Monday, 29 December 2014


Hello Everyone!

Not going to lie, I am all emailed out! LOL and tired out! LOL  Doing good though! Actually I'm doing REALLY good! haha I have had a great Christmas season and past little while of work and fun on my mission! I feel so blessed to have made so many great memories in the past week and feel the love of those people that I know that care about me and have helped me so much in the past and support me now!

So this past Monday was pretty good! It was a shortened P-day because we get so much time off from proselyting in the next two week period between Christmas and New Years. With the time that we had we were able to get me a hair cut and get our gifts for our secret santa within the district that happened on Wednesday! I was looking forward to Wednesday so much! It was a great time to have so much fun giving other people the joy of Christmas! After that we made time to go and work with the people that we keep seeing lately! That night we had a miracle! We simply asked our investigator Peter who is getting baptized on the 10th of January if there was anyone that he knew that would need this message and the help of the teachings of Jesus Christ. Then he listed off nine people that he thought would be willing and open to listening to the message! Most referrals in one day that I have received on my mission! I will keep you posted with the progress that these people make!

So Tuesday was a great time to be able to go and work and be able to spend the day serving the Lord and looking for His children that he has a desire to return to him and to know how to return to Him. Then in the evening we had a good time with a member just having a great tea with them. She made a drink that is non-alcoholic called Ginger Wine! It was sooooooo delicious and had a fire that burned your throat. It was great. Warmed me right up!

Wednesday was the day that I was looking forward to the past little bit! In DDM we had the gift exchange and I made an oreo chocolate cake and if I can say so myself it was so delicious! So fro the DDM we were blessed to have the spirit there and be able to enjoy the Christmas spirit of giving and laughter. After DDM we were able to go over to the B's house and give them a Christmas present with some other members an then we were able to feel relaxed when we finally made it home because we went right to sleep (I told Elder D that if we go to sleep sooner that Santa would come quicker lol)

Thursday was a wonderful Christmas Day full of joy, laughter and smiles. Thank you to all those who have sent me and my companion something. It truly made both of our Christmas full of joy and smiles. I loved the candy, socks and many other unique and wonderful gifts that I have received. THANK YOU! After that we were blessed to spend more time with another family within the ward. This lovely couple has adopted most of the missionaries that enter within their doors and it was great to have them take care of us just as they would their own sons. So they fed us a great meal of Christmas and it was so delicious. Then after that we were sent to another family's home and were blessed to spend so much time with them. They were great to us and the night was full of laughter and great memories! Now overall I don't know what it is but the members might think that we stink because we got so much smelling things (Axe body spray etc) It was great and we truly appreciate it :)

So Boxing Day was really great because we were able to go and experience it in England but there was seriously not a soul in sight so that was nice to go and enjoy the sales pretty much by ourselves. Then we were picked up by some members (because the busses were shut down) and we played games and laughed at their house all day! 

Saturday and Sunday were good and we were impressed to go and spend some quality time with the less actives in the area. It was just a blur of a weekend but I truly enjoyed it!

Anyways, time has run out but I'll talk to you next week!
Love you all
Elder Dotschkat

PS - Have a Happy New Year!

My epic oreo chocolate cake

The rugby jersey that I got from a dear friend in my last area

The CTR ring that my mom sent to me

Its been really cold here lately and I think this toque will come in really handy

CHECK THIS OUT! A present from the Relief Society sisters at home and they sent one for my companion too!!!

The amazing Christmas stockings

Everyone knows how much I love Reese peanut butter cups lol

My engraved wallet

Christmas dinner. So nice to be with "family"

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