Monday, 18 November 2013

Moroni 8:16

So this week was pretty good :) 
We are finally seeing progress in the ward here :) 
Well there always has been, just more so now :) 
I'm happy:) This has been what we have been waiting for in the past little while :) I can see why Elder Ivins and I had gone through this time without "strong and progressing" investigators. 

On Monday it was P-Day and we watched Tarzan and I loved it! I sang to every song! Just so good! Hahaha...secretly I love watching Disney movies just for the music. Well....not so secret now :P.....Whatever.

Tuesday - We had our referral! Her name is Sarah. She is 28 I think and very intelligent. She is an "atheist" but believes that something is there. So she is doing SO GOOD! 

Wednesday - We had district meeting and I got shot in the butt with a needle nerf dart at lunch.

Thursday-  Learned more of what type of man I need to be through the example of others.

Friday - Took a nap at lunch so I appreciate sleep so much now because I am SHATTERED at the end of the day

Saturday - Miracles happen! A member gave us two more names of people they want us to work with

Sunday- The family is the single most important thing of this earth, Treasure EVERY MOMENT that you have with them. LOVE IS TRULY SPELT :T-I-M-E !

Some answers to mom's questions:
Mom: Did you receive the packages that I sent.  I sent one from the states with Sister Allen and I sent another one from Canada.  Elder D: I received the box that Sister Allen sent. You will want to send Christmas Packages by the end of the month so that they get here in time. I know that you love me and I appreciate every one of them :) 
Mom: So how is the work?  Elder D: The work is good, it is FINALLY moving forward in the ward. Got me stubbornness and bluntness and now that I have set fire to the members bums they are getting stuff done. :P 
Mom: Are you doing a lot of service?  Elder D: Not really much service anymore. We are always offering to help.
Mom: Are you still getting fed?  Elder D: Yes we are getting fed :P But feeding ourselves more often now because we had to split up tea appointments. Having take out quite a bit but not hungry at all. 
Mom: Do I need to order some food and have it delivered to your flat? Elder D: I will tell you if we need one. We also have members that will feed us in emergency.
Mom: Do you know what you're doing for Christmas? Elder D: I don't know anything about Christmas yet.  Next week are transfers.  We are going to Skype.
Mom: Are you warm enough? Do you need boots and did you get a jacket yet? Elder D: I am warm enough.  I just got new meeting shoes, and a jacket :) I look like a million bucks!  I'm going to get a new grey suit from here because they are CHEAP!  I don't know about boots yet. I will tell you if I do. 

So yeah! Those are the highlights of my week other than the ordinary threatening, yelling in my face, doors slammed, and being falsely accused as Jehovahs witnesses. Hahahahahha. I love it because there is also happiness, joy, peace, beauty, laughter, miracles, the spirit and heavenly fathers tender mercies in my life every day :) 

If you want to know what where I'm living looks like, go on google earth street view :) 
Transfers are next week so I will then know where I will be for Christmas! :) 

Love you all 

Moroni 8 :16 - " I fear not what man can do for perfect love casteth out all fear" 

Elder Dotschkat

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