Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Happy Birthday to Me!

Hey Guys!
This week was great!

Monday was Party P-day! We went to Newcastle to watch the Superbowl. It was super fun and makes me look forward to playing sports again soon :)

Tuesday we worked HARD! We went finding all day and had some great fun doing it! The greatest person we met us ... actually I can't remember because we met a lot of really great people. They all come from miners (Ashington was the biggest mining village in the world at one point) and so they have a rich history of hard work and labour.

Wednesday was zone conference/road trip to Leeds. At zone conference we had a great time listening to the speakers and watching Meet the Mormons. Phenomenal video and I would recommend it to anyone - religious or not! It was such a great time and I am thankful for such an uplifting message. Then President Pilkington talked about how we mustn't lose our nerve or blink, we must keep our eyes focussed on our goals! So that was really great.

Thursday morning was spent in Newcastle and I got some great news about my body health. In the evening we went to the BOM class with Tony and Peter and it was a great time to listen to the senior missionaries teach us about the BOM.

Friday was great because I had a miracle experience. We were on the bus ride home and the spirit told me to talk to this one man. I then talked to him and gave him a L2 pamphlet with our number and left it at that. Later in the evening we received a call from this lady who was his sister telling us that she had been praying to God for a sign or for help that she wants to meet us!!! So that was really great.

Saturday was a wonderful day because we were able to see our Brother Tony get baptized.

Sunday we learned about having an attitude of gratitude and how it helps us be content with what we have rather than who we are.

Yesterday was the calls and Elder Dickson and I are staying together another six weeks.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! Happy birthday to all my family and friends that have happened in the past few months/weeks. I'm sorry if I hadn't said it earlier, so many of you and I have a terrible memory for it but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  I will definitely make sure that Thursday is special. We are actually really busy Thursday so I will definitely enjoy it :) I'm looking forward to having tea with some members.

Elder Dotschkat

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