Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Life in the MTC

Hello everyone! 

First of all I want to say that life is great! ( there are a few bumps in the road but I keep pushing through).

The MTC is awesome and I love it and all the missionaries here!  They come from all over the world!  One elder is from Finland, and one of my roommates is from Sweden! Its so cool! There are mostly Utah missionaries though haha. There are also sisters from the Pacific Islands like Kiribus and some from Vancouver and another from the Philippines. 

Anyways, life is great and I'm learning so much!  Like I actually can't put my pen down all day because I am writing all the thoughts and impressions that come to mind . There has been so many experiences within that first week!  I can't write them all so I am going to just write my feelings right now I guess.

The first day that we were here, we just got settled in but my companion Elder Hirschi and I walked up to the temple. It is so beautiful! I love the English weather because it promotes amazing displays of flowers and greenery!

So the most profound thing that day was I learnt that the Lord blesses his buildings that they might always be beautiful :) After the walk around the temple, the other elders and I went and did some family history. They never did it before so I taught them how to! They couldn't find any names to take to the temple so they took ( mom write these down );
David Bruce- born 1886 Aberdeenshire Scotland
Angus Gillies born 1826 Argyll Scotland
hector gillies born 1780 in Argyll Scotland
Archibald gillies born 1831 in Argyll Scotland
James gillies born 1831 in Argyll Scotland
Anyways, the next day we started our actual MTC training. We had classes on how to teach and what our purpose is and the doctrine of Christ. I am learning so many wonderful and marvellous things. After watching the district I started to actually feel like a missionary but it hasn't really set in yet. I'm so happy that I am here and have made it to this point in my life!

My letter is jumbled because I don't have much time and got to go now!  But I will keep you all posted! I love you all and hope that you are doing well! You all are in my prayers:)

Most profound things that I have learnt have been:
- Ask, listen, testify of the truth
- Listen to the spirit in every situation, even if you are nervous:)
- I talk to much haha
- DC 6:36
- Alma 48:17
Anyways ! Got to go!

Love you all!
Elder Dotschkat
Zack Attack
PS- I'm not losing two years of my life, I'm gaining 2 years in eternity :)

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