Monday, 17 November 2014

I had a case of missionary denial

Sunset selfie
So we are doing great here in Dudley Hill!

My companions are Elder Nathan Groll from Farmington Utah and Elder Spencer Flake from New York City! Pretty awesome guys I must say!

In all honesty I can't remember a time that I have laughed so much! It definitely has been a while that I have been this happy, excited and enjoying my mission … I love it!

So Monday we spent P-day with David. We tried to help him get a couch into his 3rd story room in this house … we were too weak but are trying again today. Wish us luck!

Tuesday you know about Zone Conference (I told you last week) Absolutely LOVED IT!

Wednesday the best part was probably making my companions laugh but brutally embarrassing myself and then just having to laugh at myself. Lets just say that I tried to compliment a key member of the ward and used a word that I thought was a wonderful compliment but because of the missionary veil I made the mistake and it meant the exact opposite! YIKES. Whoops! They knew what I meant and its just a great laugh and inside joke between us all now! Also that evening I found that Elder Viviers is doing better and in college supposedly now! Prayers have definitely been offered and answered on his behalf.

Thursday was the best day of the week because we went finding with faith and met with three great families. We are now teaching a woman from northern Ireland, a man from Ethiopia, and soon a woman from England (we meet her tomorrow morning). Then we made it from one end of the area to the other (by running) and on time for tea! It was just great how the Lord blesses us when we are obedient and expect his miracles!

Friday was a great day because we had interviews with our mission president. Funny thing was that he made me take my own advice. He sat me down and asked me how long I've been out … I told him just over a year (guess I just had a case of missionary denial) and then I told him close to 18 months .. he then asks me if I was Mission President what would I say to encourage missionaries for all the mission, from all different backgrounds and at different points in their mission. I pondered it for a moment and many things came to mind but the best one that I could choose was to "Keep Moving Forward and Make Every Moment Count On The Way". Keep going up that mountain because if you give up at the bottom, you will NEVER see the beautiful vista that is waiting that God has created for YOU! Then in the evening we had a great time making tea for D and Sister L (made them the enchiladas) and having them enjoy it!

Saturday was crazy stressful, wonderful and fun and all in all we got through it. In the morning we met with this lady from the Czech Republic and taught her about baptism and prayer and SHE ACCEPTED A BAPTISM DATE!! Funniest part of the lesson was the near miss of the razor to Elder G's head! hahahaha! Her four year old son grabbed the razor and went right for his skull! hahahaha  I nearly died laughing! lol Then later that day we spent a few hours with a Jamaican sister in the ward and helping her set up some furniture in her home! Then in the evening we had kebabs! yum yum yum

Sunday was pretty good. I have desired for a fresh outlook and sight on the ward and the people here. I have had my heart softened and filled with gratitude to be able to serve here. I enjoyed the members before but now I really enjoy them and see them for the wonderful children of God that they are! After church we went hime and took a nap at the flat for a bit and then went to Leeds for a fireside from the mission president that we sang at. I felt the spirit multiple times in that meeting. Many laughed, some cried with joy and filling of the spirit and all of us were uplifted and encouraged to do better and to be better. Best advice that was said last night was "With the power of positive thinking we need to ACT positively"

Well I'm going to go and have a great week full of miracles and I hope you all do the same!
Love Elder Dotschkat

Hahahah this one is for the ladies :)  Just thought it was funny!

One of my awesome companions

Sunset and remembering good times

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