Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Well I'm very glad to hear that all of you are doing well! I'm doing fantastic! So many great things have happened this past week! I have learned so much and have realized I have changed. It feels a little weird but I like the change. Anyways though this week was really good!

Well Monday again was P-day! We tried really hard to get some plans together to be able to go fishing (I wanted to REALLY bad) but it didnt turn out. BUT! We did go and see a football match! It was great! (soccer sounds vulgar to me now :P) anyways that was extremely fun! The fans are CRAZY!!! and so are the players! They just yell whatever they want at the refs and even their team mates :S Its a very different kind of culture over here but I like it because people make fools of themselves :P I know that sounds a little cynical but usually it has been me making a fool of myself, so its nice that it is someone else for a change :) Anyways though, it was a great time! After that Elder Kruse and I went on exchange for the night and had a great time together. Our plans fell through so we went and taught our Catholic investigator. We taught very simply, boldly, and lovingly how we need to pray and he still didn't understand but we found out that he has short term memory loss from a fall when he was younger where he lost a finger. Nevertheless, it was a great time. He is scheduled for baptism on the 28th but we will see if he makes it. Heres hoping! The most profound thing that I learnt that day was that we need patience to love those people around us and we need to enjoy the little things in life. Its so important to recognize the little miracles :) 

Tuesday WAS BUSY!!!! We saw Michael, our returning less active friend, showed him a mormon message and had lunch. The ward feeds us so well! Even our investigators offer to feed us :) haha. No need to worry, people are keeping me healthy. Anyways, after that we had a lesson with our best  investigator. Her name is Yasmin, she is a single mom, has 2 kids (Hanifa- 15 months, Acam -9 years) and understands everything that we teach! Its so wonderful! She is scheduled for baptism on the 14th and she is progressing so well that we have taught her everything! Now it is a matter of teaching her son because he wants to get baptized the same day as his mom. After that we BTW found to tea. This is the most effective because the spirit just engulfs and they want more. We had a very nice tea with Kitah and her mom, went to ward coordination and taught our Catholic investigator again! The most profound thing that day was again that we need to be patient and loving with the children of God.

Wednesday - We had zone conference that day and so I had to get up at 4 am. We all packed ourselves into a car and went to the chapel. We waited there for an hour, watched the sunrise (unfortunately I didn't have my camera but next time I see one I will get a picture for you). On the way to the conference the coach driver got lost, we were 35 minutes late and so the group that I was singing with didn't have time to practice :P we sang Love at Home. It was great to be able to sing again :) Anyways after that we got instructed from 945-4pm. It was good. I can't remember much but I do remember this. The rest of the day we drove in the coach home and I finally got my mail after 6 weeks of waiting :) Lets just say I was very happy :) 

Thursday - We were supposed to teach our Catholic investigator (Stephen) again but when we went by he wasn't home. We then called one of our other investigators, taught him and he took us to lunch. I had a 8oz Gammon steak. Essentially, its bacon in steak form . IT WAS SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!! after that we went and taught Yasmin again but this time I went on splits with Elder Kruse again. Elder Kruse and I did some family history for one of his investigators whilst Elder Richards taught Yasmin with Elder Coombs. We got the investigators line back to the 1800's!!!!!!!!!!! I was so happy!!!! Quite worried that I wouldn't be able to find anything but I did! I saw the Lords hand a lot. OH! and the investigator doesn't like to call us ELDER _______. She wants our first name. It was weird to tell her that because....well...I didn't want to. Haha...and I forgot for a moment :P Just shows how " lost in the work" I'm getting right? haha :P Anyways, after that Elder Richards and I went and had tea with one of our members. The father loves sports so that was mainly the topic of conversation :P I couldn't resist. BUT we did teach them missionary things after that. After that we went and saw Jenine and Paul . They don't have much but they are happy and excited to be married april 26th next year :) It was a good day. Most profound thing that I learned was life is what you make of it. if you have those you love around you, you need nothing else to make you happy.

Friday twas a good day but I didn't have my planner. So I can't remember what happened except the profound thing I learned during weekly planning. Every week we take companion inventory, tell whats good about them and what they can improve on. Also solve any issues. The most profound thing that I learned Friday was that if you have an issue, get over it. Plain and simple. Solve your problem before it becomes too toxic because it could be a complete misunderstanding. 

Saturday we got fed by Michael again, went and did some village finding!!! So fun! We went out to a place called Spraotley. Saw a really old church and talked to some nice people but noone was really interested. oh yeah. and the place smelled like...um...how do I put it nicely....poop. It was really gross and I know that its gross to say this but I got used to it and couldn't smell it after a while. :P We then had tea at the O'Neils again and that was the rest of the night. Most Profound that day we need to look around and be grateful for our blessings that we receive from the lord. 

Sunday was great hearing peoples testimony. Had a fireside about missionary work that evening and saw Paul and Jenine again :)  I know that the Lord will bless us when we have faith and do what we are asked. Watch the hastening the work broadcast if you havent already. EVERY MEMBER A MISSIONARY. Most profound that day - we all need to do our part in this work. 

Monday - Well I have some exciting news! 1- Yasmin got her answer that the church is true!!!! and 2- Elder Kruse is district leader!!!! 3 - Elder Richards is going to Sunderland and GUESS WHAT!!!! I'M TRAINING A NEW MISSIONARY!!!!!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!! 

Will tell more later! 
Love you all! 
Have a great week!
Elder Dotschkat

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