted most of the missionaries that enter within their doors and it was great to have them take care of us just as they would their own sons. So they fed us a great meal of Christmas and it was so delicious. Then after that we were sent to another family's home and were blessed to spend so much time with them. They were great to us and the night was full of laughter and great memories! Now overall I don't know what it is but the members might think that we stink because we got so much smelling things (Axe body spray etc) It was great and we truly appreciate it :)

So Boxing Day was really great because we were able to go and experience it in England but there was seriously not a soul in sight so that was nice to go and enjoy the sales pretty much by ourselves. Then we were picked up by some members (because the busses were shut down) and we played games and laughed at their house all day! 

Saturday and Sunday were good and we were impressed to go and spend some quality time with the less actives in the area. It was just a blur of a weekend but I truly enjoyed it!

Anyways, time has run out but I'll talk to you next week!
Love you all
Elder Dotschkat

PS - Have a Happy New Year!

My epic oreo chocolate cake

The rugby jersey that I got from a dear friend in my last area

The CTR ring that my mom sent to me

Its been really cold here lately and I think this toque will come in really handy

CHECK THIS OUT! A present from the Relief Society sisters at home and they sent one for my companion too!!!

The amazing Christmas stockings

Everyone knows how much I love Reese peanut butter cups lol

My engraved wallet

Christmas dinner. So nice to be with "family"

Monday, 22 December 2014

Merry Christmas

Heya Everyone!

Hope you are all having a great time during these wonderful CHRISTMAS holidays! I know that the people that I am around everyday are enjoying it but we are trying to help them enjoy it for the right reasons and to remember the spirit of Christmas. Its all fine with the gifts and tinsel and carols and stuff but whats the point unless we strengthen our faith and the faith of others in our Savior Jesus Christ. To me Christmas time is not about the gifts but more of service and making the world a better place because you were there. Its about spending time with those things that matter most, family especially! And thats the message that we bear on our hearts daily and testify of those around us that are seeking for the truth and to all nations, tongues and kindred around! So thats my testimony of Christmas to EVERYONE!

So this past week was really good! I truly enjoyed every minute of it and all the great people that I was able to associate with this past week! On Monday we went to Newcastle to meet with other missionaries to practice the song "Homeless" by Michael McLean from his Christmas CD the Forgotten Carols. But alas my hopes were slightly dashed because people were unable to make it to practice so was had to call an audible and changed the song at the last minute. We ended up deciding to sing "O Come All Ye Faithful" in parts. It was really good (if I can say so myself).

Tuesday was the Christmas party full of laughter and fun! We started traveling EARLY and then we ended up making it there just before it started. I have realized how in the sticks we are! its pretty funny! So at the party we played silly fun games and I learned how to throw a card into a melon properly. Then we had our taken show. It was really good. It takes a lot for people to get up in front of a group of their peers and show off what God has given them. Its even more so when they do it solo. Well done to all those who participated.

Then we watched a great British Christmas comedy called the Nativity. I think the main character is also the main character playing in the Hobbit series (the posters came out this past week and it looks sweet. Marathon in a few months ... yes!)

Wednesday we had a great meeting in Newcastle about setting goals, giving all of our efforts and then achieving them! The biggest thing that stood out to me was the quote I came up with ... "Challenges and trials are put into ur lives to push us to our absolute limits. Its at the edge of comfort and fear that faith must come into our lives. We must jump off the cliff and then and only then is when we learn to fly. If we merely stay in the nest and give up, that is when our trial seat us down and they will keep us there if we let them. We must be harder and fight as lions during life to succeed! Challenges are only impossible if you give up, and if you give up, you will Never grow, profess and be better!"

Thursday was a day full of service with a great couple of people that are in the ward. We were scraping off wall paper all day and had so much fun coin git and enjoying some Christmas music. For lunch the sisters made us some really good fajitas.

Friday was crazy! So much so that it passed in a flash and all that I can remember is going to this members home and watching Joy to the World with her. It was great to be able to bring the Christmas spirit into her home and into her life. She loves Christmas because she gets to spend time with her family and I don't blame her! Once again, I restate that Christmas is ALL ABOUT FAMILY AND CHRIST! Let us not forget the CHRIST in Christmas.

Saturday was pretty busy too! We travelled a long time to get to Sunderland to watch the Christmas truce program that has been put on! Its a wonderful reminder for those who have sacrificed and those who still sacrifice. My heart goes to those courageous men and women who have fought for the wonderful freedoms that we enjoy now. Please, this Christmas season, stop and think of the things to be grateful for and if you know someone that has served in any aspect of any wars, thank them because without their or their family's sacrifice you nor I would be here today to be able to enjoy what we have and do.

Well, I hope and pray that you all have a wonderful Christmas season full of joy, peace, laughter and full of the love of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Elder Zachary Lee Dotschkat

Monday, 15 December 2014

We ate Chicken Stuffed Haggis

Hello Everybody!

WOW This week has absolutely just flown by! I can't believe where the time is going! Pretty much speeding up nearly every week ... this last weekend was seriously a blur (a good blur though it had many colours)

So Monday was pretty good! I was the mould killer in the flat! I seriously used the entire hour to clean the mould out of our bedroom! (I have pics but won't send them home because they are almost horrifying hahahaha) Then we spent the rest of the day relaxing. I made my burritos (haven't done them in a while) then napped for a bit! In the evening we went over to this members house for a while and just hungout and got to know him. His newly wed wife was not there so we had a guys chat. Talked about his mission, got some advice and then talked about what to help out the ward with.

Tuesday was pretty good as well. We went around the chapel and invited EVERYONE (and I mean EVERYONE) to the upcoming branch carol service! Pretty good response from the people so we are hoping that there will be many people that attend!

Wednesday was COLD! The wind nearly knocked me over! We went and knocked around the chapel again (a lot of doors) and we kept inviting people to the activity. In the evening we were very blessed to have a delicious tea at a members him. It was chicken stuffed haggis and it was delicious. I have thought about how much I talk about food lately and its kind of funny!

Thursday was pretty alright, we were running around like chickens with our heads cut off and were doing it so much that we got lost for 45 minutes. We had to have a member come and get us so that we knew where to go and where we were (I have no bearings where I am at with no mountains around me lol). In the evening we had a great time at this other members home and had kebab with them for tea! Pretty fun. Then I played with their grandchildren and we just and a really good time getting to know them and how we can help. We are returning to their home this Thursday to help them paint their house! Yay SERVICE :D

Friday was pretty good. If you have been reading my blog for a while you must know by now that Friday makes weekly planning days. So I got my peanuts, my drink and we just bunkered down and got stuck in! Pretty good session but we were drained at the end and it didn't help that we had to go and help out at the chapel to set it up for the barn dance that evening. The barn dance was great. We had so much fun laughing and talking and watching people dance (we can't, not because we are physically unable but because we are missionaries and don't want to show people up with our dancing skills lol)

Saturday was pretty good! Took everything down in the morning from the dance as we pumped some Christmas hymns throughout the AP system. It was like a cathedral with the music that we put on. It was all opera like hahaha! Then in the evening we had a great time at our investigators home that is getting baptized on January 10th. I forgot to mention that we scheduled him this week :D

Sunday was a great day. I enjoyed listening to the talks in church and taking the sacrament. I am currently reading Believing in Christ by Stephen E Robson and its a great book to understand the atonement and the forgiveness process :) After church we were blessed to have a great tea appointment with people of the ward and their daughter invited us over for Christmas Day dinner :) We are very excited to go and spend time with their wonderful family.

Anyways, miracles are happening, angels are ministering, God is working and so are His missionaries!
Love Elder Dotschkat

Monday, 8 December 2014

Another South African companion

Hello everyone!

I've moved north again. If you want my actual address message my mom and she'll give it to you.

So now all that business sis out of the way I will tell you about the last bit of the great past few days that I have experienced here in Ashington ward (actually its a branch but I call it a ward because it definitely has the strength of one!)

So in the past few days I have met a lot of people and have had a load of chances to bear my testimony to people and invite them to follow Christ in their lives more and let me first of all start off by telling you guys that I love it! I love my mission and all that it entails, the good and the bad times! The happy and the sad times and the times that I get to rhyme lol! I'm still funny ... or at least I think so lol

So I have a great new companion called Elder Dickson. He is from Port Elizabeth SOUTH AFRICA! (maybe in a few years I will travel and visit my companions from there :D) Anyways he's is a great guy and probably the greatest thing about hi is his humility. Like I know a lot of humble people but wow this guy is 26 and only has one purpose while he is out here and that is to serve the Lord and make England a better place because he was here. He has been on his mission and we will hit his year mark together so we are going to party! He's got a big testimony and a bigger heart! (thought it can't keep him warm in this cold lol)

The area that I am in now has A LOT of potential and Elder Dickson and I look forward to harvesting all of the potential that the Lord sent us to meet here. I have gained a stronger testimony and I know that "there are no such things as coincidences, thats just a name that God uses to stay anonymous!"

Anyways my time has run out! Expect castle pics in the coming weeks!
I love the Lord, I love my mission, and I know its changing me for the better!
Elder Dotschkat

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

I've been transferred

Hey Everyone!

So I'm being transferred again to Ashington, its up by Newcastle (address to the flat will follow in the coming week). So this letter is going to be short and simple.

I love my Savior. He lives and loves each one of us no matter who we are, what we have done or what we are currently doing.

The best experience that I had this week was learning about the strength of unity.
The first one is about wolves.
"For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and for the strength of the wolf is the pack"

It makes me realize that no matter where you go, as long as you are serving the Lord, the rest of the people who are serving the Lord will always be with you and willing to lift you. I have seen and gained a testimony of this so many times in my life and am truly grateful for the trails to teach me about the strength of faith in Christ and faith in oneself. People are always willing and ready to help, we simply need to ask.

The other thing that stood out to me this past weekend was strength of wire cable. I know that it sounds quite weird but it makes a whole bunch of sense. The reason why construction workers use wire cable instead of chains is because the chain is only as strong as the weakest link and the cable is as strong as all the individual wires working together towards a common purpose and common goal. They wrap themselves around and protect each other and take the strain of the opposite force as a whole group, working together and equally balancing the load that they carry.

The third one is about the body. The Savior actually talked about this in the scriptures and I found it very important to know and realize. Each part of the body is unique, different in purpose and individual strength. Each part has its own role to play in keeping the being healthy, strong, safe and working. The eyes are to see, the ears are to hear, the fingers to feel and the heart to keep it all alive. BUT each of these sensory responses keep the body safe and alive just as simply as the heart does. There was moment this week that I was curious how it would be to be blind and how much I relied on my vision and so I closed my eyes for a while and tried to do the same simple tasks and walk in the same direction that I knew that I was meant to go. After only a few short seconds, I realized that I had lost my way and that I was going way off track of where I was meant to be and where safety was. I thought about all of the beautiful and wondrous things that I have seen and all o fate joys that I feel when I see all of Gods beautiful wonders. I am thankful for my eyes for they give me a life that I love!

Then I pondered what life would be like without my hearing and all of those things that I would miss out on. The sounds of the birds, the laughter of children, the voices of those people I love and music which strengthens the heart and soothes the soul. I realized that without hearing, I would not be able to pay attention to my surroundings and probably would accidentally put myself into a dangerous situation. I could no longer have those memories associated two music or actually enjoy the peace and silence because I would always experience it and know no better. I am thankful for my ears for they give me the life that I love!

Then I thought about touch and how vital it is in showing and expressing human emotion. The embrace of a loved one is the fire that can melt any sadness, any pain, and anger or malice and negative feeling that the adversary tries to plant into our hearts. Our mission President told us of an experience where what problems were int he past, they were melted away with a single hug of forgiveness and love. As he told us this story I pondered in my heart the thought of embracing those that I love and then the moments that I have felt that i have been embraced by the loving arms of our Father in Heaven. I had one of those moments this past weekend and let me just say that it was wonderful to feel that He knows who I am and that He loves me no matter what I have done in my past. He desires me to look to the future with faith! I know that our Father in Heaven has these feelings towards all the children of God no matter race, religion, creed, or country. HE LOVES US ALL!

He loves and knows YOU!

These are the things that I have learned this week and that I hold very dear to my heart.
I hope and pray that the Lord will strengthen my testimony and that I can be His voice this coming week once more!
You are in my prayers
Elder Dotschkat

Monday, 24 November 2014

The SUPPOSED curry capital of the world

Hey guys

So life is great in our fight for the right! Loving it here on my mission right now! Sometimes its weird how time is flying but I think that is just because we are on cloud 9 right now with all the laughter that we are having … I dunno if its because I haven't had people around me with the same sense of humour for a while or if everything is actually really funny but hey we keep laughing and going forward!

Monday we went shopping then went to David's house to help him get the couch into his house (it was a lot harder and more exciting than it sounds!) We strapped two ropes and then three of us pulled it up the side of the house into the three story room and then David pushed it and guided it up while going up the ladder underneath it. Then we watched a great film. In the evening Elder Groll was feeling pretty ill so we went home and did some work in the area book. Yay more paperwork lol.

Tuesday was pretty good except for the part where ALL OF US were feeling like death! But we still went and worked. People need our help and so we don't have time to sit on our bums and wait for illness to go away. Just keep pushing through and life will turn out just fine. Trust in God!

Wednesday was crazy! I was still battling with some chesty cough infection thing but we went out again and worked! We had DDM at Leeds, I like going to Leeds, its fun. And then we went to help out this Jamaican sister with setting up some furniture at her house and found that we simply did not have enough means (or patience lol) to complete the project. We are going to go back later this coming week to bash it out with some POWER TOOLS! hahaha

Thursday was pretty good. We had a lesson with our Czech investigator that day and we were able to have a great talk about priesthood authority. She said that she would come to church and that she wants to get baptized so we look forward to helping her progress.

Friday was the funeral of one of the members husbands within the ward. It was a definite change from the normal Friday and a really nice service. He will be missed and remembered by those who had contact with him on occasion. I saw him when he was still living and I know that he is definitely in a better place now and out of the pain that he may have been suffering. In the evening it was great because we went and cooked the members tea! We got them to get the ingredients and they were open to it and we made some pretty nice chicken enchiladas.

Saturday was shot! Elder Groll was still sick and not feeling well so we staying in that day. The biggest exciting thing that happened that day was being able to make some Christmas presents and get those ready to shoot off home and then in the evening we had a VERY TASTY curry from a take away place. I can now say that I had a curry from the SUPPOSED curry capital of the world lol.

Sunday was alright. We had the wonderful baptism of a great sister that has been coming to church for over 30 years. The spirit definitely was upon her that day. Then in the evening we were invited over to a members house that lived at the opposite end of our area!

Anyways, it was a great week!
Love you and TTYL
Elder Dotschkat

Monday, 17 November 2014

I had a case of missionary denial

Sunset selfie
So we are doing great here in Dudley Hill!

My companions are Elder Nathan Groll from Farmington Utah and Elder Spencer Flake from New York City! Pretty awesome guys I must say!

In all honesty I can't remember a time that I have laughed so much! It definitely has been a while that I have been this happy, excited and enjoying my mission … I love it!

So Monday we spent P-day with David. We tried to help him get a couch into his 3rd story room in this house … we were too weak but are trying again today. Wish us luck!

Tuesday you know about Zone Conference (I told you last week) Absolutely LOVED IT!

Wednesday the best part was probably making my companions laugh but brutally embarrassing myself and then just having to laugh at myself. Lets just say that I tried to compliment a key member of the ward and used a word that I thought was a wonderful compliment but because of the missionary veil I made the mistake and it meant the exact opposite! YIKES. Whoops! They knew what I meant and its just a great laugh and inside joke between us all now! Also that evening I found that Elder Viviers is doing better and in college supposedly now! Prayers have definitely been offered and answered on his behalf.

Thursday was the best day of the week because we went finding with faith and met with three great families. We are now teaching a woman from northern Ireland, a man from Ethiopia, and soon a woman from England (we meet her tomorrow morning). Then we made it from one end of the area to the other (by running) and on time for tea! It was just great how the Lord blesses us when we are obedient and expect his miracles!

Friday was a great day because we had interviews with our mission president. Funny thing was that he made me take my own advice. He sat me down and asked me how long I've been out … I told him just over a year (guess I just had a case of missionary denial) and then I told him close to 18 months .. he then asks me if I was Mission President what would I say to encourage missionaries for all the mission, from all different backgrounds and at different points in their mission. I pondered it for a moment and many things came to mind but the best one that I could choose was to "Keep Moving Forward and Make Every Moment Count On The Way". Keep going up that mountain because if you give up at the bottom, you will NEVER see the beautiful vista that is waiting that God has created for YOU! Then in the evening we had a great time making tea for D and Sister L (made them the enchiladas) and having them enjoy it!

Saturday was crazy stressful, wonderful and fun and all in all we got through it. In the morning we met with this lady from the Czech Republic and taught her about baptism and prayer and SHE ACCEPTED A BAPTISM DATE!! Funniest part of the lesson was the near miss of the razor to Elder G's head! hahahaha! Her four year old son grabbed the razor and went right for his skull! hahahaha  I nearly died laughing! lol Then later that day we spent a few hours with a Jamaican sister in the ward and helping her set up some furniture in her home! Then in the evening we had kebabs! yum yum yum

Sunday was pretty good. I have desired for a fresh outlook and sight on the ward and the people here. I have had my heart softened and filled with gratitude to be able to serve here. I enjoyed the members before but now I really enjoy them and see them for the wonderful children of God that they are! After church we went hime and took a nap at the flat for a bit and then went to Leeds for a fireside from the mission president that we sang at. I felt the spirit multiple times in that meeting. Many laughed, some cried with joy and filling of the spirit and all of us were uplifted and encouraged to do better and to be better. Best advice that was said last night was "With the power of positive thinking we need to ACT positively"

Well I'm going to go and have a great week full of miracles and I hope you all do the same!
Love Elder Dotschkat

Hahahah this one is for the ladies :)  Just thought it was funny!

One of my awesome companions

Sunset and remembering good times

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The BEST Zone Conference Ever!

Hey Mum,
So yesterday was a great day full of the spirit and full of revelation and it was probably the best Zone Conference that I haves been to. I am very grateful and glad that I was able to experience such a great time there. It answered many of the questions that I had. So our Mission President asked us to write our families at home about the experience we had and what we are desiring to do because of these experiences that we had. One of the missionaries that was in Hull when I was being trained said something that I thought was really profound. He said "Obedience is USELESS unless we act on the desire within us to do the right thing!". With all of the things that I learned yesterday, I am glad to say that my mission and most likely my life changed because of the special words and sacred feelings that I experienced yesterday.

1. The first thing that I want to do is work on forgiveness. I want to be able to let the atonement of Christ into my heart and to allow it to heal those broken pieces and let the ill feelings that I might have towards some people to be let go and to look on their good parts by trying to see life from their eyes. I wrote in my journal "don't always assume people are bad, especially when you cannot see their sides of the mountains that they have to climb."

2. I want to be having better and more effective studies. Today was a great study because I wasn't just sitting down at 8:00 with the mentality that I am just sitting and studying but I was pondering about it before hand what I wanted to do and then acted upon those thoughts that I had. It has been one of the most effective studies that I have had in a while and I really got something from it this morning. In my journal I wrote "The ultimate measure of your success is measured by how much you served others and followed in Christ's example." and "Your success is measured by your commitment to keep moving forward through the good and the bad times with the same enthusiasm of what you are doing no matter what differences occur in your life."

3. The third thing that really stuck out to me was also making the most of the time that you have. Life is too short to wallow in the past and if you stay where you are at two things happen. The world moves on without you and in time you will fall farther than where you were. The assistants to the president (AP's) did a fantastic job with their instruction and because of that the spirit was able to teach me about making our time effective rather than just simply busy and then also teaching me about rather than counting time, making time count.

Now that I have seen all of these things and have experienced what I have, I have a greater resolve to do better and to be better. I know and fully accept that it will not be an overnight change but step by step and I will get to being who I desire to become.
How do you climb a mountain? One step at a time!

Elder Dotschkat

Monday, 10 November 2014

Poppy Appeal, Knocking in the Rain & Crying over Curry

So we have been able to get the area more organized so that we can manage where we are working and how often so that we use our entire area to work with everyone that is here. The area book is still being sorted through to understand what missionary work has gone on before I was here.

Monday was Halloween P-day. Went as Hulk in my Hulk onesie. Elder G went as Superdude!

Tuesday was Poppy Appeal hours at ASDA - The poppy appeal is a wonderful experience in which many people saw us volunteering and helping out. On an average day we talked to anywhere from 60-200 people within the time that we were there. Because we were there and people saw the badges they came up and asked questions and we were able to explain to them that we are simply here to make peoples lives easier and happier through the teachings and actions that Christ himself would do. the members of the staff there were also quite curious and appreciated how much work that we helped out with and our picture is now up on the wall for all people to see :)

Wednesday - Cereal party at DDM and Elder Groll was crying whilst eating DL's curry hahahahaha (I can laugh cause I had the same experience a few weeks ago lol). Then we were in the flat from 7:00 onwards because it was bonfire night and not safe for missionaries to be on the streets.

Friday was poppy appeal again and knocking in the rain!!  We didn't get let in except for a potential investigator that we had. We met her just last week and she said to come back and talk to her husband because he loves to go fishing. So we are returning this week to see his albums of his fish over the years and then hopefully teach them :) It was nice for them to let us in and out of the rain.

Saturday we met DL, a returned less active we have been working with went through the temple for himself :) I'm very happy right now :) Kind of speechless about how happy I am for him. He is a great man and truly has changed so much. He was glowing yesterday in church. Amazing to see the blessings of the gospel in lives of the people that we are working with.

The biggest miracle of the week happened on Sunday because of following up on talks that we have with former potentials and less actives.  This past week we were meant to meet with an excommunicated member and his non-member wife and finally saw them last night. Now because of our visit last night we are returning this Friday to have another meeting with them. He says that he would love to come back to church but his work schedule (which is changing) prevents him from doing so. He has said that he wants back because we are fun and understand the purpose of the missionary work is.

Yesterday in Elders quorum, a member of the stake presidency sat in on a lesson and Brother Warburton, the Elders Quorum president was talking about how as a service rendering group, the Elders Quorum was going to set up decorations for the ward activity on Saturday night and then the high priests would then take them down afterwards. The conversation went something like this …
Brother Warburton: "Lets put all the decorations up high so the old high priests have to really stretch to get them down."
Stake Presidency member: "How does that help you fulfill your purpose as a service rendering group?"
Brother Warburton: "It doesn't, I just think its funny!"

I thought it was funny hahahaha
Bad sense of humour i guess but whatever lol

Oh and the best meal we made this week was our steak enchiladas. Here's the recipe
(see picture)

beef, mushrooms, peppers and onions fried in a pan (eyeball it)
cereal bowl full of 1 taco seasoning packet with flour and milk (until its milkshake constancy or thicker)
put steak, plenty of sauce and grated cheese in tortillas and wrap them up and put in a baking pan
cover the top with the rest of the sauce and plenty of cheese
Bake at 175C for 10 minutes

Well I've got to go
Have a great week
Love you all
Elder Dotschkat

Monday, 3 November 2014

The Calm After the Storm :)

So this week was pretty crazy but lets just say that I'm doing a load better now and REALLY looking forward to this coming transfer!

Monday and Tuesday were crazy and Wednesday we were still recuperating from the beginning of the week! Monday morning we got a call from the mission office saying that the assistants were coming to pick us up to bring us to meet with the president. When we got to the office Elder V was called in and I waited as he talked to the president. The president then called me in and explained that because of health reasons and results that came back that Elder V would need to go home on medical release :( 
So that was a shock!  All p-day we just spent it trying to keep Elder V happy. We went to D's house and hung out there. In the evening we went to the A's home and had FHE with them were we played Uno!

5:00am the next morning I jumped out of bed into the shower and then to making a big breakfast send off for Elder V and the rest of us. Bacon, eggs, pancakes and all the good stuff was included in the meal and then we departed for the airport. It was bitter sweet to go to the airport (and kind of weird) and to be sending my friend off home. I know that he is in a better place now and can get everything sorted out :) Can you please pray for him.

So the rest of the day I toured the rest of my mission with the APs to get my companion and make some moves for other people. In the evening Lynn came and brought us KFC and we just had a great laugh with her. I definitely needed that with all that had gone on.

The rest of this week was sorting everything out so that we can find which way is up and all of that this transfer.  My new companion is Elder G, he's actually from my group and from Utah. Pretty cool buy, quiet but dignified and definitely wants to be here for the right reasons. Spent a lot of the week showing Elder G where the area was and all the information about it and all that good stuff. We are working hard at being as obedient as we can to all of the rules and let me tell you that there are a lot of them but they are all for our safety and the benefit of the missionaries.

Best part of the week has been the quote wall, the clean flat and the MONSTER BED! There were four missionaries and two bunk beds in the flat but now that there are two missionaries and two bunk beds in the flat we put them together (with Duct tape) and now we have a monster bed!!!

Anyways, life is good and God is good so life is good :)

Love you all
Elder Dotschkat

Monday, 27 October 2014

Still in Dudley Hill

Hey guys,

Still a missionary and still in Dudley Hill! This past week was pretty good. Lets just say that right now I'm at a loss as to what to say. Best part of last week was I found out that Lynn wanted to see me on Sunday! And so the Stephenson's were bringing her to sacrament. Then the biggest surprise was that they brought us loads of food!!! Our fridges and our cupboards are all full!! :D Like I won't have to buy food for the entire transfer!
Anyways, my brain is pretty scrambled right now but big news, its just one team now in Dudley Hill so we are super busy now from taking care of all the members.

Congrats Logan on your mission …
"Success breeds success, Obedience brings blessings, exact obedience brings MIRACLES!"

Love you guys
Sorry this letter is a little rubbish! Will be better next week
Elder Zachary Lee Dotschkat

PS - if you didn't get it … I'm humbly awesome :D hahahaha

Monday, 20 October 2014

We've knocked on over 1000 doors in this area!

Finishing off last week and all about this week ….

Saturday was pretty good! In the morning we went to a less active's house to wish her a happy birthday. It was great to put a smile on her face and help her out as we talked about her five children and one on the way! After that we went home and took a nap! It was great to feel refreshed and then ready for work again! In the afternoon we went and helped the EQP with some service at his home and then had Mexican for dinner! In the evening we went over to one of the members of the Elders Quarum who is moving and just spent some time with him. His name is Shane and he has Cerebral Palsy and he doesn't really know how to interact with people so we just had a great time with him there!

Sunday was good! After church we took another nap and then went and had a power hour of finding. No people but we got let in because of our bladders haha.

Monday was great! All the classic stuff then went over to David's where we are going again today. In the evening we went and had a great FHE with a half polish half english family in the ward. We talked about the importance of using technology for good things in life and not becoming addicted to it. We talked about how we can use these potential spiritual weapons for the good and sharing Mormon Messages on FaceBook and twitter and all the good stuff.

Tuesday we went finding all day. I swear we have knocked on over 1000 doors since I have been here. In the evening we had Ward Coordination and we talked about how the ward can become more involved within the community to interest people in the church.

Best part of Wednesday was the tea appointment and the time that we spent with the bishop and his family! We talked about his mission and how to use the things that we learn on our mission to help us become better people. We talked about how to use the difficult experiences to relate to other people and left them through their trials.

Thursday we had a great day of service with David. We went around a few peoples homes to help them out and make their lives easier. We helped move some couches and then some other things and just had a great time serving others. I love giving service to people :) Then we had tea with a pretty old member and he was telling us all about the war. Its quite interesting to hear it from so many different angles. Its almost as if you had been there at the time. In the night we had a FHE with another members family an fused the same talks that we had used on Monday night with the other family.

Friday was crazy …… lets just say that I am glad that Friday is far behind us. In the evening we had tea with David and I talked with him about cars and how to get the most bang for your buck.

Saturday was the Elders Quarum activity. Due to the rule that we could not go to the activity unless we had an investigator and some key members wanted us to be there, they invited some family to the driving range for us to go and be able to talk to them about the gospel. I had a great time just hitting all the golf balls down the range. Might have found a new hobby for back home! Its great cause I got some gnarly blisters now.

Sunday was good. Did I mention that it rained all day? We went knocking in the rain. Woot Woot.

Anyways, Life is great! Transfers are this week so who knows what the Lord's plans are. Will tell you all next week!

The gospel is true!
Elder Dotschkat

Monday, 13 October 2014

A new investigator

Hey everyone!
Just want to say that I am happy and well :)
Thank you for all your prayers and fasting on my behalf, it has truly been appreciated and I truly fell lifted from before. I now know that the angels of Heaven are watching over me and that Heavenly Father knows and loves me. No matter what we do, he knows what is best for us and it is our job to trust him.
So the highlights of the week!
Insanity every morning has motivated me to get out of bed and get into better shape (even though round is still a shape :P) and to work hard during the day. I really enjoy morning work outs right now!

Monday we spent the day with a recently returned less active member. We watched How to Train Your Dragon 2 and Mr Peabody and Sherman! Great films. At the end of the day I felt super relaxed and loved the rest of my evening.

Tuesday was crazy because it took us two hours to travel a normally 20 minute route. While we were traveling to ward co-ordination we found out that there was a five car pile up on one of the main roads and so traffic was super heavy! We ended up taking two busses and a train to try to make it on time and we were still late for the meeting. Just five minutes but punctuality is key in the mission right now. One late for a tea appointment - call president. Two latex and you don't get to go to tea appointments for a week. SO YOU BETTER NOT BE LATE!!! ;P

Wednesday we went and found a new investigator. We went to one of the tippy edge parts of our area and on the 3rd door we got let in! What a miracle! He lived in Australia for 20 years and has his own web design business. We had a great talk with him about Christ and everything that he has done for us. We are seeing him this coming Saturday (I think) and will try to schedule him for baptism :)

Thursday was a great time in Pudsey! We were working and I saw this guy working on two pretty nice cars so being like myself I went to check it out. After a while of talking to him we find out he is the less active man that we are looking for! What a miracle! He then invited us in and told us of this South African grocery shop. Well I lost it there, it was a losing battle for my companion. He was determined to find it lol. So after the lesson we got a call from the member asking if we wanted to come over for tea! That was great because he showed us some of the rugby world cup finals! (All Blacks vs South Africa). Lets just say that Thursday my companion was VERY HAPPY!

Friday highlight was that we went to one of the areas that we found the shop at! Elder V was like a kid in a candy store! :) Lets just say that it made me very happy to see him happy. We then bought some spicy sauce for the man that let us spend p-day with him and they invited us to have tea with them so we agreed.

I have run out of time now - I will hopefully remember to tell you about the weekend next week!
Have a great week.
I love you guys
Thanks for what you do!
Elder Dotschkat

Monday, 6 October 2014

Just keep swimming

Hey everyone!
Hope that you are all doing well and are happy!
So this week was alright
Unfortunately not too much happened because my companion was sick a few days this week. Though I have started to do a fitness regime called insanity and that was great!

Monday night was good after p-day in Leeds. It takes quite a while to get there so I don't think that we will go there often for p-day. In the evening we went with the ward mission leader to our Romanian investigator's home but unfortunately they flogged us so we ended up having a really great talk with him and he bought us some nutella, ferrero roche and peanut butter milkshakes (I just gained back whatever I lost lol)

Tuesday Elder Viviers and I went and worked in Pudsey and we had a great time! Just too many interesting things happened. There was a sandwich place that we go to eat at and its really good and cheap! Not like subway lol. Well I can't remember what else happened that day except for ward coordination in the evening that was really good. We had a fun time there just laughing and having a good time.

Wednesday we had DDM at Dudley Hill and the assistants to the president joined us. After the DDM we went and had lunch and then hit Elder Viviers. He had been feeling a littler under the weather for a while but then he just felt terrible so I called the mission president's wife and she told us to stay in and let him rest.

Thursday I took a nap for a while cause he was still sick and then in the evening we tried to go out and had a tea appointment at this great member's house. We laughed loads and I look forward to hanging with him for p-day today.

Friday I went on exchange with Elder Vogli and we had a pretty lax day. Unfortunately none answered their doors for the people that we went to and by the time that we just got everything sorted out there wasn't much time. Knocked in this really posh area but none wanted to hear from us. JUST KEEP SWIMMING RIGHT?!?  So we did and then in the evening we had tea at this Polish member's home and it was great. We had Polish stew!

Saturday and Sunday were spent in the chapel at conference. Not too much happened. Saturday night was a good time though because I got permission from the mission president to go and have a meal with Lynn. I'm just hoping against all hopes that the president just simply moves me back to Dewsbury!

Well I got to go now.
Love you all!
Keep your chins up and remember that God knows you and loves you!
Love Elder Dotschkat

Thursday, 2 October 2014

A visit to the Lego Store, Pudsey and a farm

Hello everyone!

Sorry this email is going to be late, no matter how many hours or minutes I try to save it just seems that time is moving so quickly that I can't seem to catch up with it! Quite literally I have missed a huge chunk of my last bit of my mission in my journal but I guess that is just going to have to wait. I'm doing well and feel that I am getting closer to understanding myself and the man that God wants me to be and that makes me quite happy :) Anyways you all probably want to know about last week. It flew by pretty quickly but his week has definitely flown a lot faster!

So Monday was a pretty good p-day. Unfortunately there wasn't much time to relax because we had to get so much done! So by the end of the day the best part was being able to spend 20 minutes or so in the Lego Store - BooYah! It was so fun and I was told about this website which will create a custom Lego person for you based off a photo. Pretty cool huh! (possible future purchase)  After the p-day we were meant to have FHE with a family in the ward but when we got there all of them were full of flu :( so we ended up traveling home and working around the city centre in the evening (its what we do at the end of the day if nothing else is planned). I really enjoyed the fountain there, it reminds me and brings back some memories of Disney with my family ;)

Tuesday was pretty good! Unfortunately though Elder V was feeling ill again so as he rested I cleaned the flat a little more and just relaxed. In the evening we had tea with a member who has been a journalist in the middle east countries and was exciting to hear the stories of how the British military came to find her and take her home as there was civil unrest. I forget which country it was unfortunately.

Wednesday was a really fun day because I was on exchange with Elder Q. He is from London and has like 4.5 months left. Pretty crazy! So during the day we went to some villages in our areas for some less actives that the bishop and WML had sent us to contact and invite back to church before General Conference. Not too much happened except we ended up just working the entire day and then going to eat in the evening. Not too crazy. The most interesting thing of that day was meeting a less active with five horses and a farm. Unfortunately she doesn't want to return to church but that doesn't mean we will give up on her :)  Just let her cool down after her surgery and then take the situation up again in a few weeks.

Thursday was pretty good. We went into an area that we have not gone to before and it was quite nice. Its right close to the church and a nice little quiet village with some scenic views. I enjoyed the views because it was wide open spaces and rolling hills. Anyways in the afternoon/evening we had tea with a member of the bishopric and had a great time just chatting about rugby and memories we have of this brutal but manly sport hahaha. After tea we went to reach out night (its a night in which the members go and see the less actives and invite them back to church) to some people that had previously organized to go to. When we got to the address that we were told to go to we called the person and she told us that she lived in a complete other end of our area. LOL so funny. We then scrambled around to be able to make it to her house before she put her kids to bed. In the end we made it to her house and had a great talk with her as Elder V fed her kids chocolate and played with them.

Friday was alright. We and one of our zone leaders join us for our weekly planning. He is from my group and has been companions with Elder V so it was a great time of fun, Reese's Cups (thank you mom) and laughter. After that we went to Pudsey. Another village! We went by some former investigator's and got let in! Yeah! Funny enough when we got off the bus we were walking with him and asking him for directions to the road and if he knew his neighbours that lived on his road. He replied no but then I realized that he lived at the address that we were directed to haha. Just different name on the sheet. Apparently he was going to let us knock the entire road to see if we figured out that we were looking for him. After the lesson we had to run and I mean RUN to our next tea appointment. We had tea with the Elders Quarum President, his wife and their little 8 month old daughter Esther. She is adorable. She is so curious and intrigued with new things, especially the colour orange. Anyways we ended up taking our EQP with us after tea and just had a good time there.

Within the first few hours of Saturday morning all of our plans were cancelled and we had to rely completely on our back up plans which was … you guessed it! KNOCKING DOORS! The most interesting person that we met as we were knocking during the day was a young lad who had recently been fundraising for this little girl with leukaemia to travel to Disneyland with her family. He and his rugby team played a charity football match an due was planning on doing a charity bungee jump from 300 feet and apparently his head would come within a foot of the ground. I was bluntly honest with him and told him that he was crazy for taking that type of risk (only cause I was slightly jealous, the biggest risk that I could take right now is to see how cold or hot I can stand in the shower lol) He then replied that people would pay more for a bigger risk and that it was all going to a good cause so I guess thats alright .. possible fundraising idea for the future! Just kidding, if the fall wouldn't kill me, the women in my life definitely would for doing something so ludicrous.

Sunday was a pretty good day. We finally were able to have two people at church. These are two Romanian guys that we are teaching. Its like the United Nations sometimes with teaching pools here. I have taught people from near all of Europe, some from Africa and many other places. Then in the afternoon we taught some sisters from Zimbabwe and they showed us this milkshake place that they said we should try sometime .. nothing will replace Peters Drive In though hahaha. Anyways then Sunday night we motivated ourselves for INSANITY in the coming months.

Well that's my week
I hope and pray that you all are doing well and that you are all happy :)
Please know that I love you guys and that you are all in my prayers.
Have a great week
Elder Dotschkat

Monday, 22 September 2014

A sore foot and a visit from an old friend

Hey Everybody!

So this week was a pretty great learning experience! Well at least for the time we were outside the flat because my companion hurt his foot and could not walk. YIKIES!! So Monday we had a great day with a family just spending time with them. As we were with them I taught myself the song called All of Me on the guitar. Still got it, I was a little rusty but in the end my fingers were able to pluck them cords like no time has gone past haha.

Then on Tuesday the best part of that day was the meeting that we had with our mission president. We discussed the importance of our own personal conversion and having faith in the work that we are a part of. It made me think of the story of the prophet and how he shows that the hosts of heaven are with him. I know that the hosts of Heaven are with us in this great work.

So on Wednesday my companion's foot was really hurting him so we ended up staying in the flat. In all honest, I took this as an opportunity to sleep and clean the flat.  That didn't last long though ... some of the missionaries that I live with don't clean up after themselves. I guess I know how my parents felt cleaning up after me.

Thursday was pretty good. We went out and worked for a few hours and we made sure that we were able to go out. We iced my companions foot the entire previous night and then it might have been a little numb but at least we were able to work. The best part of the day was the tea appointment that we had with his brother. He asked us on Sunday how hot we wanted our food and we told him he could make it as hot as he would be able to handle ........ Lets just say that it was so hot that my eyes were watering. That was great!

Friday we had to stay in the flat again because Elder Vogli's foot was acting up again and this time I just slept and we ordered food in because I didn't want the dishes (lol) Laziness FTW!

Saturday we had a great time with Lynn.  She is my recent convert in Dewsbury and we were able to spend time with her and see how she is doing. Life for her lately keeps dealing her an unfair hand of cards but she is such a strong lady and just keeps moving on no matter what comes her way. She never give up and motivates those around her to keep going even though life may be tough. I am eternally grateful for the time that I was able to serve in Dewsbury because it truly changed me forever and helped me to become the better man that God sees fit to create me into. I am so grateful for the example of Lynn and her encouragement because now I am able to make decisions and stand by them without needing anyone's approval. As long as I have God on my side, I know that I am doing the right thing.

Sunday was Sunday ... Nothing exciting except we were in town this lady thought I was Jay Osmond ... hahahahahahaha .. I don't know if thats good but I know that he sings good so thats probably a pretty good thing.

Anyways, got to go.
Love you all!
Take care and be safe!
Til next week
Elder Zachary Lee Dotschkat

Monday, 15 September 2014

Tackled at Church

Hey everyone!
So big things this week:
1.  new companion
2.  the size of my new companion
3.  the fun that we're having!

The mission life is pretty great right now! I don't know what to tell you guys other than I am well and having a great time going to the edges of our area to find people! We are going where no missionary has bone before hahahaha!

Wednesday was probably the best day this week because I was able to go to Leeds and work and see some of the missionaries that I have served around in the past. Its pretty weird seeing missionaries that I known well go home and to know that I don't have much longer than them left! The last six months of my mission has completely flown by and I must say that I don't think (or at least have been told) that it will just speed up from here!

On Friday we were working out in one of our areas and we had a car pull up right beside us. Turned out to be some great members who offered to cook for us and we had a great time with them! Because Elder Viviers can speak Africanas and I play guitar we have been invited back to spend today (p-day) with them! We are very excited and I can't wait to strum those beautiful strings again :) I miss my music!

Then on Saturday we were invited to go to a members home who played rugby and have tea with them! It was just great to talk about rugby for one hour with someone who has a clue what I'm talking about. Then on Sunday two big things happened! I had a prank pulled on me by the rugby brother. As I was saying goodbye to several members he came back and tackled me into the bush in front of the church! (see photo below)  Then my companion lifted him and threw him in!  Great stuff!!!

Because we want to experience the culture of Bradford we went to a Sikh temple and they let us look around and fed us some delicious food. Sihk people are very nice and hospitable and REALLY good cooks!

Well I am off now, I love and miss you guys and hope that you are doing ok :)
Elder Zachary Lee Dotschkat

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Staying in Dudley Hill with a South African companion

Hello everyone! 

So this week has been good! 

Monday we went to the Royal Armoury which has loads of guns and knives and swords from all eras of history!   It's pretty cool but my companion was determined to find something that we found out in the end was not even there ...… great.  Anyways thought that was the best part of Monday! 

Tuesday we finally met with some of our people that we had been trying to meet up with for a while! Not too many exciting things happened that day. Just growing to understand who I am a little more and trying to internalize the things that I am learning lately. One of the things that stand out is the fact that knowledge is useless if we do not act on it! 

Wednesday was good. We went to our ward mission leader's house and we had great fun there with him making him laugh. He recently go out of the hospital from surgery so we are visiting him to help him enjoy life a little more :) 

Thursday we went finding all day and it was pretty good! We met one of our members to go on exchange. He is a former Mission President and is really funny......or at least his reactions are quite funny.  Elder V went with him I went with the other elders and taught a investigator of theirs.  It was a really solid lesson and they are seeing him again quite soon! Then in the evening we had tea at a members home that used to play rugby. The family is quite athletic and enjoy the outdoors quite a bit! It was great to have such a good laugh with them and now I have a theme song because of the dad there.  Watch it! Hahaha - I felt quite flattered with all their praises: hahahahahaha 

So Friday the most exciting thing that day was going on exchange with their priests in the ward. We had loads of fun teaching them about missionary work and moving them in the direction of possible mission service. Then in the evening we had tea with a family that has five kids under 10 and one on the way, a new puppy and a cat!  Boy was it ever crazy and fun there! hahahahhaha They made a huge dog pile and I was drowning in all the children! It was so fun! 

Saturday we had DSLT in which we went to Leeds and then there was a huge suprise for me when I came home! A family from my last area somehow got my number and contacted me! They asked if they could come visit and drop off some food parcels that my recent convert Lynn had for me. I was very happy and ready to agree too.  We met them at our flat and then we went somewhere to sit and talk! It was great times to be with them and to catch up on how their lives are going. Apparently the ward is really wanting me to back there and to be with all of them again. Seems like I did something right somewhere at least :) 

Then in the evening there were transfer calls and I am staying in Dudley Hill with a South African companion! 

Sunday morning we promised some members that we would make them a meal so I was crying!!!!!!! We cut sooooooooo many onions and my eyes were BURNING!  Then we cut some fish and put them on top! Then when it was all done, we all smelled like onions at church hahahahahhahaha it was hilarious!
Anyways, thats my week! 
Love you loads! 
Excited to hear from you guys! 
Elder Dotschkat

Me with my food parcel from the sweet sister in Dewsbury. Was lucky enough to have it hand delivered by the RE family and we had a great visit.  I'm really blessed with the great people I've met on my mission!

All the onions that we cut!

Me with Mr. Fishie

Monday, 1 September 2014

Soaked to the Bone

So here's the deal … Life is great and I am alive!
Not too much exciting things but just to tell you that the biggest thing that I have learned this week is to not underestimate ourselves and the capabilities that we have. I went into K this week desiring to learn more of myself and the relations that I have with God and others and I have sent that even though I may think I am less than what I am, the truth is that I am so much more and have the chance to become whatever I desire.

I desired courage, I found that I have it in the face of adversity.
I desired confidence, I found it when the devil tempted me.
I desired love, not from others but from God to me.
And with all of this, I found that I can be anything I want to be.

Just a little poem I wrote this week.
I hope that you are all doing well and that life will be full of joyous surprises for each of you!
Love always
Elder Zachary Lee Dotschkat


Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Congratulations Uncle Darin

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the delyed message, everything was closed yesterday.

So let me just tell you that I am alive and kicking! Hahaha 

So this past week was kind of a blur but I will tell you the biggest things that went on because I don't have too much time left unfortunately. 

First of all I just wanted to tell you guys that I love each of you and that you are in my prayers. I have a greater desire day by day to let my Father in Heaven more into my life and to be on the same page with him so that I can feel his love and help others to feel that love through me. 

So this past week we had Elder Rockne move in with us to break up our 3 musketeers :( thats okay though! He is a great lad and I have learned through this experience that we can truly "create your own weather " and make our futures as bright as we desire them. Life sometimes tries to throw us curve balls but we just got to be ready to take them on and go for that home run! So now with that attitude I am working to overcome some of the fears I might have and just JUMP into the unknown having faith that the Lord will catch me :)

Then the next big thing that has happened lately is the difference that I have feeling when I am working to pray to Heavenly Father. The biggest thing that I have learned is that not only do we have to be worthy to ask for the blessings that we so desire but that they have to be worth something enough to us that we are going to do our best and then have faith enough that God will answer our prayers. Just lately its felt like life is trying to teach me that I just need to trust in God and His love for me that he will answer me and the prayers of my heart. I have been asking for a few things lately, haven't gotten them yet or have been able to see that I have got them yet but I know that the things that are worth the most in life are hard to get and take time, efforts and pressures from all around to achieve the goals that we so desire. 

Time is up so I hope what I wrote today makes sense if not then just have to wait till next week!
Love you ALL
Congrats Uncle on your Wedding Day!

Elder Zachary Lee Dotschkat

Monday, 18 August 2014

Hit with the Eternal Marriage Bus

Well hello everyone! This week has definitely been one of great change! There are some good changes, some better changes and some best changes because things are only negative as you make them. WE CREATE OUR OWN WEATHER! So I'm here standing in my ranks fighting the battle of God for the souls of men with my valiant brothers and sisters in Christ.

So Monday was pretty good! We went to the Leeds Institute building to play pool, football, write letters and watch the Lego Movie again. Its so awesome!!!!!  Probably my favourite movie I've seen on my mission in second to the Croods! Anyways after that we came home and did some knocking. YIKES! Not really anyone wanted to talk to us but we kept our chins up and sights on saving the souls of the children of God.

Tuesday - not too bad either. The best part of Tuesday was having Elder Vogli teach me to enjoy knocking ... seriously there is not too much else that we do here. We have found seven new investigators this week and I forget who we found each day but we did find one lost sheep that day. The biggest thing that happened to me that day was the shocking report of Robin Williams sudden death. Even though I did not know the man personally he made millions of lives brighter with his movies and his humour. RIP the Great Robin Williams, you will be remembered in our thoughts, our hearts and each sound of a child's laughter.

Wednesday - same ... knocking. I really gotta tell you that the doors are of solid wood. Uh, I don't know what to say, there really isn't anything that sticks out to me about knocking just that laughs that I have with Elder Vogli. Aparently he was a little mischievous before the mission so it makes for great talks. He has seen Egypt, Italy, Monaco and many other places and the stories that he has of these places are great. This made me have a great desire to fill in my journal so that night I got caught up on three days in my journal. I have many more to get caught up on!

Thursday we had DDM and then you guessed it ... MORE KNOCKING!  I'm not losing my mind just yet with knocking on doors, I'm actually trying to learn to enjoy it so that I can be able to use it as a first resort rather than a last.

Friday we weekly planned and this was where life got a little crazy. This was the day that I learned that sometimes we may think that our ideas are good and our ideas are best but we must sometimes listen to our leaders, even if we don't want to. Needless to say, it caused some tension which you could cut with a knife (just to let you know the tension is over and I'm all better now). So Friday we had a pretty good day because we had a wonderful tea at a members home and she made us some dumplings and some great stew. YUM! So nice because it rained for the past few days and we were SOAKED to the bone! A nice warm meal was perfect to lighten our spirits!

Saturday was a great day for Elder Vogli. His recent converts came up for a few hours and visited with us. They are great people and have quite nearly adopted Elder Vogli as their own son. They came all the way from Sheffield to see him. We went around the town centre in the classic car show (not too much nice stuff just a corvette, ferrari and the Knight Rider car) and then they took us for lunch! I had a nice roast beef and it was great warmth in my stomach. I'm kinda scared right now because I think my body might have gotten used to English weather and the cold back home is far worse than here.  I might die at home. In that case I might never want to come home, just live my life here as a missionary forever. Just immediately become a senior missionary after I'm 27. Hahaha I'm betting though that the mission will send me home before I'm allowed to do that so guess that isn't happening. So much for those dreams lol. Anyways in the evening, we went to the Leeds Hospital to visit an elder who is suffering from a disease which paralyzes the nerves in his body and if it reaches his lungs he will die. So we went there and made him laugh for a little. Well Elder Vogli did that. I just talked with him about American muscle cars and stuff like that. Needless to say, this elder in the hospital is a great young lad because he has only been out two weeks and says that this wouldn't make him go home. Yup, pretty strong man. Now for the most interesting part of the day. I stood in the middle of two guys that were trying to fight each other and broke up the fight. I don't know what enticed me to do so, but I did it and man, was that ever a huge adrenaline rush.  Don't worry though, I'm not hurt. I used what I learned in rugby and wrestling and just got the two guys away from each other.

Sunday - Not many exciting things. We have this Gospel Principles teacher that is really funny because no matter what lesson we are on, you can bet that she is going to talk about eternal marriage. The past week we were closing the lesson and because of this I thought that we were on the home stretch without her mentioning it but we just took the last leap and she hit us with the marriage bus!  Hahahahaha it was hilarious. I nearly broke out laughing.  Anyways in the evening there was an emergency in the mission so now I am a trio with Elder Johnson (the elder from Calgary), Elder Vogli and myself and Elder Nukhmoa has gone to fill in the spot of another missionary in the mission.

Thats my week. Have a great week to everyone.
Love you guys
Elder Zachary Lee Dotschkat

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Exchange with another Calgarian!

Hey everyone!
Sorry for the delayed message! Life has been crazy trying to figure out where I am, where I was and where I am going. Not only in a physical sense but a gospel sense as well and let me just say that the biggest thing that I have learned is that if you rely on the Lord and go towards him you cannot go wrong. There have been people that have really tried to question who I am and what I am doing exactly and it makes me truly contemplate whats going on in my life. Not a bad thing, just testimony building and reassuring that I am serving my mission for the right reasons. Yes, there was a lto of encouragement to come here but I listened and desire to stay here. I don't know if I wrote this last week but honestly in our transfer meeting our president had told the entire group of missionaries that were there that within 48 hours we could go home if we truly desired so. I look at it this way, yeah, if I wanted I could but I would rather experience this joy and peace in what I am doing for as long as I can. There is a temptation to extend the mission but I know that its impossible because my visa runs out. I know it sounds silly but I am not ready to grow up and get into life just yet! I would want to serve God for as long as I can because no matter what, at the end of the hardest days I go to sleep and feel an overwhelming peace in the morning that pushes me into another great day in the service of God! Anyways, probs gonna wanna know the best parts of last week so here I go!

Monday P-day was great emailing time hearing how all of your lives are going. Because I have left part of my "family" in the Dewsbury ward, I once again am on my own and am having to rely on God everyday and the emails to feel close to people. Don't get me wrong but there is only so close that you can get with a total stranger in a matter of days. I know that in time I will look at my District as I do my own brothers (just have that protective instinct within me :)  So we played chair football in the chapel and then went finding in the evening and guess what!? I'm actually knocking doors now hahahaha. Honestly tried to avoid it because its more effective for loving the members and LARCs that come your way and receive their friends in the Gospel! But now I am starting to enjoy knocking again!

Then Tuesday and Wednesday I was on exchange with an elder from CALGARY!!! :D  His name is Elder Johnson, he is from the Calgary stake and we had so much fun chit chatting about those great things and people at home and all of the plans that we have. It was a great time to sum it up!

Thursday and Friday was knocking all day with my Albanian companion. Just the usual ... not really anybody sticking out in my mind. Just door after door and person after person, we are always talking to those people who have really nice cars though. I have seen everything from Porsche to Audi R8 to Lamborghini and even one time a covert Stingray! Awesome!!

Oh just to tell you all .... its raining loads now! I thought I was going to be able to dodge it! hahahaha

Well got to go!
Sorry for the quick notes but busy busy busy BUSY!
No rest for the wicked right ;)
Have a great week!
Elder Dotschkat

Me with my chainmail tie

The tie collection