Monday, 9 March 2015

I got a FREE guitar!

Hello Everyone!

So this week was another week of good progress and great growth! I am thankful to note that I am still alive and the weather is warming up! Also I cannot believe how fast the time seems to be going!!!! WHERE IS MY LIFE RUNNING TO? Anyways, so this past Monday was another resting P-day and it was really good to work out and to rest a while. In the evening we went and saw a brother that races motorcycles and has a son in the military. Funniest thing for an umbrella holder, a used tank shell casing! I will get a picture soon lol

Tuesday we had a great day! It started off pretty great as well because the day before a brother in the ward phoned us saying that he found a guitar in his house and asked if I wanted it. So of course as you do, you say yes! And I was thinking that he wanted to sell it to me but now its proven that he just wanted to give it to me for FREE! Pretty sweet price I must say and life is looking up from here! It needs a little TLC but hey, ITS A FREE GUITAR! I won't complain lol. So the entire Tuesday was spent going to people's houses and knocking to offer service with summer coming up and people needing their yard work done :) Sadly no takers but we just had a great day of laughter and just great memories. Elder D and I feel like brothers now and I look forward to traveling to South Africa one day :)

Wednesday was great as well because the members here once again took care of me. I have recently ripped the stitching out of my crotch on my trousers on three different sets and the lovely sister offered to mend them. Needless to say, my answer was yes and I really appreciated her offer. I just simply don' thane the spare time to sew. Anyways, Wednesday's day of work was a lot like Tuesday just in a different place and it was a place that we will return to because we enjoyed the people there.

Thursday I had a meeting in Newcastle and it was great to receive some great revelation and to know the exact direction that the Lord would desire to take me in!


Well lets just say that I am happy, healthier and having a great time!
Will fill you in more next week.
Love Elder Dotschkat

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