Monday, 2 December 2013

Thank you to my leaders for teaching me to navigate

Hello all!
Well this week was great! So I got transferred out of Hull finally and let me tell you that it was so weird! Like it was almost leaving home for a second time, I am definitley going back there one day to see everyone :)

Anyways, so I was on the bus for like 5 hours on Wednesday to Leeds and then to Sunderland. It was pretty good seeing people that I knew again, like my trainer Elder Richards, who is a Zone Leader in Newcastle now!

On Wednesday I met my companion, Elder Mielecher, from Austria! He has siblings and his dad is the stake President of Austria!  He speaks pretty good English and is so fun! Its pretty great having a son/brother hahahahah.....(missionary lineage, just ask an RM). Anyway, umm...I am pretty all turned about here but I know how to get to the important things like the METRO (train) and Yup! On Thursday the most exciting thing was getting lost! I have no clue where I am :P Second area and wow...I knew Hull like the back of my hand but here I am lost. I must thank my Scout and YM leaders for teaching us to navigate during our Man Tracker camp :) Ahhh....The good times :) So my district is completely multi cultural!  None of us are from the same country.

Elder Dotschkat - Canada
Elder Mielecher - Austria
Elder McGee - USA
Elder Fischer - Germany
Elder S - Australia
Elder K - Latvia…..I think....will find out Wednesday.
So I'm going to be honest, I haven't unpacked yet because we are moving to a HUGE flat on Wednesday! I have been told that you could fit like 4 teams of missionaries there!

The ward is pretty good, everywhere I go they know Calgary, like one of the members daughters lives there and is friends with Brother Hall of the Fish Creek Bishopric or something....Anyways, people are familiar of where I come from and it is nice :)

We are getting fed! (DONT WORRY) We have this nice old lady named Mavis who feeds us every Saturday! And sooo much that we have to take some home!  She has had 33 foster children and I think 4 of her own! She is such a nice lady :) She has invited us over for Christmas. Apparently, she sends a taxi for the missionaries every Christmas morning and we go to her house for a bit :) That is where I most likely will be skyping home :) 

Well.....the ward is good and I'm still alive :) My companion is super funny! 

There are a lot of hills around here and I am working to get used to them again (lived in a flood plain for the last 6 months of my life :P). 

Well I'm gonna go now! I hope that you all have an exciting week because I definitely will by getting lost a few times!!!

Thats my week!
Love you all
Elder Dotschkat
ps- We sing Christmas hymns every morning :)  

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