Monday, 23 March 2015

When the Lord says "be comforted" it is a commandment

Hey Guys!

So life is great here on the mission and I am definitely learning loads. I can feel myself change daily and I am grateful for this chance that I have to serve the children of God.

This past week was simply a really great time. I thoroughly enjoyed each day and the opportunities that I had to talk to so many different people.

So this past week was just a really good time for me to sit back and to listen to what the Lord had in store for me and those people around me. I went on some exchanges this week and it was really great to understand the needs of some of God's children and see how the gospel could bless their lives. We talked to this one couple this past week and we were quite grateful to see the husband open up and see the need for baptism in his lift to start new. I have seen on my mission the wonderful chance that baptism is so that people can feel clean and whole from the mistakes that they have made in the past and then when they enter they are overjoyed to feel God's love more abundantly. God's plan is perfect and he has a way for us to return to him in faith and peace and joy.

Then another person this week that we contacted showed me how to truly let the atonement play its part in covering all sin and in letting the past remain the past and learning from it. This wonderful person taught me that no matter what we go through, if we simply let God in, he will make up for all the things that life throws at us and will give us greater peace, understanding and knowledge from our experiences.

Then we had a wonderful discussion with this one couple and they were so great in helping us understand peace and tranquility. We read many scriptures with them about the comforts that we can have through the atonement and then I realized that when the Lord says to be comforted that it is a commandment to let His peace enter into our lives.

Well I just want to say that I love you all and know that God exists and that all will be well if we are simply loyal to the Lord and trust in his eternal plan and purposes.
Elder Dotschkat

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