Monday, 28 October 2013

Put your trust in the Lord

Hello all! 

Its me again! I hope you have had a great week full of learning and fun because I have! 
Even though some days are harder than others, I enjoy this work! Thank you for supporting me in this :)

Don't have much time so it might be a little short so I'm going to tell you all what I learned this week.

Monday - The tender mercies from Heavenly Father are everywhere, we must look for them and appreciate each one individually. 

Tuesday - We must do all we can do, trust in the Lord and give our all to him.

Wednesday - I want to be the man that is trust worthy, responsible and an example of a righteous priesthood holder for my children.

Thursday - The scriptures and family prayer are what we need to base our families off of. "A home that is founded upon righteous principals will be a place of refuge and safety" - Preach My Gospel

Friday- We need to be honest and open with people. We must let them know how we feel and why we feel that way. If we do this we will help them learn, grow and become their full potential. 

Saturday - "I fear not what man can do because perfect love casteth out all fear."- Book of Mormon. 

Sunday - Enduring to the end is not just pushing through your trials, it is persevering through them trusting in God, with an attitude of optimism and a brightness of hope. 

So yeah. That is what I learned this week through the missionary life :) I am really working hard to be effective with every moment and not just "going through" trials but loving and learning in each one of them. I am grateful for trials because they make me into the man that I want to be and that the Lord wants me to be. I can feel his spirit in my life abundantly and I strive to keep it with me every moment of every day. The best part of being a missionary is those little moments when you can feel Heavenly Fathers love for those around you. When you put your trust in the lord and ask him for help, he shows his abundant mercy and love. The biggest thing that has stood out to me this week is how much we truly need Heavenly Father in our lives. We need to always be praying for His help and thanking Him for everything that he gives us. I thank him EVERYDAY for you and what you mean in my life, you have helped me get to this point in my life and if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be here. Thank you for your support and confidence in me. I love you. Always remember that. 

Well I must dash!  I hope you all have a wonderful week where you can see how Heavenly Father loves you because HE DOES!   Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love each one of you no matter what.  And so do I.
You are in my prayers,
With love,
Elder Dotschkat

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