Monday, 13 January 2014

From a companionship to a trio

Ni hao ma! Its jong-lao Dotschkat
I love having a Taiwanese companion!

This week was great!
P-day was email, shopping for a new suit and trousers and a nap. On Wednesday it was transfers and we were in a three companionship with Elder Olasson from Utah (he sings like an angel). He's been out about 18 months and it was fun to serve with him.  On Wednesday my companion and I got Elder Li in our new tri-companionship. He's from Taiwan, went to BYU Hawaii, lived in China and is so funny! Also he is from my group so its a pretty great change of events!

On Thursday we went finding all day and in the evening the ward mission leader (recently returned from the Perth Australia mission 3 months ago) was so stoked to have five missionaries for splits! We went to see a less active man and had a real nice chat with him about the scriptures.

On Friday it was weekly planning with our zone leaders and sport night in the evening. The zone leader (Elder Weggerson from Norway and Elder Putnam from Utah) were really funny! They are just so humorous and just love to laugh all the time! In the evening we had a sports night in the chapel for the ward and the community. It was an alright turnout, quite a few kids and a few adults. I enjoyed laying sports with them and building better relationships within the ward through that (I know it doesn't sound like I could but I did, I know I didn't think I could either).

Saturday we had a wonderful day full of laughter. We found this place where Chinese people live and talked to like 30 in a short time … we are going back there needless to say .. haha.

Sunday was a pretty good day. The other Sunderland team has two sisters scheduled for baptism this coming Saturday and I gave my first interviews. It was an interesting experience because the girls were quite shy but they opened up eventually. As soon as I made them laugh it was just like talking to an old friend. In the evening we had the ward's first cottage evening at the bishops house in which we discussed who Heavenly Father is to each of us and what it means to us that we are His children. :)
All in all it was a good week and I can feel myself growing closer to my Father in Heaven.

Have a great week.
Love you all!
Elder Dotschkat

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