Monday, 2 March 2015

Car trouble won't get us down

Hello Everyone!

So this week has been one of learning and definitely one of hopeful progress into refining myself into who God wants me to be.

I'm at a loss of where to start with my explanation. Lets just start at the beginning of the week I guess ... thats whats only logical lol.  So to remind everyone, last Monday was transfer calls and Elder Dickson and I are both staying together in Ashington for another six weeks.  Then Tuesday was P-day and was a great preparation day. Elder Dickson slept whilst I worked out and listened to talks by general authorities. In the evening we saw Tony and had a great time just once more discussing the gospel and all of the blessings of living the gospel joyfully. We are now currently re-teaching him everything so that we can help him with his next step which is the priesthood.

Wednesday was super crazy but a great day full of revelation and what I believe to be the hand of Heavenly Father. So it was transfer and I was meant to go to the transfer meeting in Leeds and go on the bus but one thing and another (me first getting dog poo on my shoe and then on my suit!) happened and I ended up issuing the transfer bus and traveled down with another senior couple even though I told people not to leave without me ... note to self, when you ask something to be done, make sure you get a response! So anyways, the drive down was phenomenal time full of revelation, encouragement, answers and the spirit. I have had a few questions lately for things in my life and as we drove I confided in the senior couple my hopes, ambitions, dreams, desires, fears and plans for my mission and what I got to get done after it. We then discussed the ambitions and goals that I have and how they are achievable and definitely will make me stretch into becoming who God wants me to be. So as we were driving we ended up having car trouble and had to wait to get road side assistance. During that time, the couple told me of their history and why they were so happy. They gave the advice to immediately plan for a senior mission later in life and to work for everything that I desire. They proceeded to tell me of their life experiences and what they learned about themselves as they were going through life. AS we discussed this and many other things we deduced that a few important elements in learning from the trials of life are that:
1. God will NEVER give you more than you can handle and he will always provide a way to overcome the obstacles of life (1 Ne 3:7)
2. To always take a step back and to look at the bigger picture so that you can make educated decision based upon the  needs of you and your family.
3. To always trust that the Lord knows best and that if he asked you to do something that it will always be for your benefit.

So then after nearly 90 minutes of waiting for assistance to come and save us from the roadside and the man actually giving us assistance, we got back into the car and headed on our trip again. WE FINALLY MADE IT TO LEEDS - WHEW! but the meeting was finished hahahahahahaha. At least we made it there and luckily we called people to tell them of our situation. Anyways, we stretched our legs for a bit and then we returned up the road to march north again.

Thursday was my birthday. Thank you to all those people who made it such a special day for me :) It was truly appreciated. The biggest lesson I learned that day was first - distance is better than resistance and second, obedience is better than sacrifice. In the evening we spent some time with a wonderful family and we just had a great time of fun and laughter there. The father of the house has offered to take a day off work and to take me and Elder D to a guitar shop. COOL!

Friday was good we went to an area that we normally don't go to and we went finding all day. Man that was heavy! I found a few nice shops and apparently the best fish and chips shop is somewhere around there .. definitely returning to that spot!

Saturday we went finding all day again and went out by the sea. MAN WAS IT COLD! We saw a pretty cool statue and thought that it was some unfortunate couple that got stuck out in the sea and I was laughing so hard and then Elder Dickson told me that it was statue and boy I felt silly!

Sunday was a great day. We had church and Peter passed the sacrament for the first time. It was such a wonderful moment on my mission to see a person progress to their Father in Heaven so much more. I know that this is the work of God an that he will always be there to help us:)

Well I must run! Once again, thank you for all the birthday wishes. Love you all!
Have a good one!
Elder Dotschkat

Newbiggen Couple (see why I thought they were stranded people - they look real)

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