Monday, 26 January 2015

How do you eat an elephant?

Hey Guys!
So this week has been pretty great! I cannot believe how fast this time is going though! YIKES! hahahaha  Lets just say that we are trying to make every moment count! Elder Dickson and I are really having fun together and enjoying to laugh at the world and the troubles that come before us.

So Monday was a pretty good day. We seriously just had a good preparation day. We got all our groceries and all that and then we went home and relaxed. In the evening we had a good lesson in where I learned that the spirit is what truly teaches and that we much teach the children of God. That's pretty much the simplest format of what stood out to me on P-day.

Tuesday was a great day full of revelation and full of the spirit! We had zone training meeting and we had the Assistants and President & Sister Pilkington come up to instruct, inspire and motivate us to do better and to be better. There were many things that stood out to me but one of my main thoughts were "All of its unsells UNTIL we apply it!" So when we go to be inspired and to grow, we must act and become what we desire! Even if its just a little step closer :) How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time :D

Wednesday was great! Elder Dickson has been freezing lately in the weather here and we finally found him a great jacket! I'm so glad that he is warm now and that he is able to have a smile all the time! He is such a great guy and such a great man, I definitely look up to him. One of the most humble people that I know!

Thursday was another great day full of painting! I love going to the Horton family's house and helping them out in any way that we can. There are so many wonderful members around this world and they all need the great help, even just a call or text message saying that someone cares! In the evening we had a delicious meal with another family in the ward and it was great to have a good laugh with them! Then Elder Dickson showed them his pictures and he seriously looks like Antonio Banderas in Zoro when he's got facial hair lol!

Friday was alright. The highlight of that day was watching some great messages about the atonement of the Savior and his grace. - Here's a link to one of them

Sorry for the short message but all in all it was a great week and I fell that I'm taking steps closer and necessary to become the refined man that God wants me to be.
Have a great week all!
See you later
Elder Dotschkat

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