Monday, 10 March 2014

Durham Cathedral and a baptism

This week is a picture letter.  So many exciting things this week!

Monday - we visited Durham Cathedral! Whoot! We saw where the Harry Potter scenes were filmed. It was very exciting to be in a place where some of my favourite actors and actresses have been! The architecture and the stained glass windows of it all were really good! Nothing like our temples though. I still and always will have a soft spot for the Calgary Temple in my heart. The Cathedral was kind of dimly lit so it made it feel as if you were walking back in time to a period where skylights and torches were used. Pretty neat.

Here is a website to check out all the history on it.

This is obviously the corridor from the movie  (Harry told Cedric Diggory about the dragons in the green space and then Cedric told Harry to go take a bath in the Prefects bath on the second floor inside the corridor)

So on Tuesday we went finding all day and the most exciting thing was my food that I cooked. I cooked a chicken breast, cut it open, put some cream cheese in it until it melted then put some piri piri salt and salsa on top. It was also the day that I started to learn how hard the adversary works on us when a miracle is going to happen. For some reason Elder Li and I just felt horrible emotionally and mentally, we got to a point where we had to take a few moments to pray and to read our scriptures and read letters from home and look at pictures of those that are important to us :)  Thank you for all you send because at times like these, they truly help! When we had finally picked ourselves up enough to work we went out and hit the ground running!  Nothing gonna keep me down!

Wednesday was District meeting in Newcastle! Elder Berrio. came and joined the conversation! It was really funny to have him there to crack jokes and lighten the mood of the other elders! We talked about what we had learned at Zone conference and what I had learned was that we all have the opportunity to change at any time in our lives. We all can work to be perfect, exact obedience may be a difficult thing to achieve but perfection is not a position but rather a pursuit! I am so glad that we have the atonement to use so that we can work in becoming better than show e used to be and come closer to God through it. The power of the Atonement is a real and great power that I am so grateful to have it as such a blessing in my life!

Thursday and Friday are kind of a blur haha! They were days that were pretty much the same. We taught both of our investigators and prepared A. For his baptism on Saturday. He is excited to be able to start new and to be able to have his mistakes of his past behind him! So the most exciting things that happened that day was when the elders came home and had thawed out our steaks for us. We were kind of having a more difficult day and it was very touching for them to do that. I know it sounds weird but it meant a lot to me. On Friday we did service and ripped out some carpets for a lady in the ward. That was fun.

Alex's baptism was Saturday and it was a wonderful day to be able to see him enter into that sacred promise with his Heavenly Father! His fiancé Star was so happy because she will now get married to a member of the church! Its a pretty great start for that little family to have such a wonderful beginning! These two members of this ward will do great things! Alex is also getting interviewed for the priesthood this coming week!

Well that was my week! Hope that you all are doing well and that you have a great week!

Elder Dotschkat

Angel of the North monument in Gateshead

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