Monday, 18 August 2014

Hit with the Eternal Marriage Bus

Well hello everyone! This week has definitely been one of great change! There are some good changes, some better changes and some best changes because things are only negative as you make them. WE CREATE OUR OWN WEATHER! So I'm here standing in my ranks fighting the battle of God for the souls of men with my valiant brothers and sisters in Christ.

So Monday was pretty good! We went to the Leeds Institute building to play pool, football, write letters and watch the Lego Movie again. Its so awesome!!!!!  Probably my favourite movie I've seen on my mission in second to the Croods! Anyways after that we came home and did some knocking. YIKES! Not really anyone wanted to talk to us but we kept our chins up and sights on saving the souls of the children of God.

Tuesday - not too bad either. The best part of Tuesday was having Elder Vogli teach me to enjoy knocking ... seriously there is not too much else that we do here. We have found seven new investigators this week and I forget who we found each day but we did find one lost sheep that day. The biggest thing that happened to me that day was the shocking report of Robin Williams sudden death. Even though I did not know the man personally he made millions of lives brighter with his movies and his humour. RIP the Great Robin Williams, you will be remembered in our thoughts, our hearts and each sound of a child's laughter.

Wednesday - same ... knocking. I really gotta tell you that the doors are of solid wood. Uh, I don't know what to say, there really isn't anything that sticks out to me about knocking just that laughs that I have with Elder Vogli. Aparently he was a little mischievous before the mission so it makes for great talks. He has seen Egypt, Italy, Monaco and many other places and the stories that he has of these places are great. This made me have a great desire to fill in my journal so that night I got caught up on three days in my journal. I have many more to get caught up on!

Thursday we had DDM and then you guessed it ... MORE KNOCKING!  I'm not losing my mind just yet with knocking on doors, I'm actually trying to learn to enjoy it so that I can be able to use it as a first resort rather than a last.

Friday we weekly planned and this was where life got a little crazy. This was the day that I learned that sometimes we may think that our ideas are good and our ideas are best but we must sometimes listen to our leaders, even if we don't want to. Needless to say, it caused some tension which you could cut with a knife (just to let you know the tension is over and I'm all better now). So Friday we had a pretty good day because we had a wonderful tea at a members home and she made us some dumplings and some great stew. YUM! So nice because it rained for the past few days and we were SOAKED to the bone! A nice warm meal was perfect to lighten our spirits!

Saturday was a great day for Elder Vogli. His recent converts came up for a few hours and visited with us. They are great people and have quite nearly adopted Elder Vogli as their own son. They came all the way from Sheffield to see him. We went around the town centre in the classic car show (not too much nice stuff just a corvette, ferrari and the Knight Rider car) and then they took us for lunch! I had a nice roast beef and it was great warmth in my stomach. I'm kinda scared right now because I think my body might have gotten used to English weather and the cold back home is far worse than here.  I might die at home. In that case I might never want to come home, just live my life here as a missionary forever. Just immediately become a senior missionary after I'm 27. Hahaha I'm betting though that the mission will send me home before I'm allowed to do that so guess that isn't happening. So much for those dreams lol. Anyways in the evening, we went to the Leeds Hospital to visit an elder who is suffering from a disease which paralyzes the nerves in his body and if it reaches his lungs he will die. So we went there and made him laugh for a little. Well Elder Vogli did that. I just talked with him about American muscle cars and stuff like that. Needless to say, this elder in the hospital is a great young lad because he has only been out two weeks and says that this wouldn't make him go home. Yup, pretty strong man. Now for the most interesting part of the day. I stood in the middle of two guys that were trying to fight each other and broke up the fight. I don't know what enticed me to do so, but I did it and man, was that ever a huge adrenaline rush.  Don't worry though, I'm not hurt. I used what I learned in rugby and wrestling and just got the two guys away from each other.

Sunday - Not many exciting things. We have this Gospel Principles teacher that is really funny because no matter what lesson we are on, you can bet that she is going to talk about eternal marriage. The past week we were closing the lesson and because of this I thought that we were on the home stretch without her mentioning it but we just took the last leap and she hit us with the marriage bus!  Hahahahaha it was hilarious. I nearly broke out laughing.  Anyways in the evening there was an emergency in the mission so now I am a trio with Elder Johnson (the elder from Calgary), Elder Vogli and myself and Elder Nukhmoa has gone to fill in the spot of another missionary in the mission.

Thats my week. Have a great week to everyone.
Love you guys
Elder Zachary Lee Dotschkat

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