Monday, 10 November 2014

Poppy Appeal, Knocking in the Rain & Crying over Curry

So we have been able to get the area more organized so that we can manage where we are working and how often so that we use our entire area to work with everyone that is here. The area book is still being sorted through to understand what missionary work has gone on before I was here.

Monday was Halloween P-day. Went as Hulk in my Hulk onesie. Elder G went as Superdude!

Tuesday was Poppy Appeal hours at ASDA - The poppy appeal is a wonderful experience in which many people saw us volunteering and helping out. On an average day we talked to anywhere from 60-200 people within the time that we were there. Because we were there and people saw the badges they came up and asked questions and we were able to explain to them that we are simply here to make peoples lives easier and happier through the teachings and actions that Christ himself would do. the members of the staff there were also quite curious and appreciated how much work that we helped out with and our picture is now up on the wall for all people to see :)

Wednesday - Cereal party at DDM and Elder Groll was crying whilst eating DL's curry hahahahaha (I can laugh cause I had the same experience a few weeks ago lol). Then we were in the flat from 7:00 onwards because it was bonfire night and not safe for missionaries to be on the streets.

Friday was poppy appeal again and knocking in the rain!!  We didn't get let in except for a potential investigator that we had. We met her just last week and she said to come back and talk to her husband because he loves to go fishing. So we are returning this week to see his albums of his fish over the years and then hopefully teach them :) It was nice for them to let us in and out of the rain.

Saturday we met DL, a returned less active we have been working with went through the temple for himself :) I'm very happy right now :) Kind of speechless about how happy I am for him. He is a great man and truly has changed so much. He was glowing yesterday in church. Amazing to see the blessings of the gospel in lives of the people that we are working with.

The biggest miracle of the week happened on Sunday because of following up on talks that we have with former potentials and less actives.  This past week we were meant to meet with an excommunicated member and his non-member wife and finally saw them last night. Now because of our visit last night we are returning this Friday to have another meeting with them. He says that he would love to come back to church but his work schedule (which is changing) prevents him from doing so. He has said that he wants back because we are fun and understand the purpose of the missionary work is.

Yesterday in Elders quorum, a member of the stake presidency sat in on a lesson and Brother Warburton, the Elders Quorum president was talking about how as a service rendering group, the Elders Quorum was going to set up decorations for the ward activity on Saturday night and then the high priests would then take them down afterwards. The conversation went something like this …
Brother Warburton: "Lets put all the decorations up high so the old high priests have to really stretch to get them down."
Stake Presidency member: "How does that help you fulfill your purpose as a service rendering group?"
Brother Warburton: "It doesn't, I just think its funny!"

I thought it was funny hahahaha
Bad sense of humour i guess but whatever lol

Oh and the best meal we made this week was our steak enchiladas. Here's the recipe
(see picture)

beef, mushrooms, peppers and onions fried in a pan (eyeball it)
cereal bowl full of 1 taco seasoning packet with flour and milk (until its milkshake constancy or thicker)
put steak, plenty of sauce and grated cheese in tortillas and wrap them up and put in a baking pan
cover the top with the rest of the sauce and plenty of cheese
Bake at 175C for 10 minutes

Well I've got to go
Have a great week
Love you all
Elder Dotschkat

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