Monday, 27 January 2014

Cold showers, puppies and a sports night

So this week has been full of laughter, music and uh..good things.

I hope that your week has been the same for all of you :)

So on Monday we had Zone p-day and it was great because we did it at Sunderland! SO GOOD! This was after Sister Godfrey took us to Tesco to buy us our monthly food :)
When we got to the chapel we played chair football, ate pizza and watched FROZEN! OMYGOODNESS!!!! IT WAS SO GOOD! Now, I know what you are thinking, I have gone crazy.....THAT MIGHT BE TRUE.......BUT it was a great movie!  Anyways, if you haven't seen it. Thats all I will say....And if you don't like it, just remember that I am on a mission and either it was a good movie or my taste in movies has deterioated over

On Tuesday we found out that our bolier wasn't the decision was either we take a bath with the water that we can heat up in the kettle and on the stove or a FREEZING COLD shower. Now when I say something is cold, IT IS COLD! Because I am Canadian :) LOL. Anyways, that was an interesting start to the day and so because it was broken we couldn't really do much because someone had to be close to the flat to be there when the repairman came.  AND THEN WE FIND OUT THAT IT WASN'T BROKE, IT JUST OVER HEATED!!!! :S I felt sheepish :P Whatever the evening we had a visit with a member of the ward. His name is Stan Davies and he is a funny old man :P

On Wednesday we had district meeting, then district lunch and Elder Weggerson came on exchange and Elder Mielacher went to Durham. We went finding all day and talked to some nice fishermen again. They always have time to talk and kinda are a captive audience :P In the evening we went to the house of a former British military member and he fed us food from the Philipines! It was so tasty and then when the spice set in....IT WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOT!  hahahahahhahahahahahha.

Thursday the most exciting things were the visit with Mavis (the lady where we went for Christmas) and the ward splits in the evening. At Mavis's house we watched the Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration from his mothers point of view and it was just so wonderful. Everytime I watch this my testimony is strengthened. I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet called by God and the our Heavenly Father exists and loves us. In the evening I went with Brother Tom Fowdy (the ward mission leader) and discussed what we can do to improve the work of missionaries in the ward.

Friday we had weekly planning and discussed what we can do better this coming week so that we can be better missionaries and better men. I am very grateful for the spirit to comfort and humble us during circumstances that might not be what we desire but are for our good. Then the afternoon we did service for the other teams investigator and once again I got the crappy job.......LITERALLY! I was cleaning up the dog poop! They have 2 siberian huskies which just had a litter of 6 puppies which were adorable! It was great to be able to serve someone and SEE a change :) In the evening we had the sports night again which was a great success! MORE MEMBERS CAME!!!!!!

Saturday was a day to get some more things done to fix the flat....radiators fixed...check....dryer fixed....almost check. Ward coordination and then Mavis's in the evening...Elder Li beforehand though had twisted his ankle on wet concrete and so we carried him a fair distance. After Mavis's we went to the flat to heal his ankle and let it rest. We just had a good night of discussing life and the matters of the universe.

Sunday was a good day in which we now have a new investigator!!!! he is about 6"3' and weighs a little more than me. He said that he would be baptized if he received his answer so please pray for him, his name is Jack
Have a great week
Elder Dotschkat

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Do you know where I can find some maple syrup?

Hello Its me again!
So this week was pretty good!
Monday - Pday! In the evening we went to visit some less actives in the ward that are needing help :)

Tuesday - We went beach contacting and I talked to all the fishermen on the pier. Its pretty good to go and talk to these guys because they are so relaxed and are just thinking about least that's what I do when I am fishing....I will do it soon I hope! After that we had a lesson with a man in the ward that served for the British Forces and he had some pretty crazy stories to tell! He loves the scriptures and enjoys deep studies so the next time that we see him, I wouldn't be surprised if he had a question about a topic that I did not know about :P He is very intelligent.

On Wednesday we received a referral that was all the way out in our areas edge and guess what! It was a bogus call.....:P It took quite a bit of time to travel out there so we just enjoyed being a companionship and doing what we do :) We talked to some very nice people out there and one was named Helen. She reminded me of my grandmother and I just want to say a quick hello grandma Helen! :) I hope you see this!!!! Um...after that We went home and had tea.:)

On Thursday we had Zone training and our president came to instruct us and have interviews.  We talked about being better and more personal finders and new approaches that we could use to people. He asked for volunteers and me and my companions went up. I was on the spot okay so this was how I greeted him..."Hello sir, Do you know where I can find some maple syrup?" bahahahahaha! I thought that was great, when the laughter died down he answered my question and then we did it again but Elder Li asked for fried rice :P I think that we were hungry or something LOL. Anyways, the training meeting was great because I feel a new fire within me for this work and am even more excited than before to go finding and try these new approaches out on people. So I tried some on the train and was able to have 3 great conversations with people that naturally turned into conversations about the gospel and the church! We have committed ourselves to find two new investigators per week per companionship.

Friday we were finding all day and took some pictures around the university. In the evening we had sports night again and played some hard core games of UNO!!!! got pretty

Saturday we did some service for the bishops family and it felt weird to be out of my suit into jeans again....Just not least at the moment. :P They gave us a new couch and chair for our flat and that was great because I have a new comfy chair to study in. In the evening there was a baptism of Abbie and Leah. It was a wonderful service with a lot more support from the ward than anticipated. So much so that we ran out of programs for the baptism. After the service we gave tours of the building to people who were interested.

Sunday was a good day.....I can't really remember what happened except that I was reading the lessons for Elders quorum and wow they are good!
Well thats my week!
See you later!

most profound thing that I learned this week was that time flies by too fast, live in the moment and enjoy it. Let the future come when it will come.
Elder Dotschkat

Monday, 13 January 2014

From a companionship to a trio

Ni hao ma! Its jong-lao Dotschkat
I love having a Taiwanese companion!

This week was great!
P-day was email, shopping for a new suit and trousers and a nap. On Wednesday it was transfers and we were in a three companionship with Elder Olasson from Utah (he sings like an angel). He's been out about 18 months and it was fun to serve with him.  On Wednesday my companion and I got Elder Li in our new tri-companionship. He's from Taiwan, went to BYU Hawaii, lived in China and is so funny! Also he is from my group so its a pretty great change of events!

On Thursday we went finding all day and in the evening the ward mission leader (recently returned from the Perth Australia mission 3 months ago) was so stoked to have five missionaries for splits! We went to see a less active man and had a real nice chat with him about the scriptures.

On Friday it was weekly planning with our zone leaders and sport night in the evening. The zone leader (Elder Weggerson from Norway and Elder Putnam from Utah) were really funny! They are just so humorous and just love to laugh all the time! In the evening we had a sports night in the chapel for the ward and the community. It was an alright turnout, quite a few kids and a few adults. I enjoyed laying sports with them and building better relationships within the ward through that (I know it doesn't sound like I could but I did, I know I didn't think I could either).

Saturday we had a wonderful day full of laughter. We found this place where Chinese people live and talked to like 30 in a short time … we are going back there needless to say .. haha.

Sunday was a pretty good day. The other Sunderland team has two sisters scheduled for baptism this coming Saturday and I gave my first interviews. It was an interesting experience because the girls were quite shy but they opened up eventually. As soon as I made them laugh it was just like talking to an old friend. In the evening we had the ward's first cottage evening at the bishops house in which we discussed who Heavenly Father is to each of us and what it means to us that we are His children. :)
All in all it was a good week and I can feel myself growing closer to my Father in Heaven.

Have a great week.
Love you all!
Elder Dotschkat

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

I'm staying in Sunderland

Hello Ere'body!
So this week was pretty good and I don't have much time so I'm just going to tell you the most interesting parts!

So first of all I am staying in Sunderland for another transfer with Elder Mielacher BUT we are going to be in a tri-companionship. We are getter an Elder Lee! I am assuming that he speaks Chinese of sorts so this coming transfer will be a VERY interesting one. Chinese people are very open to the gospel here and always bring at least one friend with them!
So also with the past week it was the New Year! Happy New Year everybody! I hope that you have made all your new year resolutions :) 

So also something that happened last week is that we met with the Patriarch of the stake and had a wonderful discussion with him. TO EVERYONE THAT HAS ONE, READ YOURS! (you will know what Im talking about if you do).

New Years eve we just partied at the flat watching movies, stayed up till midnight and then as soon as the clock changed, went to bed lol. It was something that was really nothing :P haha  New years day we went over to our bishops house and played with his kids and their family. We played Scattegories and watched Treasure Planet! SO GOOD! 

After that we went back to the flat, had pizza and worked out (probably did nothing for me after the pizza though :P) 

Thursday we got lost. We went to a new area for an appointment and got completely turned around. Once a week this is happening but thats alright.

Friday I was feeling a little down, just something weird that happened. The day seemed kind of bleak and hard to me and then we went and had time, brought up my spirits a little bit and then in the evening we had a visit/lesson with the Liddles family again! SO good! OH OH OH!!!! THEIR SON GOT HIS MISSION CALL!!!!!! HE IS GOING TO THE EDMONTON MISSION!!!!! Hahahahahahahhahahahhahahaha

We laughed the whole night and it was just great! 

Saturday we we running around like chickens with our heads cut off all day and I was so exhausted at the end. We had DLST (District Leader Specialized Training) and we discussed what the Zone needs to be able to progress. Just as some investigators get stuck doing the same thing, we do as well. We say the same, eat the same, sleep the same. IT JUST DOESNT WORK! WE NEED TO ALWAYS BE CHANGING!  So now we are being ourselves so look out England! Here I come!

Sunday was alright, no crazy people at church....darn. hahaha It's so great to laugh, just try it out! So yeah! Just laugh a little! It works!

Well thats my week,
take care!
Elder Dotschkat