Monday, 20 October 2014

We've knocked on over 1000 doors in this area!

Finishing off last week and all about this week ….

Saturday was pretty good! In the morning we went to a less active's house to wish her a happy birthday. It was great to put a smile on her face and help her out as we talked about her five children and one on the way! After that we went home and took a nap! It was great to feel refreshed and then ready for work again! In the afternoon we went and helped the EQP with some service at his home and then had Mexican for dinner! In the evening we went over to one of the members of the Elders Quarum who is moving and just spent some time with him. His name is Shane and he has Cerebral Palsy and he doesn't really know how to interact with people so we just had a great time with him there!

Sunday was good! After church we took another nap and then went and had a power hour of finding. No people but we got let in because of our bladders haha.

Monday was great! All the classic stuff then went over to David's where we are going again today. In the evening we went and had a great FHE with a half polish half english family in the ward. We talked about the importance of using technology for good things in life and not becoming addicted to it. We talked about how we can use these potential spiritual weapons for the good and sharing Mormon Messages on FaceBook and twitter and all the good stuff.

Tuesday we went finding all day. I swear we have knocked on over 1000 doors since I have been here. In the evening we had Ward Coordination and we talked about how the ward can become more involved within the community to interest people in the church.

Best part of Wednesday was the tea appointment and the time that we spent with the bishop and his family! We talked about his mission and how to use the things that we learn on our mission to help us become better people. We talked about how to use the difficult experiences to relate to other people and left them through their trials.

Thursday we had a great day of service with David. We went around a few peoples homes to help them out and make their lives easier. We helped move some couches and then some other things and just had a great time serving others. I love giving service to people :) Then we had tea with a pretty old member and he was telling us all about the war. Its quite interesting to hear it from so many different angles. Its almost as if you had been there at the time. In the night we had a FHE with another members family an fused the same talks that we had used on Monday night with the other family.

Friday was crazy …… lets just say that I am glad that Friday is far behind us. In the evening we had tea with David and I talked with him about cars and how to get the most bang for your buck.

Saturday was the Elders Quarum activity. Due to the rule that we could not go to the activity unless we had an investigator and some key members wanted us to be there, they invited some family to the driving range for us to go and be able to talk to them about the gospel. I had a great time just hitting all the golf balls down the range. Might have found a new hobby for back home! Its great cause I got some gnarly blisters now.

Sunday was good. Did I mention that it rained all day? We went knocking in the rain. Woot Woot.

Anyways, Life is great! Transfers are this week so who knows what the Lord's plans are. Will tell you all next week!

The gospel is true!
Elder Dotschkat

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