Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Never Give Up. Never Lose Hope. Let Light Shine

Hello everyone! Sorry its so late. It was transfers this week and we didn't have time yesterday so I am here now and that's what matters! Haha

This week has been one of a lot of learning and testing experiences and so if I seem like I a rambling on...its because I am. Haha. I'm loving every minute of the mission though :) Gotta keep positive right? First of all, I want to tell Josh, keep your chin up buddy :) I promise that you will see some field time :) I had somewhat the same experience in rugby and so I know how it feels. Work hard, play hard and FIGHT HARDER! Love ya bud :) 

So to everyone else! This week was a true learning curve for both Elder Ivins and I. Let me explain. 
Monday - So the biggest thing that I learnt on Monday was that when you forgive someone or what they have done wrong, the love of God fills you :) So all day I was pondering the messages in the talks during conference and it touched my heart to realize that when you forgive someone for what they have done wrong the love of God fills you. Just thinking about it right now makes me feel like a burden is taken off of my shoulders. "I will forgive whom I will forgive, but of you it is required to forgive ALL men " - Idk the reference :P 

Tuesday - It really stood out to me that we are accountable to the Lord for our time here on earth and how we utilize our time so we MUST make EVERY MOMENT COUNT! Our lives here on earth have been given to us as a gift and we must utilize the time that we have to work for the Savior. We must tell everyone we know that Jesus Christ lives and that we can all find peace and joy. This message that we have to share with the world is so important that we have a DUTY and RESPONSIBILITY to share it! 

Wednesday - The most profound thing that stuck out to me in my mind was that no matter the circumstances, we MUST remember what we stand for and who we are. We must NEVER GIVE UP. "There are times in our lives that seem dark and dreary, but these are the times that the light at the end of the tunnel will shine the brightest"- Me. Haha. Just made that up on the spot. :P Anyways though, life is hard sometimes. Trust me. I meet so many people with so many different problems and the one thing that they all have in common is they cover up the light at the end of their tunnel. We must let it shine. We must let it glow. How are we supposed to be guided and see all the beauty of life if there is no light? NEVER GIVE UP. NEVER LOSE HOPE. LET THE LIGHT SHINE. 

Thursday - The biggest change in my life this day was in the morning when I learnt what true charity was. I learnt that "charity never faileth" and if you are upset with someone, SERVE THEM! So in the morning I learnt what it meant to have true charity for your fellow man and how the love of Christ will fill you. Elder Ivins and I had a disagreement the night earlier and we were just not seeing eye to eye. In the morning as I was in the shower, he made me Bacon and Eggs :) and then while he was in the shower I made him some delicious toast (I know it sounds gross but try it! Philadelphia cream cheese and....NUTELLA!!!!) and a nice thing to drink (pineapple orange juice ) . I learned that no matter what you circumstances are, if you are upset with them, serve them!!!

Friday - I learned on Friday that we MUST always be evaluating and re-evaluating ourselves so that we can grow into our full potential and become who we are meant to be. Well we had to take a survey for the mission just to see how we were doing and so because of this it made me think ask if I was doing my best and everything that I could do to serve God. I thought about and pondered on this topic all day and realized that there is always more that we can be doing to serve God. So yeah. Do your best. If you don't know what your best is, imagine serving someone you love and how much effort you would put into making them happy. There is your start point :)  

Saturday- I learned that we must love and enjoy all of those people around us. When we are in the service of our fellow beings, the love that you have for them will show.  Saturday was different for me because well...our teaching pool has been struggling for a while and so to help us, our Zone Leaders, District Leader and his companion came and went on a blitz with us to build it. It truly made me feel loved and cared for because I was struggling trying to help Elder Ivins keep positive and a happy outlook on missionary work but because of this blitz we have 3 new investigators! If we are doing our best, Heavenly Father will hear and answer our prayers :) 

Sunday - The thing that stood out to me the most was even though we have our own fears and cautions, we must trust other people in life. During Sunday I was reading the story of Job in the Bible and it amazed me how much he trusted in God. He had all manner of afflictions and torment upon him and his family and yet he did not speak ill of the Lord. We as mortal human beings are imperfect, but if we put our trust in the Savior we can become the people that we are meant to be. We can achieve our full potential. We can do ANYTHING that we set our mind to.

Monday - Transfers day, I am staying in Hull with Elder Ivins (crossing fingers until after Christmas as well :D ). We evaluated how this past six weeks have gone and what we want to do better. We realized that there are so many things that we can do better but we can only accomplish all of these goals with help from the Lord. This is such a common fact in life because no matter what we do by our own means, we will always fall short. We must trust in the Savoir so that we can achieve the goals that we have set for ourselves. When we trust in God and plead for his help, he will raise us and help us exceed our goals. 

Tuesday - It stood out to me that sometimes we need to take ourselves out of a situation, analyze the problem and try to understand the other persons point of view. Last night during planning for the day Elder Ivins and I were having a disagreement and not seeing eye to eye again.  I thought about it for a minute and the situation that we were in and realized that sometimes you just need to step back and try to understand what the other person is trying to say. Once I did that, we both calmed down and were both trying to understand one another. If you are having a difficult time with someone, take a step back, a few breaths and listen.

Well that's all folks! That was my week.

Once again, sorry for the lateness and confusion. 

Have a good week! You are all in my prayers because I love you all! 

May Heavenly Father bless and watch over you


Elder Dotschkat

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