Monday, 23 September 2013

A Tourist in England

Well Hello everyone, first of all I just want to tell you that you are in my prayers, in my heart and I love you. 

So this week was really good! I cant wait to tell you of all the miracles that Elder Ivins and I have seen. We have truly seen Heavenly Fathers blessings all around us, I know that he blesses all of his children. We just need to look for it. .

So on Monday we went over the Humber River to have zone P-day at Grimsby. This was a first (and hopefully last) time that I have gone over the bridge on p-day. The only reason that I hope that it will be the last is because it took over half of the day to travel there and back :P But whatever I had fun! We had a foosball tournament, ping pong battles, watched Prince of Egypt and Tangled! I had no idea how good that movie was! Haha. I know it sounds funny but we were all singing to all the songs on tangled :P It was great!

I got the package that mom sent from Idaho that day as well :) It was so full, I waited to open it at the flat :P Anyways. I then went on exchange with Elder Coombs from Edmonton! It was great. I realized that missionaries are not just for bringing people into the ward but they are here to strengthen the members already there.
The most profound thing that I learned on Monday was that we all need the gospel no matter at what point in life we are. 

Tuesday - This was probably the fastest day on my mission so far. We went out to Patrington and met one of our less actives and because of that she came to church yesterday!!!! I was very happy to see her there :) Anyways, in Patrington we took the classic "tourist in Enlgand with the phone booth" picture :P I have been wanting to do it since I got here but I just couldn't find one. I FINALLY GOT IT THOUGH!! HAHA! Anyways, we then in the evening we had ward coordination and to be very honest, I am blunt and make sure that the point of missionary work within the ward gets across. I cannot stress enough how vital the ward members are for this work. Missionary work WILL NOT MOVE FORWARD WITHOUT THE MEMBERS INVOLVEMENT.  If the missionaries call you up, try your best to give them time to go with them. These people that they teach are important and children of God. Sometimes they might even turn out to be your best friend. Make sure that you have the missionaries over and feed them every so often, I don't know how it is at home but here we have a meal appointment nearly 5 or 6 days a week EVERY WEEK. So yeah....I don't really know where I was going with that but I just want you all to know those things. 
Most profound thing that I learnt that day was that if you truly care about someone, you will do anything for their happieness. I have already known this and its deep within my heart but the resounding message struck my heart on tuesday. 

Wednesday went so fast as well! Only like four things happened though haha. 1st - District meeting was great! I love Elder Kruse as my district leader. He was my first real friend in the field. We kinda have the same background and so we can talk about certain things and he understands. I enjoy time that we have together because it is always just so fun! Hahaha.  It was good and the most profound thing that I learned that day was in district meeting. It was that we need to make every moment count and make every second memorable. I have so many wonderful memories but all them have one thing in common, I am with those people that I love. Days at the lake, in the snow, watching fireworks, on the beach, in the woods, on the mountains, watching sunrises, sunsets and most of all at the temple. These are the moments that lift me up when I have a hard day because these memories are full of joy for me. The best thing about it is that I am with those people that I love.  The rest of the day just consisted of doing service for a member in the ward and having tea with a member family. 

Thursday - DAY OF MIRACLES!!!! Wow! So I am just going to say what the miracles are because I know that Heavenly Father answers our prayers. So in the evening we saw the family that we started teaching last week and well guess what!!! THEY ACCEPTED TO BE BAPTIZED!!!! :D I am so excited about them! It just makes me so happy to go over there. There is Phil - 37, Louise - 32, Jack - 13, Ben - 10 , Grace-  turns 8 on October 21 and Oscar who is 18 months! All I want to say is that Heavenly Father answers our prayers. Just have faith. That was the most profound thing that happened that day. 

Friday - Well in the morning we had weekly planning and the most profound thing that stood out to me was once again the importance of communication. The world and everything crumbles in it because of bad communication. DO NOT LET BAD COMMUNICATION IN YOUR RELATIONSHIPS.

Saturday - The most profound thing that happened on Saturday was answers to prayers and plans. We had people that we wanted to see and we said that if they were unable to see us we would knock around their homes and because of that we saw people who are interested and are returning this coming week so stay tuned!  HEAVENLY FATHER WILL ANSWER YOUR PRAYERS!

Sunday - Once again the point of good communication came up because we were talking about eternal families and a family must be based on love and communication. Thats the most profound thing I learned

I hope that you all have a good week
Remember this
I love you
Elder Dotschkat

Elder Dotschkat with his England phone booth

My awesome package that mom sent me from Idaho. Each item has a corresponding scripture. It was pretty cool

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