Monday, 21 July 2014

Having a great life and a great week

Hey everyone!
I am shattered!  LOL  Having a great life and a great week!

It seems like yesterday that I was just emailing you guys because honestly this week went really fast!

Monday we spent the day just having fun and doing our own thing.  Cleaned top to bottom, then went to Ikea for a posh lunch! YUM horse meatballs.  I'm not bothered about the animal because it tasted great.  Then we spent the day with Lynn and gave her a "minion-ary" because she's feeling ill lately. Watched the Croods with her and laughed a lot!  Then we worked in the evening.  James moved his date to August 2nd.   I hope that I am here for it because its transfers this week!  Yikes … where has the last month of my life gone?

Tuesday I had an interview with the President which was the highlight of the day.  Advice from him: distance is better than resistance.  Gonna keep that!  Then in the evening I nearly passed out because I was dehydrated!!! Whoops … sorry not trying to die here.  Anyways had a great lesson with J once again.

Wednesday we had a great lesson with some in actives.  You find out some really weird stuff as a missionary and sometimes I'm like AHHHHHHHHHH TMI, TMI!!  Then we had pancakes for lunch at George's house and then got a taxi to our tea appointment.  Stupid busses. Then had to get another taxi to a priesthood meeting cause we gave up our seats in a members car so that they could take some of the priesthood brethren without vehicles. On the way we got stopped with this van in the middle of the road.  We prayed for heaven's angels to help us, called some random people walking by to help and then pushed it off the road.  Muscle deterioration?  I think not!!! Actually I'm kidding - totally the powers of angels in heaven entirely.

Thursday we had an Evangelist preacher that we teach ask us a curve ball question.  Shook us for a bit but now we're ok.  Then we saw a great old couple that we are going to help out paint sometime this week.  Then in the evening we served the sisters in the ward and it was so warm.

Ah, no time to finish …..

Elder Dotschkat

Gift basket of food from Lynn

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