Monday, 6 October 2014

Just keep swimming

Hey everyone!
Hope that you are all doing well and are happy!
So this week was alright
Unfortunately not too much happened because my companion was sick a few days this week. Though I have started to do a fitness regime called insanity and that was great!

Monday night was good after p-day in Leeds. It takes quite a while to get there so I don't think that we will go there often for p-day. In the evening we went with the ward mission leader to our Romanian investigator's home but unfortunately they flogged us so we ended up having a really great talk with him and he bought us some nutella, ferrero roche and peanut butter milkshakes (I just gained back whatever I lost lol)

Tuesday Elder Viviers and I went and worked in Pudsey and we had a great time! Just too many interesting things happened. There was a sandwich place that we go to eat at and its really good and cheap! Not like subway lol. Well I can't remember what else happened that day except for ward coordination in the evening that was really good. We had a fun time there just laughing and having a good time.

Wednesday we had DDM at Dudley Hill and the assistants to the president joined us. After the DDM we went and had lunch and then hit Elder Viviers. He had been feeling a littler under the weather for a while but then he just felt terrible so I called the mission president's wife and she told us to stay in and let him rest.

Thursday I took a nap for a while cause he was still sick and then in the evening we tried to go out and had a tea appointment at this great member's house. We laughed loads and I look forward to hanging with him for p-day today.

Friday I went on exchange with Elder Vogli and we had a pretty lax day. Unfortunately none answered their doors for the people that we went to and by the time that we just got everything sorted out there wasn't much time. Knocked in this really posh area but none wanted to hear from us. JUST KEEP SWIMMING RIGHT?!?  So we did and then in the evening we had tea at this Polish member's home and it was great. We had Polish stew!

Saturday and Sunday were spent in the chapel at conference. Not too much happened. Saturday night was a good time though because I got permission from the mission president to go and have a meal with Lynn. I'm just hoping against all hopes that the president just simply moves me back to Dewsbury!

Well I got to go now.
Love you all!
Keep your chins up and remember that God knows you and loves you!
Love Elder Dotschkat

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