Monday, 2 February 2015

Farewell sweet Sister Carlin

Hello Everybody

Well this week was definitely one where I think that I have learned to rely on the Lord for my support and for refining who I am into who I can be and to fulfill the desires that I have for those people that I love. It has also been a week that could have been fairly emotional but I have felt the comfort and reassurance of the Holy Ghost in my life :)  I thank my Savior and my Heavenly Father for the "Other Comforter" - see St. John 14:14-18.

So this past Monday we once again just had a relaxing P-day ... didn't do much. Just went home and wrote letters and slept and read scriptures :) Just took some time for our bodies to recuperate. Elder Dickson's favourite scripture is Mosiah 4:27
27 And see that all things are done in wisdom and order; for it is not requisite that a man should run faster than he has strength. And again, it is expedient that he should be diligent, that thereby he might win the prize; therefore, all things must be done in order.

So as you can tell, he loves to rest, take life at an easy pace and then get the work done with energy to spare ...sometimes our work ethics butt heads cause I like to work hard and play harder leaving everything on the field. He is teaching me how to relax though!

Tuesday we had some great teaching appointments all day that we explained who we are and what we stand for. It was funny because we had one of our 80 year old male investigators give us a bunch of situations to react to and teach him and it was hilarious to see him act so funny. That truly made my day!

Wednesday was a shock to the system by the end of the day. We had a great day Wednesday we made a list of people that the district wanted to pray for and to keep in mind during our fasts this Sunday and it was great to see everyone rally around and support one another. I know that if we do our part that the Lord will bless us in abundance through our obedience to his commandments and his will. So in the evening we had a pretty big shock. This past Christmas we were very blessed to spend quality time with a wonderful family and we found out that this past Wednesday Heavenly Father called this wonderful daughter home. Sister Gladys Carlin was a truly wonderful lady who was determined to serve God and His children, she was an inspiration to many and a true friend to all who met her. You will truly be missed but always remembered in our smiles, laughter and hearts with the wonderful memories that all have shared with you :)

Thursday was alright. We were kind of in a daze with everything that had gone on but through the grace of Heavenly Father and the comfort of the Holy Spirit we rallied ourselves together so that we would be able to accomplish the Lord's work for that day. Just had to take it one step at a time and trust that God will sort everything out. We went over to the H family's house once more and spent some time with them talking about how the Lord will comfort us in our trials and raise us to a higher view. See Mosiah 24:13-14, Alma 31:38, 36:3, 38:5 and Ether 12:6. We then were able to have the spirit touch each of our hearts and we knew that it was time to go. In the evening we had a great tea appointment and discussion of future hopes and dreams with the R family and we were able to determine that if we simply trust in God and His promises that everything will turn out the way that it is meant to be. God has a plan for each of us and we will find our place if we truly search and follow his will.

Friday was finding all day in the cold .. enough said! It is pretty cold here being so close to the north sea and what is even crazier is that people go swimming an surfing in it. Anyways, lets just say it is very cold!

Saturday was a very busy day and it was great to see the hand of the Lord in our travels because he simply led us catch all of the buses that we needed to be on time! I have grown to hate with a vengeance even the thought of being late ... Like I would rather be 15 minutes early to something rather than have everyone rubber-necking at you when you come in late. So that was a blessing that we caught every bus that we needed to. Then we went finding all day and that was pretty good. Did not have much success but we were able to learn to be determined and persevere even though we don't see the blessings yet. Yup learning loads here! Got to be soothing I'm eating I think lol.

Sunday was a pretty good day. Testimony meeting was a time that we truly reflected upon what we have gained as a testimony and what God is giving us with each day of our lives. There were many people that talked about the plan of salvation and a few tears shed but I realized something ... I love these people here. They are truly wonderful and I am thankful that I can share this special time that I have to serve the Lord with them.

Well I must run but before I do, know this ...
I know God lives and loves us.
I know that we have a wonderful Savior who knows everything that we go through and if we simply rely on him we can conquer anything in our path.
I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God.
I know that the Priesthood is the power of God to bless his children.
And I know that families can be together forever.

I love you guys.
Have a great week.
Elder Dotschkat

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