Tuesday, 13 January 2015

A Baptism!

Hey Everyone!

So we had a great week!

Monday was our baking p-day with some great members here in Ashington! We made tacos, corned beef hash and CHEESECAKE!! It was delicious! Then we went and helped the member's daughter bring in her horses and I was holding the fence and I forgot that it was electric and ZAP! A current went right through me! hahahaha

Tuesday we returned to that member's home to help them paint and that was great! Busy and dirty but great. Then we got a call from a random member that we didn't know saying that they were a member and wanted to meet us so we were freaked out a bit but we finally found out that everything is all good.

Wednesday was a very spiritually filled day of administering to the sick and afflicted. I feel so privileged to bear the priesthood of God and to bless the lives of his children. The mormon message Sanctify Yourselves came to mind during much of the day. Here is the link to refresh your memory of what it talks about:


Thursday we knocked all day in the cold and the wind and even though we didn't teach anyone new people learned perseverance will bring unseen blessings.

Friday was a great day full of good advice. The main thing that I took from that day was stay close to the Lord and he will stay close to you. Blessing you more than you can even comprehend!

Saturday was Peter's baptism!!!! It was great to see another one of God's children and my friend take the step to returning to Him. I am so grateful to have been able to see this wonderful and devoted man take the big step towards his father in Heaven.

Sunday was a normal Sunday with more rain lol

So that's my week, sorry for the scarcity of words and explanations. I will put more the coming week because we had a great p-day today but you will just have to wait to find out what we did

Elder Dotschkat

Cooking up a storm!

My Sunday best (he looks so awesome!)

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