Monday, 13 October 2014

A new investigator

Hey everyone!
Just want to say that I am happy and well :)
Thank you for all your prayers and fasting on my behalf, it has truly been appreciated and I truly fell lifted from before. I now know that the angels of Heaven are watching over me and that Heavenly Father knows and loves me. No matter what we do, he knows what is best for us and it is our job to trust him.
So the highlights of the week!
Insanity every morning has motivated me to get out of bed and get into better shape (even though round is still a shape :P) and to work hard during the day. I really enjoy morning work outs right now!

Monday we spent the day with a recently returned less active member. We watched How to Train Your Dragon 2 and Mr Peabody and Sherman! Great films. At the end of the day I felt super relaxed and loved the rest of my evening.

Tuesday was crazy because it took us two hours to travel a normally 20 minute route. While we were traveling to ward co-ordination we found out that there was a five car pile up on one of the main roads and so traffic was super heavy! We ended up taking two busses and a train to try to make it on time and we were still late for the meeting. Just five minutes but punctuality is key in the mission right now. One late for a tea appointment - call president. Two latex and you don't get to go to tea appointments for a week. SO YOU BETTER NOT BE LATE!!! ;P

Wednesday we went and found a new investigator. We went to one of the tippy edge parts of our area and on the 3rd door we got let in! What a miracle! He lived in Australia for 20 years and has his own web design business. We had a great talk with him about Christ and everything that he has done for us. We are seeing him this coming Saturday (I think) and will try to schedule him for baptism :)

Thursday was a great time in Pudsey! We were working and I saw this guy working on two pretty nice cars so being like myself I went to check it out. After a while of talking to him we find out he is the less active man that we are looking for! What a miracle! He then invited us in and told us of this South African grocery shop. Well I lost it there, it was a losing battle for my companion. He was determined to find it lol. So after the lesson we got a call from the member asking if we wanted to come over for tea! That was great because he showed us some of the rugby world cup finals! (All Blacks vs South Africa). Lets just say that Thursday my companion was VERY HAPPY!

Friday highlight was that we went to one of the areas that we found the shop at! Elder V was like a kid in a candy store! :) Lets just say that it made me very happy to see him happy. We then bought some spicy sauce for the man that let us spend p-day with him and they invited us to have tea with them so we agreed.

I have run out of time now - I will hopefully remember to tell you about the weekend next week!
Have a great week.
I love you guys
Thanks for what you do!
Elder Dotschkat

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