Monday, 21 October 2013

Study your Scriptures & Feast upon the Words

Well hello everybody! It is your favorite Elder again! haha....just kidding....well...I will let you all decide ;P Anyways, you all are probably keen to hear about my week! 

Monday evening Elder Ivins and I went to a family in the ward for their family home evening. They are memorizing an Article of Faith each month and so we helped them with that. It was so fun and the brownies that Sister Brown made were divine! They were so good :) In competition with a few of the women's back home!  The most profound thing that stuck out to me was that I want to hold family home evening every week with my future family and raise my future children in the gospel.

wait a minute......I already told you all about this in last weeks letter! haha :P woops....okay ...well then ... uhhh... I will start with...Wednesday! 

Wednesday - The most profound thing that I learned Wednesday was that when life seems rough and we are getting really nowhere we must look for those little miracles and tender mercies that Heavenly Father gives us. This came to me in the day because well guess what? It rained all day! I guess that just goes to show that sometimes stereotypes are true. Apparently I am extremely polite and the stereotypical Canadian man. IDK....I live with Americans. 

Thursday - The biggest thing that stuck out to me was that this is the Lord's work and we cannot do anything by ourselves. We need him to direct us and guide our thoughts actions and words. Sometimes we get too caught up in ouselves and we just need to slow down and let the Lord do his work. We need to let him help us, we need to let him comfort us, we need HIM. 

Friday - this was different! The most profound things that stood out to me were:
1 - Endure in Patience
2 - We need the spirit 
3 - Suck it up princess
I know this really isn't what people are expecting to hear from me but that's what I learnt! Friday was a tough day. Rained, cold, I wasn't feeling that well and noone was listening. Missionary work at its finest! I am not gonna lie or even fluff it up, it was hard but now that I look at it, I'm glad it was hard. I wouldn't want it any other way! Wanna know why? Its because in the end it is good for me and will make me a better man and I LOVE IT!!!

Saturday - I prayed really hard Saturday morning to have a better day and saw a miracle! IT WAS THE SAME WEATHER, THE SAME SITUATION AND THE SAME CIRCUMSTANCES AGAIN!!! and guess what? I LOVED IT!  I had a far better day! I know that the spirit will bless us in mysterious ways and Heavenly Father may not answer exactly how we want but he will always hear and answer our prayers!

Sunday - The most profound thing that stood out to me was that when we truly study our scriptures and FEAST upon the words of Christ, we will ALWAYS find what we are looking for. Sometimes we may not be looking for it, but we will need it later. 

Well thats all folks 
love you all
Elder Dotschkat

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