Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Staying in Dudley Hill with a South African companion

Hello everyone! 

So this week has been good! 

Monday we went to the Royal Armoury which has loads of guns and knives and swords from all eras of history!   It's pretty cool but my companion was determined to find something that we found out in the end was not even there ...… great.  Anyways thought that was the best part of Monday! 

Tuesday we finally met with some of our people that we had been trying to meet up with for a while! Not too many exciting things happened that day. Just growing to understand who I am a little more and trying to internalize the things that I am learning lately. One of the things that stand out is the fact that knowledge is useless if we do not act on it! 

Wednesday was good. We went to our ward mission leader's house and we had great fun there with him making him laugh. He recently go out of the hospital from surgery so we are visiting him to help him enjoy life a little more :) 

Thursday we went finding all day and it was pretty good! We met one of our members to go on exchange. He is a former Mission President and is really funny......or at least his reactions are quite funny.  Elder V went with him I went with the other elders and taught a investigator of theirs.  It was a really solid lesson and they are seeing him again quite soon! Then in the evening we had tea at a members home that used to play rugby. The family is quite athletic and enjoy the outdoors quite a bit! It was great to have such a good laugh with them and now I have a theme song because of the dad there.  Watch it! Hahaha - I felt quite flattered with all their praises: hahahahahaha https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykRZbOb1c5c 

So Friday the most exciting thing that day was going on exchange with their priests in the ward. We had loads of fun teaching them about missionary work and moving them in the direction of possible mission service. Then in the evening we had tea with a family that has five kids under 10 and one on the way, a new puppy and a cat!  Boy was it ever crazy and fun there! hahahahhaha They made a huge dog pile and I was drowning in all the children! It was so fun! 

Saturday we had DSLT in which we went to Leeds and then there was a huge suprise for me when I came home! A family from my last area somehow got my number and contacted me! They asked if they could come visit and drop off some food parcels that my recent convert Lynn had for me. I was very happy and ready to agree too.  We met them at our flat and then we went somewhere to sit and talk! It was great times to be with them and to catch up on how their lives are going. Apparently the ward is really wanting me to back there and to be with all of them again. Seems like I did something right somewhere at least :) 

Then in the evening there were transfer calls and I am staying in Dudley Hill with a South African companion! 

Sunday morning we promised some members that we would make them a meal so I was crying!!!!!!! We cut sooooooooo many onions and my eyes were BURNING!  Then we cut some fish and put them on top! Then when it was all done, we all smelled like onions at church hahahahahhahaha it was hilarious!
Anyways, thats my week! 
Love you loads! 
Excited to hear from you guys! 
Elder Dotschkat

Me with my food parcel from the sweet sister in Dewsbury. Was lucky enough to have it hand delivered by the RE family and we had a great visit.  I'm really blessed with the great people I've met on my mission!

All the onions that we cut!

Me with Mr. Fishie

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