Monday, 19 August 2013

Six missionaries at a Pizza Hut buffet

Tis' me again!

I hope you all have had a great week because I have! It went pretty fast again and I realized that I am already done a quarter of the first year. Very odd for me. It does not feel like I have been out that long at all. But whatever because I am loving every minute of it!

So Monday was p-day and we didn't want to just watch a movie at the chapel again so we went to the all you can eat buffet of pizza hut and cleared them out:P Haha I bet they loved six missionaries eating all their food :) Haha. After that we went to the whaling museum. That was fun! I took some pictures! After we went to the chapel and watched Monsters Inc. and we wanted to listen to the Tarzan soundtrack so we watched the movie. anyways, the most profound thoughts that came to mind that day after reflection was we need to take time to enjoy life. Don't rush it because it it too short and we need to enjoy every moment with those that we love.

Tuesday - Was supposed to be a busy day but all of our plans fell through haha. Sometimes it makes me wish that people would just say no rather than lead us on. One thing that comes to mind though is something that President Pilkington says to us. That no words are wasted in the work of the lord. We looked at that day. There are a few videos that I really liked :) But the main thing that stuck out to me was President Monson saying "Those who understand the eternal blessings which come from the temple know that no sacrifice is too great, no price is too heavy, no struggle too difficult in order to receive those blessings of the temple".

Wednesday - The main thing that was good about that day was district meeting. We talked about sacrifice and how we can become the best men that the Lord would have us be. It was great to be able to coordinate with the other missionaries and talk with them. There was a quote by John Taylor that said "sacrifice is the only surrender that is a victory". The most profound things that day were thoughts of what sacrifice is. Sacrifice is to give something up for something of greater worth. Also that God will answer our prayers. DC 112:10

Thursday - This week has just been a blur. I can't remember distinct days. So much so that in the evening after we had a member visit with the first councillors family, I looked up at the sky and realized how long I had been out. I was surprised that time was going so fast. I also realized that I am starting to love the work more each day! It is so fun just to be able to talk to everyone and listen to their funny stories.

Friday - Friday was a good day. Once again all of our plans fell through so the most exciting thing that day was going and seeing our less active who we are helping return to church. He and his mom have not been sealed as a family together and their goal is to have that within the next few years. One thing that stuck out to me was that we cannot let anyone fall through the cracks. We must pay attention to all of our members. We are family and children of god. We are all important.

Saturday - The two things that stuck out to me were in my personal study and at the end of the day. In my personal study I realized that I am very grateful to the Lord for my trials that I struggled with in my life. I know that sounds odd but I am. I am grateful for them because they have made me into the man I am today and will make me the man that I will be in eternity. I pondered on this thought all day. It made me very happy and hopeful for a better tomorrow:)

In the evening we were on our way home and as missionaries we talk to everyone and the last man that we talked to is super prepared. He wants to believe that there is a god who loves us and wants a bible that as not been corrupted. We told him about the Book of Mormon and we are meeting him on Wednesday.

Sunday- Sunday was alright, not many exciting things happened . But the most profound thought that happened was that we need to stop and enjoy the life that has been given to us.

Profound scriptures :
3Nephi 12 10-12
Mark 12 41-44
Matt 18 16-26

Hope you are well!

Elder Dotschkat

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