Thursday, 2 October 2014

A visit to the Lego Store, Pudsey and a farm

Hello everyone!

Sorry this email is going to be late, no matter how many hours or minutes I try to save it just seems that time is moving so quickly that I can't seem to catch up with it! Quite literally I have missed a huge chunk of my last bit of my mission in my journal but I guess that is just going to have to wait. I'm doing well and feel that I am getting closer to understanding myself and the man that God wants me to be and that makes me quite happy :) Anyways you all probably want to know about last week. It flew by pretty quickly but his week has definitely flown a lot faster!

So Monday was a pretty good p-day. Unfortunately there wasn't much time to relax because we had to get so much done! So by the end of the day the best part was being able to spend 20 minutes or so in the Lego Store - BooYah! It was so fun and I was told about this website which will create a custom Lego person for you based off a photo. Pretty cool huh! (possible future purchase)  After the p-day we were meant to have FHE with a family in the ward but when we got there all of them were full of flu :( so we ended up traveling home and working around the city centre in the evening (its what we do at the end of the day if nothing else is planned). I really enjoyed the fountain there, it reminds me and brings back some memories of Disney with my family ;)

Tuesday was pretty good! Unfortunately though Elder V was feeling ill again so as he rested I cleaned the flat a little more and just relaxed. In the evening we had tea with a member who has been a journalist in the middle east countries and was exciting to hear the stories of how the British military came to find her and take her home as there was civil unrest. I forget which country it was unfortunately.

Wednesday was a really fun day because I was on exchange with Elder Q. He is from London and has like 4.5 months left. Pretty crazy! So during the day we went to some villages in our areas for some less actives that the bishop and WML had sent us to contact and invite back to church before General Conference. Not too much happened except we ended up just working the entire day and then going to eat in the evening. Not too crazy. The most interesting thing of that day was meeting a less active with five horses and a farm. Unfortunately she doesn't want to return to church but that doesn't mean we will give up on her :)  Just let her cool down after her surgery and then take the situation up again in a few weeks.

Thursday was pretty good. We went into an area that we have not gone to before and it was quite nice. Its right close to the church and a nice little quiet village with some scenic views. I enjoyed the views because it was wide open spaces and rolling hills. Anyways in the afternoon/evening we had tea with a member of the bishopric and had a great time just chatting about rugby and memories we have of this brutal but manly sport hahaha. After tea we went to reach out night (its a night in which the members go and see the less actives and invite them back to church) to some people that had previously organized to go to. When we got to the address that we were told to go to we called the person and she told us that she lived in a complete other end of our area. LOL so funny. We then scrambled around to be able to make it to her house before she put her kids to bed. In the end we made it to her house and had a great talk with her as Elder V fed her kids chocolate and played with them.

Friday was alright. We and one of our zone leaders join us for our weekly planning. He is from my group and has been companions with Elder V so it was a great time of fun, Reese's Cups (thank you mom) and laughter. After that we went to Pudsey. Another village! We went by some former investigator's and got let in! Yeah! Funny enough when we got off the bus we were walking with him and asking him for directions to the road and if he knew his neighbours that lived on his road. He replied no but then I realized that he lived at the address that we were directed to haha. Just different name on the sheet. Apparently he was going to let us knock the entire road to see if we figured out that we were looking for him. After the lesson we had to run and I mean RUN to our next tea appointment. We had tea with the Elders Quarum President, his wife and their little 8 month old daughter Esther. She is adorable. She is so curious and intrigued with new things, especially the colour orange. Anyways we ended up taking our EQP with us after tea and just had a good time there.

Within the first few hours of Saturday morning all of our plans were cancelled and we had to rely completely on our back up plans which was … you guessed it! KNOCKING DOORS! The most interesting person that we met as we were knocking during the day was a young lad who had recently been fundraising for this little girl with leukaemia to travel to Disneyland with her family. He and his rugby team played a charity football match an due was planning on doing a charity bungee jump from 300 feet and apparently his head would come within a foot of the ground. I was bluntly honest with him and told him that he was crazy for taking that type of risk (only cause I was slightly jealous, the biggest risk that I could take right now is to see how cold or hot I can stand in the shower lol) He then replied that people would pay more for a bigger risk and that it was all going to a good cause so I guess thats alright .. possible fundraising idea for the future! Just kidding, if the fall wouldn't kill me, the women in my life definitely would for doing something so ludicrous.

Sunday was a pretty good day. We finally were able to have two people at church. These are two Romanian guys that we are teaching. Its like the United Nations sometimes with teaching pools here. I have taught people from near all of Europe, some from Africa and many other places. Then in the afternoon we taught some sisters from Zimbabwe and they showed us this milkshake place that they said we should try sometime .. nothing will replace Peters Drive In though hahaha. Anyways then Sunday night we motivated ourselves for INSANITY in the coming months.

Well that's my week
I hope and pray that you all are doing well and that you are all happy :)
Please know that I love you guys and that you are all in my prayers.
Have a great week
Elder Dotschkat

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