Monday, 24 November 2014

The SUPPOSED curry capital of the world

Hey guys

So life is great in our fight for the right! Loving it here on my mission right now! Sometimes its weird how time is flying but I think that is just because we are on cloud 9 right now with all the laughter that we are having … I dunno if its because I haven't had people around me with the same sense of humour for a while or if everything is actually really funny but hey we keep laughing and going forward!

Monday we went shopping then went to David's house to help him get the couch into his house (it was a lot harder and more exciting than it sounds!) We strapped two ropes and then three of us pulled it up the side of the house into the three story room and then David pushed it and guided it up while going up the ladder underneath it. Then we watched a great film. In the evening Elder Groll was feeling pretty ill so we went home and did some work in the area book. Yay more paperwork lol.

Tuesday was pretty good except for the part where ALL OF US were feeling like death! But we still went and worked. People need our help and so we don't have time to sit on our bums and wait for illness to go away. Just keep pushing through and life will turn out just fine. Trust in God!

Wednesday was crazy! I was still battling with some chesty cough infection thing but we went out again and worked! We had DDM at Leeds, I like going to Leeds, its fun. And then we went to help out this Jamaican sister with setting up some furniture at her house and found that we simply did not have enough means (or patience lol) to complete the project. We are going to go back later this coming week to bash it out with some POWER TOOLS! hahaha

Thursday was pretty good. We had a lesson with our Czech investigator that day and we were able to have a great talk about priesthood authority. She said that she would come to church and that she wants to get baptized so we look forward to helping her progress.

Friday was the funeral of one of the members husbands within the ward. It was a definite change from the normal Friday and a really nice service. He will be missed and remembered by those who had contact with him on occasion. I saw him when he was still living and I know that he is definitely in a better place now and out of the pain that he may have been suffering. In the evening it was great because we went and cooked the members tea! We got them to get the ingredients and they were open to it and we made some pretty nice chicken enchiladas.

Saturday was shot! Elder Groll was still sick and not feeling well so we staying in that day. The biggest exciting thing that happened that day was being able to make some Christmas presents and get those ready to shoot off home and then in the evening we had a VERY TASTY curry from a take away place. I can now say that I had a curry from the SUPPOSED curry capital of the world lol.

Sunday was alright. We had the wonderful baptism of a great sister that has been coming to church for over 30 years. The spirit definitely was upon her that day. Then in the evening we were invited over to a members house that lived at the opposite end of our area!

Anyways, it was a great week!
Love you and TTYL
Elder Dotschkat

Monday, 17 November 2014

I had a case of missionary denial

Sunset selfie
So we are doing great here in Dudley Hill!

My companions are Elder Nathan Groll from Farmington Utah and Elder Spencer Flake from New York City! Pretty awesome guys I must say!

In all honesty I can't remember a time that I have laughed so much! It definitely has been a while that I have been this happy, excited and enjoying my mission … I love it!

So Monday we spent P-day with David. We tried to help him get a couch into his 3rd story room in this house … we were too weak but are trying again today. Wish us luck!

Tuesday you know about Zone Conference (I told you last week) Absolutely LOVED IT!

Wednesday the best part was probably making my companions laugh but brutally embarrassing myself and then just having to laugh at myself. Lets just say that I tried to compliment a key member of the ward and used a word that I thought was a wonderful compliment but because of the missionary veil I made the mistake and it meant the exact opposite! YIKES. Whoops! They knew what I meant and its just a great laugh and inside joke between us all now! Also that evening I found that Elder Viviers is doing better and in college supposedly now! Prayers have definitely been offered and answered on his behalf.

Thursday was the best day of the week because we went finding with faith and met with three great families. We are now teaching a woman from northern Ireland, a man from Ethiopia, and soon a woman from England (we meet her tomorrow morning). Then we made it from one end of the area to the other (by running) and on time for tea! It was just great how the Lord blesses us when we are obedient and expect his miracles!

Friday was a great day because we had interviews with our mission president. Funny thing was that he made me take my own advice. He sat me down and asked me how long I've been out … I told him just over a year (guess I just had a case of missionary denial) and then I told him close to 18 months .. he then asks me if I was Mission President what would I say to encourage missionaries for all the mission, from all different backgrounds and at different points in their mission. I pondered it for a moment and many things came to mind but the best one that I could choose was to "Keep Moving Forward and Make Every Moment Count On The Way". Keep going up that mountain because if you give up at the bottom, you will NEVER see the beautiful vista that is waiting that God has created for YOU! Then in the evening we had a great time making tea for D and Sister L (made them the enchiladas) and having them enjoy it!

Saturday was crazy stressful, wonderful and fun and all in all we got through it. In the morning we met with this lady from the Czech Republic and taught her about baptism and prayer and SHE ACCEPTED A BAPTISM DATE!! Funniest part of the lesson was the near miss of the razor to Elder G's head! hahahaha! Her four year old son grabbed the razor and went right for his skull! hahahaha  I nearly died laughing! lol Then later that day we spent a few hours with a Jamaican sister in the ward and helping her set up some furniture in her home! Then in the evening we had kebabs! yum yum yum

Sunday was pretty good. I have desired for a fresh outlook and sight on the ward and the people here. I have had my heart softened and filled with gratitude to be able to serve here. I enjoyed the members before but now I really enjoy them and see them for the wonderful children of God that they are! After church we went hime and took a nap at the flat for a bit and then went to Leeds for a fireside from the mission president that we sang at. I felt the spirit multiple times in that meeting. Many laughed, some cried with joy and filling of the spirit and all of us were uplifted and encouraged to do better and to be better. Best advice that was said last night was "With the power of positive thinking we need to ACT positively"

Well I'm going to go and have a great week full of miracles and I hope you all do the same!
Love Elder Dotschkat

Hahahah this one is for the ladies :)  Just thought it was funny!

One of my awesome companions

Sunset and remembering good times

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The BEST Zone Conference Ever!

Hey Mum,
So yesterday was a great day full of the spirit and full of revelation and it was probably the best Zone Conference that I haves been to. I am very grateful and glad that I was able to experience such a great time there. It answered many of the questions that I had. So our Mission President asked us to write our families at home about the experience we had and what we are desiring to do because of these experiences that we had. One of the missionaries that was in Hull when I was being trained said something that I thought was really profound. He said "Obedience is USELESS unless we act on the desire within us to do the right thing!". With all of the things that I learned yesterday, I am glad to say that my mission and most likely my life changed because of the special words and sacred feelings that I experienced yesterday.

1. The first thing that I want to do is work on forgiveness. I want to be able to let the atonement of Christ into my heart and to allow it to heal those broken pieces and let the ill feelings that I might have towards some people to be let go and to look on their good parts by trying to see life from their eyes. I wrote in my journal "don't always assume people are bad, especially when you cannot see their sides of the mountains that they have to climb."

2. I want to be having better and more effective studies. Today was a great study because I wasn't just sitting down at 8:00 with the mentality that I am just sitting and studying but I was pondering about it before hand what I wanted to do and then acted upon those thoughts that I had. It has been one of the most effective studies that I have had in a while and I really got something from it this morning. In my journal I wrote "The ultimate measure of your success is measured by how much you served others and followed in Christ's example." and "Your success is measured by your commitment to keep moving forward through the good and the bad times with the same enthusiasm of what you are doing no matter what differences occur in your life."

3. The third thing that really stuck out to me was also making the most of the time that you have. Life is too short to wallow in the past and if you stay where you are at two things happen. The world moves on without you and in time you will fall farther than where you were. The assistants to the president (AP's) did a fantastic job with their instruction and because of that the spirit was able to teach me about making our time effective rather than just simply busy and then also teaching me about rather than counting time, making time count.

Now that I have seen all of these things and have experienced what I have, I have a greater resolve to do better and to be better. I know and fully accept that it will not be an overnight change but step by step and I will get to being who I desire to become.
How do you climb a mountain? One step at a time!

Elder Dotschkat

Monday, 10 November 2014

Poppy Appeal, Knocking in the Rain & Crying over Curry

So we have been able to get the area more organized so that we can manage where we are working and how often so that we use our entire area to work with everyone that is here. The area book is still being sorted through to understand what missionary work has gone on before I was here.

Monday was Halloween P-day. Went as Hulk in my Hulk onesie. Elder G went as Superdude!

Tuesday was Poppy Appeal hours at ASDA - The poppy appeal is a wonderful experience in which many people saw us volunteering and helping out. On an average day we talked to anywhere from 60-200 people within the time that we were there. Because we were there and people saw the badges they came up and asked questions and we were able to explain to them that we are simply here to make peoples lives easier and happier through the teachings and actions that Christ himself would do. the members of the staff there were also quite curious and appreciated how much work that we helped out with and our picture is now up on the wall for all people to see :)

Wednesday - Cereal party at DDM and Elder Groll was crying whilst eating DL's curry hahahahaha (I can laugh cause I had the same experience a few weeks ago lol). Then we were in the flat from 7:00 onwards because it was bonfire night and not safe for missionaries to be on the streets.

Friday was poppy appeal again and knocking in the rain!!  We didn't get let in except for a potential investigator that we had. We met her just last week and she said to come back and talk to her husband because he loves to go fishing. So we are returning this week to see his albums of his fish over the years and then hopefully teach them :) It was nice for them to let us in and out of the rain.

Saturday we met DL, a returned less active we have been working with went through the temple for himself :) I'm very happy right now :) Kind of speechless about how happy I am for him. He is a great man and truly has changed so much. He was glowing yesterday in church. Amazing to see the blessings of the gospel in lives of the people that we are working with.

The biggest miracle of the week happened on Sunday because of following up on talks that we have with former potentials and less actives.  This past week we were meant to meet with an excommunicated member and his non-member wife and finally saw them last night. Now because of our visit last night we are returning this Friday to have another meeting with them. He says that he would love to come back to church but his work schedule (which is changing) prevents him from doing so. He has said that he wants back because we are fun and understand the purpose of the missionary work is.

Yesterday in Elders quorum, a member of the stake presidency sat in on a lesson and Brother Warburton, the Elders Quorum president was talking about how as a service rendering group, the Elders Quorum was going to set up decorations for the ward activity on Saturday night and then the high priests would then take them down afterwards. The conversation went something like this …
Brother Warburton: "Lets put all the decorations up high so the old high priests have to really stretch to get them down."
Stake Presidency member: "How does that help you fulfill your purpose as a service rendering group?"
Brother Warburton: "It doesn't, I just think its funny!"

I thought it was funny hahahaha
Bad sense of humour i guess but whatever lol

Oh and the best meal we made this week was our steak enchiladas. Here's the recipe
(see picture)

beef, mushrooms, peppers and onions fried in a pan (eyeball it)
cereal bowl full of 1 taco seasoning packet with flour and milk (until its milkshake constancy or thicker)
put steak, plenty of sauce and grated cheese in tortillas and wrap them up and put in a baking pan
cover the top with the rest of the sauce and plenty of cheese
Bake at 175C for 10 minutes

Well I've got to go
Have a great week
Love you all
Elder Dotschkat

Monday, 3 November 2014

The Calm After the Storm :)

So this week was pretty crazy but lets just say that I'm doing a load better now and REALLY looking forward to this coming transfer!

Monday and Tuesday were crazy and Wednesday we were still recuperating from the beginning of the week! Monday morning we got a call from the mission office saying that the assistants were coming to pick us up to bring us to meet with the president. When we got to the office Elder V was called in and I waited as he talked to the president. The president then called me in and explained that because of health reasons and results that came back that Elder V would need to go home on medical release :( 
So that was a shock!  All p-day we just spent it trying to keep Elder V happy. We went to D's house and hung out there. In the evening we went to the A's home and had FHE with them were we played Uno!

5:00am the next morning I jumped out of bed into the shower and then to making a big breakfast send off for Elder V and the rest of us. Bacon, eggs, pancakes and all the good stuff was included in the meal and then we departed for the airport. It was bitter sweet to go to the airport (and kind of weird) and to be sending my friend off home. I know that he is in a better place now and can get everything sorted out :) Can you please pray for him.

So the rest of the day I toured the rest of my mission with the APs to get my companion and make some moves for other people. In the evening Lynn came and brought us KFC and we just had a great laugh with her. I definitely needed that with all that had gone on.

The rest of this week was sorting everything out so that we can find which way is up and all of that this transfer.  My new companion is Elder G, he's actually from my group and from Utah. Pretty cool buy, quiet but dignified and definitely wants to be here for the right reasons. Spent a lot of the week showing Elder G where the area was and all the information about it and all that good stuff. We are working hard at being as obedient as we can to all of the rules and let me tell you that there are a lot of them but they are all for our safety and the benefit of the missionaries.

Best part of the week has been the quote wall, the clean flat and the MONSTER BED! There were four missionaries and two bunk beds in the flat but now that there are two missionaries and two bunk beds in the flat we put them together (with Duct tape) and now we have a monster bed!!!

Anyways, life is good and God is good so life is good :)

Love you all
Elder Dotschkat