Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Yesterday was one of the top five p-days of my mission!

Hey everyone, sorry for the delay of email. It was bank holiday yesterday and all of the libraries were closed that we email at. So we had a great p-day yesterday! Went on a 21 mile mountain bike trip and do I ever have saddle pains! Hahahaha Its been a while but probably top 5 best p-days of the mission!

So this past week was great!

Monday we got some fun in the sun!  We once again played football at Greenhead Park in Huddersfield and then after that went window shopping for a bit.  I'm looking to possibly get myself another watch! 

Tuesday was pretty great!  We did some more service! Then is started to pour and I can't leave a job half done so I kept going, every now and again returning to the bon fire that we started to get warmer. Then the Dove family fed us another wonderful meal, she used to own a cafĂ© so its great eating there! After that we went home to shower and half way through we get a call saying that we were late for tea! AHHHHHH!!!!  We were told that it was later and the member eventually came to get us and said to make sure that it did not happen again.  That was good and then in the evening at young mens I cut my ring finger wide open!  The young women freaked out at the blood but that's alright, no need for stitches and I am all better now :)

Wednesday morning at 3:00 we were all wide awake and started exercising jokingly and after about 10 seconds, regretted our decision, laughed a lot and went back to sleep. We had zone conference that day where the President gave us back the chapels for p-days .....yipppe.....(sarcasm) I like to enjoy England and where I am at rather than watch movies.  I have time to do that at home later! (That's coming way too fast btw!)  After ZC we had tea at a members home who collects really old things and is a very talented painter and sculptor of sorts. We are going to go back and take some pictures because he's got Roman Centurian things, African and Egyptian artifacts and even some stuff from Nephrite era! Pretty cool huh?! Then we had an emergency lesson with Alexandra and her baptism is postponed till further notice now.

The best thing on Thursday was the tea appointment that we had with the Shire family. They are a great young couple, both teachers and really fun! We talked about the latest music and movies that have come out and how weird the world is sometimes. They showed us this Eurovision music contest thing which was really weird. If you have a chance, look it up because I don't know how to explain it lol.

Friday we got rained out all day! That was great! The best part of the day was the ward activity in the evening. They auctioned off some cakes and guess who they bought them for?!?!? I'M GONNA GET SO FAT!!!!! :S lol whatever.

Saturday's best part was our lesson and lunch with George and the Royal Evat family in the afternoon. Just was fun! Nothing really more to say.

Church was alright.  I got caught up in my journal a bit. Kinda falling behind. (20 days - my mom's going to kill me! )

Well that's my week...Don't have too much more time so I will say goodbye now!
Have a great week everyone!
Love you!
Elder Dotschkat

We rode along the canal in the mud taking pictures as I go

Almost to the top!

Panoramic view

The crew! We were all dead at the end of the day! We had a great BBQ afterwards

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