Monday, 26 August 2013

Study scriptures & they will speak to you

Well Hello there! Long time no see! haha 
Its me again (of course :P)

So this week I truly saw miracles and the hand of God in my life everyday. I feel that I have grown so much, not only in my testimony but as a man. I am grateful that the Lord has me go through hard things that make me grow. All you have to remember when you are going through the hard things are your testimony and that God loves and is there for you. 

Monday - That was a good day! We had p-day, I forget what we did :P But all I know is that we watched free willy because I was singing the Michael Jackson at the end all week and wanted to listen to it...Anyways though, we had a lesson at the chapel with Yasmin. She is our Muslim/Catholic/Church of England investigator :P Haha..Its very confusing but she is accepting everything and she and her son are preparing for Baptism on the 14! We are very postive that she will do it! Anyways, the most profound thing that stuck out to me is that miracles happen everyday. We just need to have faith and look for them. 

Tuesday - We had zone conference that day and we looked at D&C:4 in great depth. I understand the scriptures so much more and am grateful to have time to study them. If you set apart time to study your scriptures, they will speak to you and help you in your life. You just need to open them and let them speak to you. The most profound thing that came to my mind that day was that we all need to remember our testimonies and what we stand for in all places. 

Wednesday - So since I have gotten out Elder Richards and I have been praying to be busy all day with lessons and it finally happened! I loved it! We had lessons all day and the day went so fast! It was unreal to look at the time when we got into the flat in the evening and just think "where did the day go???". I know that the lord answers our prayers and he will comfort us. On Tuesday I wasn't feeling well and I was worried that something happened at home and in my personal study the scriptures comforted me. Let them speak to you. The ones that stuck out to me were, Mosiah 4:9, Isaiah 55: 8-9, DC 6:36. We need to trust the lord and he will bless us. Have faith in him.
Thursday we saw our friend who is returning to church. They love us now. So much so that they are willing to feed us as often as we need. It is wonderful to see a new flame and love for the church in him. We watched the Mormon Message, mountains to climb and testified of the atonement. I want you all to know that I have a testimony of the atonement. It is a truly wonderful power that God has given us. We can use it, no matter the trials that we are going through, Heavenly Father wants us to return to him. 

Friday we had a conference in York. We went on the train in the morning. It was an hour ride and then a half an hour walk but it was alright :) Anyways, while there they separated us into 3 different groups, The newly entered missionaries who are getting trained, the ones that came in the transfer before and then the trainers. I was in the second one. It was great to be able to talk with the AP and discuss how we can better missionaries. I feel very confident (not prideful though) that I  am becoming a better missionary everyday. After we went all together again and the most profound thing that day was brought to my mind by President Pilkington. It was me asking myself What can I do more for the Lord ? Why only come out here, leave my home, my family and those I love to do only 1/2 the effort. I want to give it everything that I got. I only have so many months, weeks, days , hours and moments left to serve the Lord. We must make the most of every moment. 

Saturday the most exciting thing was time. I love watching the videos and feeling the spirit that they give. No matter where you are, you can feel it. Always strive to be worthy of the spirit, it is a gift from God. The one that was the most profound for me was the one called He will Give you help. I love this one (not only because its Canadian) but also because the story of how the boy used the atonment in his life. The most profound thing that stood out to me was that Heavenly Father never said that this life would be easy. He just told us that it would be worth it. Even though trials arise, trust in him and he will hold you up. I can feel him hold me up everyday, he loves all of us. He is there for all of us.  You just need to talk to him. 

Sunday t'was a good day. Church was nice, Elder Richards gave a talk. After church I was so hungry! I am losing weight though haha :P Anyways, we had 2 hours of study so in the end we had just 1 hour to work. We ended up seeing a member of the church and then going to a village. It was great. Brother O'Neil drove us out there and the young woman who is considering baptism is funny. Her name is Amelia and she is 12. The most profound thing that happened that day was that brother O'Neil gave me some advice . He said don't believe rumours about other people and that you decide what you belive. Also I realized that I want a Christ centered home in where the spirit can be felt every moment

Love you all
Elder Dotschkat

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