Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Everyone else gets sick in my new area but I won't

Heya Everybody!

Let me first of say thank you to everyone for all your support and prayers. They definitely help a lot.  I am so blessed to be able to have so many people that care about me and want the best for me. Thank you for all that you do! You know who you are. :)

So this week was pretty good and uneventful at the same time. Which could be good if you look at it the right way lol.

Monday was a day full of basketball and cookies! Not at the same time or else I would choke lol. The best part was the soreness that I experienced after trying really hard to play basketball. Let's just say that I suck at basketball.  I am trying though! Then the entire night we went searching for my companions wallet. We met a guy who thought that he was the "naughty" arch angel Michael...he was willing to give us 100£ to replace the wallet but we graciously declined.

Tuesday we got a call from the member in the morning that they found the wallet in their car! Then we got a referral!  Then we went finding all day around our tea appointment and found a place called Elder Close! We talked to a few teenage girls that had the interest for my companion haha! That was hilarious! Then had tea at a members home! They are very intelligent! He is a teacher and she has a PhD and they have 5 kids! They are a greatly successful family!

Wednesday was the first district meeting with the new district and it went alright. The highlight of my day was the chance that I had to participate in a blessing for one of the members of my district who is going through a hard time. He told me that he felt a lot better after that :)  Then we went finding again until we had tea at a member's home and just talked with him about cars! That was great! I loved that! After that we contacted our referral and now we have a new investigator! Her name is Lynn and she is so excited for her baptism on May 2! Please pray for her :) Then we were walking home and a investigator dropped us off at our flat! That was great! Just a day full of God's miracles!

Thursday we stayed in the flat cause my companion was sick.  Apparently all missionaries who come here get sick - I'm not going to though! I will fight til the bitter end! :P hahahahahahahahaha

Friday we went finding! It was a beautiful sunny day! I got to take more pics! We had tea with a former mission president who our mission president is friends with and calls all the time and while we were there President Pilikington called :0 

Saturday the most exciting thing was sport night at the chapel with all the Hungarian children! They are amazing at football and kick my butt every time! It's great :)

Sunday was good because it was just relaxing where we were working but able to do it at a pace that was comfortable :) We visited with this single member man for a while and he is VERY talented at painting and a very humble man. He has agreed to paint a picture of the temple for my companion and I am considering getting one too! :) 

P-day was Easter so we went shopping and then relaxed at home all day.....Couldn't go anywhere cause of the bus system was shut down so I took a nap! woot! So good! Then in the evening we went to a members home and they have the most adorable pug puppy that was trying to take my socks all night (bit my toes a few times and I sent her after my companions feet! LOL)

Well life is great right now and only going to improve!

Love you all
ELder Dotschkat

My Super Hero team on my desk
I'm collecting Kinder Eggs that have them to get the entire team assembled!
Going to get a new one today!

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