Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Another letter arrived this morning

Alright everyone the most profound things that I learnt this week were :

Monday - That we need to enjoy the times that we have with those that we love and make every moment a memorable one. I learnt this through talking about home with Elder Ivins and getting to know one another. I just want to say that I am greatful for all the experiences and memories that I had with all of you ( even the bad ones because we grow through our trials) and that I love all of you. 

Tuesday - We had Zone Training meeting and at the end we had a testimony meeting. Elder Kotua (from Micronesia) bore a simple but resounding and powerful testimony that has really changed my outlook. The thing that was the most profound for me that day was when he said,"God loves you and wants you to be happy, so be happy". Very simple yet enlightening. We all have come here to learn and grow and sometimes we have to go through trials but it is because that is where we grow the most. We must learn from our trials and never give up.

Wednesday - The thing that stood out to me most on Wednesday was that, "you may have to work at something for a long time but Heavenly Father will give you miracles if you have faith and ask him." I am pretty sure that I learned this in personal study. I have been reading the OUR HERITAGE book in the missionary library and it explains the simple and humble starting of the church. There were so many miracles back then and there are so many miracles now. Just look at the birth of a child and the complexities in chemicals that create such a being. One that can think, learn, communicate in different languages, that can feel sorrow,  that can feel joy and most of all, that can progress. I am so amazed every time that I think of such a miracle. Thats what children truly are, they are MIRACLES.

Thursday - I was reading in this months Ensign and let me tell you how truly wonderful it is! If you have not read it, READ IT! These words that are so freely given to us are inspired and they all come from PROPHETS and APOSTLES of Jesus Christ. I love reading these words because they are instruction from the Lord to our day. The sentence that stood out to me was  "When God speaks and [we] obey, it will always be right." I know this to be true, I have seen it in my life everyday but especially now. Look for Heavenly Fathers hand in your life and know he loves you.

Friday - My testimony of prayer truly grew this week because when we needed things, our prayers were answered. I know this and I love this fact. Its a fact because its the truth. I was praying very hard that one of our investigators would feel the spirit and she did. She knows that she needs to be baptised and wants to have the happiness that her mother has. She wants to have a relationship with her father in Heaven. I can testify that Heavenly Father will answer our prayers. He loves us, knows what we need and desire. He will answer your prayers. 

Saturday- My testimony of prayer was even more solidified because of the trial that we had that morning. All our plans fell through and no one was wanting to talk to us and thats how it was all day. We had a lesson in the evening which was supposed to be for this former investigators daughter and they welcomed us into their home with open arms. So much so that Elder Ivins and I were taken back and surprised :P Anways, we got into the lesson and started teaching. The father then came in and joined the lesson...then the brother...then the other brother...and in the end we had a miracle! We taught the entire family and the children want to come to church and read and they even prayed!!!! :D I love it because heavenly father answered our prayers. Not only did he do this and I learnt that Heavenly Father will answer your prayers but as it says in Ether 12 - the blessings come after the trials of our faith.

Sunday - I learned that if we have faith Heavenly Father will guide us to where we are meant to be. We all can be tools in our Heavenly Fathers work, we just need to trust in him and give him our agency. Elder Ivins and I had 30 minutes left and there were next to no people on the street and I prayed and asked heavenly father just to have someone stop and talk to us and he answered immediately. As soon as I said this, we had 2 people to stop and talk to. They are interested in learning more and we are seeing them later this week!!!

Heavenly father answers prayers, he will answer your prayers because he loves you. 
You are all in my prayers
Talk to you later! 

I love you all

Elder Dotschkat

An old church in Sproatley

A picture from a members house that I really like

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