Monday, 9 February 2015

I can't seem to figure out why time is flying so fast!

Hi Everyone it is I ... Elder Dotschkat!

So we've had a pretty good week, not much earth shattering things happened but some simple sweet things helped us out through the week.

So Monday we spent the day in Newcastle and it was great fun going to all the suit shops and looking at them! This one shop we went to though I nearly swallowed my tongue. There were suits that were like $5000!! CRAZY! (good suits though hahaha)

Tuesday was pretty good. We were just running around trying to get a lot done in the little time that we had. I have really been trying to push myself to work hard and leave everything in the field. I want to be able to look at my mission and say that I was a servant of the Lord for the two years and I did my best to serve him.

Wednesday was pretty good. We spent most of the day in Newcastle for a doctor appointment for Elder Dickson and great news ... he's ok! (I thought he was be he desired a second opinion lol)  In the evening we just had a great time seeing Brother Peter Conn again and letting him know that the Lord loves him. He is such a humble man and is truly a worthy son of God. We watched the Mountain of the Lord DVD with him and talked about his next steps towards our Heavenly Father.

Thursday was good. We went finding all day and had a great time! We saw some deer too. Friday was planning day and we had a great time talking about all the important people that we are working with. Highlight of the day was the tea appointment with a RM and his new wife :) We had some great laughs and made great memories there. Then the weekend was good. I had to give a talk again on Sunday (they must like the sounds of my voice). I look forward to always teaching people what I have learned and share it with them :)

Well I must go I can't seem to find why time is going so quick but hey ... just do your best while it is the day.
Have a great week everyone.
Love you all!
Elder Dotschkat

PS - the hymn that inspired me this week was How Firm a Foundation #85

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