Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Do you know where I can find some maple syrup?

Hello Its me again!
So this week was pretty good!
Monday - Pday! In the evening we went to visit some less actives in the ward that are needing help :)

Tuesday - We went beach contacting and I talked to all the fishermen on the pier. Its pretty good to go and talk to these guys because they are so relaxed and are just thinking about life....at least that's what I do when I am fishing....I will do it soon I hope! After that we had a lesson with a man in the ward that served for the British Forces and he had some pretty crazy stories to tell! He loves the scriptures and enjoys deep studies so the next time that we see him, I wouldn't be surprised if he had a question about a topic that I did not know about :P He is very intelligent.

On Wednesday we received a referral that was all the way out in our areas edge and guess what! It was a bogus call.....:P It took quite a bit of time to travel out there so we just enjoyed being a companionship and doing what we do :) We talked to some very nice people out there and one was named Helen. She reminded me of my grandmother and I just want to say a quick hello grandma Helen! :) I hope you see this!!!! Um...after that We went home and had tea.:)

On Thursday we had Zone training and our president came to instruct us and have interviews.  We talked about being better and more personal finders and new approaches that we could use to people. He asked for volunteers and me and my companions went up. I was on the spot okay so this was how I greeted him..."Hello sir, Do you know where I can find some maple syrup?" bahahahahaha! I thought that was great, when the laughter died down he answered my question and then we did it again but Elder Li asked for fried rice :P I think that we were hungry or something LOL. Anyways, the training meeting was great because I feel a new fire within me for this work and am even more excited than before to go finding and try these new approaches out on people. So I tried some on the train and was able to have 3 great conversations with people that naturally turned into conversations about the gospel and the church! We have committed ourselves to find two new investigators per week per companionship.

Friday we were finding all day and took some pictures around the university. In the evening we had sports night again and played some hard core games of UNO!!!! hahahahah....it got pretty intense...lol

Saturday we did some service for the bishops family and it felt weird to be out of my suit into jeans again....Just not me.....at least at the moment. :P They gave us a new couch and chair for our flat and that was great because I have a new comfy chair to study in. In the evening there was a baptism of Abbie and Leah. It was a wonderful service with a lot more support from the ward than anticipated. So much so that we ran out of programs for the baptism. After the service we gave tours of the building to people who were interested.

Sunday was a good day.....I can't really remember what happened except that I was reading the lessons for Elders quorum and wow they are good!
Well thats my week!
See you later!

most profound thing that I learned this week was that time flies by too fast, live in the moment and enjoy it. Let the future come when it will come.
Elder Dotschkat

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