Monday, 19 May 2014

Teaching, Teaching, Baptisms and Service!

Heya everybody! So this week was super exciting!

Monday it rained! Woot!

For p-day we went to a park to play football but it rained so we got soaked and ended up going home. In the mean time between home and waiting 2 hours for the next train we went window shopping. I have got a lot of clothes from Elder Simon so I don't really need anything but it was fun to go anyways! Then when we got home, I cooked my burritos and had a nap after a warm bath! haha - that was great! Then in the evening we went to a family that they just got back from Disneyworld! :D I saw so many great pictures and it brought back many wonderful memories with those people I love. I have grown to appreciate how blessed my life is lately and how fortunate I am to have the support that I do. Thank you all for what you do :) It means a lot! :)

So Tuesday was crazy because we were going to teach at someones house and they were gone but we didn't have the key so I was frantically making calls to fix the problem and in the end it was all good. We found another key :) Then somehow the rest of the day we stayed busy until the evening when we had a great lesson with Alexandra. We gave her a tour of the chapel with her catholic family and got everything sorted for the baptism! She asked me to baptize her this weekend so I am nervous but excitied at the same time! WIsh me luck! 

Then on Wednesday we had DDM. We talked about strength and having faith in ones self. Due to my study on it I feel much more confident about who I am and what I stand for! I KNOW that the Lord is with me and that he sends angels to bear us up in the times we need the strength the most :) So after DDM, Elder Simon and I went on exchange and we just had so much fun!!!! Took a nap and then worked hard! Noone was really open so we went and just had a great time laughing. He showed me this secret mall that reminds me so much of home and we might go there one p-day lol.  Hopefully we will cause it has a TGIFridays! SOOOOOOOOOOOOO expensive though lol Then we had tea with the Stephenson's family and they were so wonderful, they take care of us so much and he reminds me a lot of my Papa Robb. I think that they would get along. After that he drove us to Rob and Jackie's house and we have a great Q&A lesson. They are doing fantastic and their son's are joining in now as well!

Thursday the ENTIRE flat was sick! We all just woke up and felt like death! I had a FU doctor appointment to go to and he says that my finger is fine now, it will take time for the nail to grow back but it will in time. After that we came back to the flat and slept for lunch and then went to a member from Africa to paint her fence! I wrote my name in their fence so they will never forget me!  lol After that we had a very good evening in which we got mixed up when tea was and were a little late :S But they forgave us and said to not do it again :P Then we had another great Q&A lesson with Alexandra at the Royal Evitt family's home. After the lesson we had a great visit with their family and I feel honoured for the trust that they have given me. Brother Royal Evitt drove us home and we sang Frozen the entire way back! lol.

Friday was a normal planning session and then in the evening we went to visit a member that President Pilkington is friends with. We had a very nice tea with them and talked about angels, Ether 12 and faith. Then in the evening he drove us to the Royal Evitt family's home again for a lesson with George (the bf of their daughter). He is so funny! He thinks everything is true and desires to be baptized when he finds out that it is. Then Brother Royal Evitt drove us home with the same music and singing! hahahaha lol

Saturday we gave service for 5 hours! My muscles hurt and I had dirt caked on, I threw 20 slugs, got baby spiders all over me and had so much fun!!!!!!!!! Then in the evening we watched the Prophet Joseph Smith movie with Lynn....technical difficulties occurred but got through them lol

Sunday I was asked to give a talk on how the Priesthood has helped me prepare for a mission. We had six investigators at church. I got to talk to my wonderful family and was able to just be me :)  I love life!

So that's my week
Love you all
Elder Dotschkat
Yard work at a member's house (that's me and my companion the Flying Dutchman on the far right)

Me and Elder Simon

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