Monday, 29 July 2013

Baptisms - Love it!

Well Hello Again! 
Its me! Elder Dotschkat!
I hope you all have had a great week and were able to see Heavenly Fathers hand in your lives because I have truly seen it in mine :) 

So I told you all about how transefers went but now I can tell you about the Elders living with us! 
Elder Vickery is a zone leader, he has been out for 18 months nearly, from Utah (or the factory as the missionaries call it :P) and is very obedient.
Elder Randall - he is zone leader, out for 15 months, again from Utah ( do you see a pattern :P) and is quiet. 
Elder Admunson - he is a district leader, he is out 9 months, for Norway! ( that's different :P) and is very funny! He jokes around a lot. He is living with us and on a 3 companionship because he is waiting for his new missionary to come from utah on Wednesday ( his companion will be speaking CHINESE!!!) 
For the first few days of living with them it was weird because I was very comfortable with Elder Putnam (now an AP) and Elder Griffiths (who is now home in Utah).  So last night I made a decision that I have to open up to get them to open up. I have been making sure that the flat stays pretty clean so last night I just asked Elder Admunson to help with dishes, we talked and got to know each other and then we all wrestled ! Haha! I took all 3 of them on and won! Haha Anyways! Oh and a nerf gun war this morning :P But anyways... Back to missionary stuff right!?

Tuesday night we had a baptism of a 6'9'' GIANT! His name is Craig and his afro repels the water! It was another great time to see another person enter the waters of Baptism :) He will be a really strong member of the church and an asset to the ward.

After that we went out to a village named...uh..Patchington? I think. Anyways, because Elder Griffiths and Putnam are gone we are taking over their investigators and so we went out to meet one. Her name is amelia, she is about 12 and really funny! She is also very good at art and loves to come to church. Her family are members and she wants to get baptised in her own time and not to be forced :) So her family is letting her decide and we are pretty sure that she wants to be baptised by the end of August :) We will see what happens! 

Wednesday - Transfer day! I ran the area that day because Elder Richards had to go to Leeds for District leader training and so there was only me, Elder Pew (from Texas) and Elder Tooeta Saleifi (from western Samoa) in the zone left! We had a wonderful day of finding and as we were tracting we got let into a mans home! Its so great to see how Heavenly Father prepares his children for the message because Elder Richards and I scheduled him for baptism on thursday for the 17th of August! That was the highlight of my day :) The most profound thing that I learned that day was to follow the promptings that I receive and to be patient because the people that are ready for this wonderful message are out there and heavenly father will put them in our paths :) 

Thursday - That was a great day full of member missionary work! Elder Richards and I went to members homes and they are ready and wanting to help the missionaries out here, they just don't know how.  So it is our job to teach the members that there are opportunities all around, to pray for opportunities to share testimony and show them that it is easy because the worst thing that someone could say is no. So anyways, in the afternoon Elder Richards and I scheduled Jim for baptism! I am so excited! He is about 62 and was a cook on a military ship for a long time! There are a lot of navy officers in Hull. Anyways, the most profound thing I leanrt that day was that I need to be patient and have faith because the lord will bless us with our hearts desires :) 

Friday - Weekly planning all morning and Elder Richards and this week was a lot better! I feel very strong that we will be able to acheive our goals! Just need to have faith right ? Anyways, we had a very busy afternoon :) We had another lesson with Jim, got him to read his Book of Mormon and pray outloud for the first time ever!!! I am so happy that I get to teach people how to pray and to talk to their heavenly father because it is wonderful to see the connection that they make. I especially love to teach children how to pray! It is so great to hear these little people talk to their Father in heaven :) It makes me truly excited to be a father in the future so that I can teach my children to pray :) Remember, prayer is the most important communincation that we can make daily because heavenly father knows us and what we are going through and need :)

Saturday - Twas a good day again! We were at the chapel all day because we are giving people chapel tours so often! I love it because everyone can recognize the feelings that they have there and they can be very powerful lessons! They have been the most pwerful lessons sometimes because we invite people to be baptised infront of the font and the spirit always talks to them there! 
For lunch we had pork pies!!! All it is is straight up pork meat !!!! I LOVED IT!!! Till the last bite :P It then tasted pretty weird :P Hahaha. They are really cheap and filling so now I have 3 favorite foods here! - DONNEIRS!!!! INDIAN FOOD!!! AND PORK PIES!!!! :D hahaha was a great day! 

Sunday- was the Sabbath day again and I love the gospel principals lessons because they are about eternal families :) I love these lessons because I know that I can have my family forever :) This knowledge has truly blessed my life and we offer it to the world because everyone deserves to be with who they love forever :) Sometimes it may be difficult and you may argue or disagree but the things that are worth the most in life take time and effort :) 

I hope that you all have a great week ! 

Elder Dotschkat

Enjoying Pork Pie - yummy!

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