Monday, 3 November 2014

The Calm After the Storm :)

So this week was pretty crazy but lets just say that I'm doing a load better now and REALLY looking forward to this coming transfer!

Monday and Tuesday were crazy and Wednesday we were still recuperating from the beginning of the week! Monday morning we got a call from the mission office saying that the assistants were coming to pick us up to bring us to meet with the president. When we got to the office Elder V was called in and I waited as he talked to the president. The president then called me in and explained that because of health reasons and results that came back that Elder V would need to go home on medical release :( 
So that was a shock!  All p-day we just spent it trying to keep Elder V happy. We went to D's house and hung out there. In the evening we went to the A's home and had FHE with them were we played Uno!

5:00am the next morning I jumped out of bed into the shower and then to making a big breakfast send off for Elder V and the rest of us. Bacon, eggs, pancakes and all the good stuff was included in the meal and then we departed for the airport. It was bitter sweet to go to the airport (and kind of weird) and to be sending my friend off home. I know that he is in a better place now and can get everything sorted out :) Can you please pray for him.

So the rest of the day I toured the rest of my mission with the APs to get my companion and make some moves for other people. In the evening Lynn came and brought us KFC and we just had a great laugh with her. I definitely needed that with all that had gone on.

The rest of this week was sorting everything out so that we can find which way is up and all of that this transfer.  My new companion is Elder G, he's actually from my group and from Utah. Pretty cool buy, quiet but dignified and definitely wants to be here for the right reasons. Spent a lot of the week showing Elder G where the area was and all the information about it and all that good stuff. We are working hard at being as obedient as we can to all of the rules and let me tell you that there are a lot of them but they are all for our safety and the benefit of the missionaries.

Best part of the week has been the quote wall, the clean flat and the MONSTER BED! There were four missionaries and two bunk beds in the flat but now that there are two missionaries and two bunk beds in the flat we put them together (with Duct tape) and now we have a monster bed!!!

Anyways, life is good and God is good so life is good :)

Love you all
Elder Dotschkat

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