Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Farewell Hull & Hello Sunderland

Hello one and all! 
Sooooo many changes and learning this week!!!!! WOW!
So guess what!?!  I'm moving!!! I'm going to the Sunderland University Area. I am training again, only halfway through this time and I have been blessed with the opportunity to serve more! President called me to be the District Leader. 

Monday I went shopping all P-day with Elder Ivins and it was so much fun!!!!! hahahah....its not what we normally do and so it was just great, got new shoes!!! They look pretty good! Then I went on exchange with Elder Coombs (Edmonton boy). 

On Tuesday Elder Coombs and I went finding all day, by some potentials, one girl is from Ottowa but we never met her. We also went to Pizza Hut buffet for lunch and almost ate them out of house and home ! HAHAHHAHAHA! So GREAT! And then on our finding we went through this really old graveyard! It was so cool! 1805 was the oldest gravestone that I remember. The biggest thing I learned that day was that we need to have patience, charity and love for those around us. 

We had Zone Conference on Wednesday in Huddersfield.  We were up at 5:22 and on a bus for 2 hours. It was great! President talked to us about the power of love and how when we rely on charity, Heavenly Father will help us. We watched these two inspirational videos. (I can't remember which ones so remind me to find the name)

Then on Thursday Elder Ivins and I went to Bransholme. We went finding.  We talked to some people that were not interested but planted seeds!!!!!! WOOOT!!!! In the evening we saw P and J, they gave me an invite to their wedding :)  They are such a wonderful couple! She is growing a testimony!!! SOOOOOO SOLID!!!! After that we had volleyball!!!! I can jump over the net!!!! :D 

On Friday we did something different! We put our names into the funeral homes around our flat as grief counselors :) 

Stake conference was on Saturday and it was so was great! The members are super pumped about missionary work now and we got refferals!!!!!! :D
The President had a fireside on Sunday.  He is so funny.  We were so excited because we had 224 people there too!  

Anyways, sorry so short !

But just remeber! 
Proverbs 3 5-6- TRUST IN GOD!!!
Elder Dotschkat

Note from Mom:
So, as noted in his letter above Elder Dotschkat has been transferred.  In the message he sent with his new address he said that he's trying hard to focus on the here and now and has felt just a little sad to say goodbye to everyone.  He's really grown to love the people in Hull, they mean so much to him and all he wants is for them to be happy.  He's growing a lot and thinks we're going to be so surprised to talk to him because he's so comfortable with who he is - he's different (I cannot wait for that Christmas phone call :)  He also said that he's really sticking to his guns now and is not letting anyone push him around, not even the drunks (not sure what that means but I have faith he's ok).  

Anyone wanting to send letters or packages for Christmas can send them directly to his flat address.  The mission home wants the letters and packages to go there so they ensure that the missionaries receive them in time for Christmas.  If you want his address, let me know (email, call or PM on Facebook).  I am unable to publish his actual address on the internet due to safety issues (as per the missionary department regulations) but am more than willing to share it with everyone. Any packages and mail sent to the mission home (the old address) prior to this will still get to him and possibly in time for Christmas too as they have zone conference the week before Christmas, this is just in hopes that all the missionaries get something from home in time.

Thanks for supporting our Elder.  It means so much.

Jared Sims & I

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