Monday, 24 November 2014

The SUPPOSED curry capital of the world

Hey guys

So life is great in our fight for the right! Loving it here on my mission right now! Sometimes its weird how time is flying but I think that is just because we are on cloud 9 right now with all the laughter that we are having … I dunno if its because I haven't had people around me with the same sense of humour for a while or if everything is actually really funny but hey we keep laughing and going forward!

Monday we went shopping then went to David's house to help him get the couch into his house (it was a lot harder and more exciting than it sounds!) We strapped two ropes and then three of us pulled it up the side of the house into the three story room and then David pushed it and guided it up while going up the ladder underneath it. Then we watched a great film. In the evening Elder Groll was feeling pretty ill so we went home and did some work in the area book. Yay more paperwork lol.

Tuesday was pretty good except for the part where ALL OF US were feeling like death! But we still went and worked. People need our help and so we don't have time to sit on our bums and wait for illness to go away. Just keep pushing through and life will turn out just fine. Trust in God!

Wednesday was crazy! I was still battling with some chesty cough infection thing but we went out again and worked! We had DDM at Leeds, I like going to Leeds, its fun. And then we went to help out this Jamaican sister with setting up some furniture at her house and found that we simply did not have enough means (or patience lol) to complete the project. We are going to go back later this coming week to bash it out with some POWER TOOLS! hahaha

Thursday was pretty good. We had a lesson with our Czech investigator that day and we were able to have a great talk about priesthood authority. She said that she would come to church and that she wants to get baptized so we look forward to helping her progress.

Friday was the funeral of one of the members husbands within the ward. It was a definite change from the normal Friday and a really nice service. He will be missed and remembered by those who had contact with him on occasion. I saw him when he was still living and I know that he is definitely in a better place now and out of the pain that he may have been suffering. In the evening it was great because we went and cooked the members tea! We got them to get the ingredients and they were open to it and we made some pretty nice chicken enchiladas.

Saturday was shot! Elder Groll was still sick and not feeling well so we staying in that day. The biggest exciting thing that happened that day was being able to make some Christmas presents and get those ready to shoot off home and then in the evening we had a VERY TASTY curry from a take away place. I can now say that I had a curry from the SUPPOSED curry capital of the world lol.

Sunday was alright. We had the wonderful baptism of a great sister that has been coming to church for over 30 years. The spirit definitely was upon her that day. Then in the evening we were invited over to a members house that lived at the opposite end of our area!

Anyways, it was a great week!
Love you and TTYL
Elder Dotschkat

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