Monday, 24 June 2013

Yes, I'm getting fed!


So everything is going great!!! YES I AM GETTING FED!!! :D It is actually so great how much the members feed us here! The ward is great and the members are really nice. Some of them can't say my name so they call me Elder Kit-Kat :P Haha... Sister O'Neil started that. I really like the O'Neil family. I think I told you last week that Brother O'Neil has a Mormon message about him, he is the one with the owls:) I will hopefully take a picture and send it home :)

Anyways, we had a GREAT WEEK!!!! WE SCHEDULED 3 PEOPLE FOR BAPTISM!!!! :D I am so grateful for the spirit to testify to people because I know I am not the perfect teacher but if I have the spirit with my teaching, it will testify of the truth to the investigators. 
We had our first pday last week where we watched the RM and played ping pong! I am getting pretty good at it - haha. We cut pday short so that we could find people. There are 4 main people that we are teaching and my heart really goes out to them. Two are single mothers, one is a middle aged man and then there is a sister who is the fiance of a member.

We have had such powerful lessons when our investigators don't cancel on us haha. It doesnt get me down though. Just makes me want to work harder to find more people to teach and who the Lord has prepared to accept the Gospel.

I am learning so much with my scripture study every morning and I absolutely love it! It is so fantastic! I am so grateful to have a knowledge of this Gospel and to have my testimony strenghtend every day. Not only through reading the scriptures but through testifying of Jesus Christ!

The people here are very nice and open enough to often stop and talk about religion and even if they aren't religious they are curtious :) The amount of little rain here has suprised me (knock on wood that it doesnt rain). | have only really been rained on like 4 times.  Anyways, I love it here. I know that this is where I am supposed to be!  I'm not going to lie, I think about you often and sometimes I really miss you but I know that I will see you again :)  

I'm very glad to hear that you all are doing well :) I did hear about the floods and I got worried but I know that the Lord will keep those that I love and care about safe :) I pray for you every time that I can say a prayer.

The sunsets here are beautiful. They remind me of home and the beauty of Gods creations.
The lava clouds are beautiful and help me remember many wonderful happy nights with the people that are the most important to me :)

Most profound thing I have learnt this week is love the Lord and he will bless you:)  Serve him - D&C 4

I love and miss you all very much!
May the Lord bless and protect you :)
Elder Dotschkat

Spud on a stick - so good!

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